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  1. Here's one for you..

    I'm going to be consistant and say bench Palmer.
  2. Sort of a WDIS

    Thank you AO!
  3. Put "All the eggs in one basket"?

    I won my second championship using that technique... Moss/Carter/Harrison won me my crown. I haven't had the balls to do it since - and I haven't won since.... I digress. Those WRs can beat any corner(s) in the league so in my mind it doesn't matter who they are playing against. Now as for the QB, I think Palmer is in for a world of hurt this weekend. I'd go with Collins.
  4. Miserable RB situtaion

    Tony said it all. I'd go with Henry.
  5. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    He could offer BOTH of them and I still probably wouldn't trade (not a big fan of Jamal though).
  6. Start Hasselbeck or Palmer?

    I'd go with Hass this week. It's a safe bet.
  7. Thinking outside the box

    I don't know who Cooley is but an H-Back probably isn't a good bet. I agree with most of the others to grab Benson and stash him. If week 7 or 8 comes around and nothing looks bright for Benson then you can do something about it then. You should have a good idea by then.
  8. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    What or who are you waiting for? I'd tell him no like everyone else. Dillon isn't worth either of your WRs.
  9. trade offer

    I don't like it. Moulds is quickly becoming a hasbeen. He hasn't had a good season for awhile. It looks like Green is on the decline and if you get punished for his fumbles that makes it worse. I like your team the way it is without the trade. You've got some guys starting slow but they will come around.
  10. wdis - running back suggestions

    I don't think they've recommended starting LJ yet this year and he's the 7th best back in my league right now. On the other side you have better options this week than to gamble on him. I'd go with JJ and Jackson.
  11. Ernie Conwell?

    The Vikes D probably has been more miserable than they should be because CPepp has been keeping them on the field with his brilliant play. Be that as it may, TEs this year have been killing the Vikings (3TDs already). Go for it.
  12. Sort of a WDIS

    I have been chomping at the bit to start LJ (and haven't yet this year getting all that great production from KJones). With Jones on his bi-binge this week, I thought it would be easy to plug LJ in but now I'm thinking I should be starting Anderson who will touch the ball quite a bit more. I'm doing it again. I convinced myself each week that Jones was the better start. Help me out if you would please. Thanks.
  13. I guess it comes down to Moore or Anderson/Droughns... I don't like Shipp or Perry and not a big fan of Droughns. Moore or Anderson... If Bennett would get traded I'd say Moore definately but thinking that he won't I'll say Anderson.
  14. Which QB would you rather have?

    I'd like any QB throwing deep passes to Moss - and I don't like KC's schedule this year vs the pass.
  15. Although I have no idea who Sproles is, start him.