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  1. King Of The Mountain

    Colts please. Thank you, solgm
  2. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    I don't like it, his team looks better.
  3. Willis McGahee

    Mike Mularkey called him out a couple of times this week for not running as hard as he could. If you need to decide between him and another stud type back throw that into the decision making mix. I would guess he runs very hard this week to make a point. Mike Williams is expected to play. The offense struggled badly at Tampa but should rebound to at least "Okay" against the Falcons in Buffalo. Hope this helps someone.
  4. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    Colts please. Thank you, solgm
  5. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    I guess we should all just quit living and certainly fantasy football is in bad taste with all those players going through such distractions and tragedy. Dumb and moronic ? Was it stupid and retarded also? Save your fake moral crap for others. You have no idea who I am and what a believe.
  6. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    Are there 20,000 Saints fans?
  7. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Could really use a second opinion, standard performance keeper league, with 12pts for 50+yd tds. Dillon is my sure starter Pick 1 Stephen Davis hosting Pats Mike Bennett @ Bengals My others in case. TJ Duckett @ Seahawks Brandon Jacobs @ Saints (sorta) Other starters if it matters: Palmer Dillon ????? T.Owens Lelie Crumpler Elam Panthers Thanks in advance should you get around to answering.
  8. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Eagles, please. Thank you, solgm
  9. King Of The Mountain

    Eagles, please. Thank you, solgm
  10. Another Walker tragedy..what to do?

    I would say no as well, your gut feeling answered your own question. doesn't mean you can't counter offer, like sugested.
  11. trade help

    I'd do it based on the info you gave...seems good.
  12. Directv Shortcuts

    Agree, short cuts smokes... didn't get to watch the redzone channel much, was at the game. But this week they are away so I am extra pumped for "The Ticket".
  13. Mike Tice has officially lost me...

    Someone will get brack to you about hugh o-lines here you go Link-a-vous
  14. RB Waiver Wire.. Any suggestions?

    Davis is the guy to have over Foster. Keep in mind LJ's numbers were on 9 carries, Holmes still had 22 carries so he is the goto guy.
  15. Need Trade Advice

    The Holmes situation is trouble, he has Larry Johnson and would like nothing better than to trade you Holmes and watch LJ slowly take over. You need Steve Smith, don't do it, unless he throws in LJ.