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  1. Still available...FYI Thanks
  2. and by dispersal you mean the players on each team or am I misunderstanding you?
  3. Thanks for the interest! I'm looking for owners to take the teams on as they are. With all the cap room the Sabers have they should compete after some blind bidding free agent work and the Parjai Squad has some talent on the offense and was just neglected a bit the past two seasons. If two owners appear I may see what teams they want, if they want the same and are agreeable a coin flip might be in order. The Parjai opening just happened yesterday. Happy to answer any other questions.
  4. I have one planned and one unplanned opening in this league. Where not BoTH, it has/had some well respected Huddlers as owners and has been around since 2009. It is at MFL, is a full dynasty, salary cap, contract cap, IDP, with taxi squads. The league is active April 1st through week 17 of the season. Open teams are Flesh Sabers and Parjai Squad Here is the constitution Looking for a reliable active owner ideally for the long term. The league is $55 and in season transactions are $1 and $2 trades. Off season moves are free. Any questions I'd be happy to answer. Thanks Steve
  5. He's never thrown for 300... Doesn't throw many picks but will take a sack or two. Good luck
  6. ask him
  7. Oh C'mon
  8. Look at the stat line for the week 17 Bills Jets game. I think that is the model they want for 2016. Reading between the lines in radio interviews I think the goal is Watkins on bubble screens, slants, and deep stuff. The whole route tree. Patterns they ran less than frequent in 2015. 100 receptions? Well that's unlikely for most. But 75-80 and 1300 and 10. That should be in the realistic vein.
  9. Mixed it up with a QB I really think they might consider...possible franchise type QB and lots of depth in the draft where we need in the front seven for later rounds. History and odds would say Tyrod was at or near his ceiling last year and while fun to watch, not good enough in this NFL. I'd love Tyrod to be an outlier and be that rare late round pick that is elite. I hope it's really three down LB or playmaking DE at 19.
  10. Bills select QB Paxton Lynch
  11. Bills pick made
  12. Bills select: Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma St.
  13. Bills, unless there's a waiting list for them...