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  1. Audible/Audio Books

    Listened to "Commune" book 1 and 2. Very popular book and it is very good. I liked book 1 and immediately got #2 when I finished. As is my taste, another end of civilization type book, flu, EMP, zombies, fungal infections, whatever causes the end of world event, works for me, Smart, likable characters who really dive into what to do, how to do it, where to go to do it. Rebuilding the world, or their slice of it in great detail. It's described a lot as a "preppers" how to guide. I wouldn't say that, but I just love listening to reasonable and realistic characters having smart planned out ideas and discussions. I don't always agree with choices but they have their reasons as characters go. Main character is mysterious and likable soft spoken tough guy. I recommend this one too.
  2. Audible/Audio Books

    I have been enjoying Audible for the past year and a half and have about 35 books listened to. I'd like to share some suggestions and more importantly hear your favorites and recommendations. I'll post some of mine when I have some extra time but wanted to post this while I remembered.
  3. Audible/Audio Books

    Listened to "The Girl With All The Gifts". I loved it. Post apocalyptic zombie type story. It's also a movie on Amazon prime, same title. I liked the movie as well, very good. It's a British film and maybe doesn't have a Hollywood budget but the story is tremendous and the cast is strong. No major changes from book to film. Finty Williams narrates mostly kids books but this deviation is so strong, her narration is very strong and I like her British voice a lot. The book is written as if she relating a story to you. I was pleasantly surprised having not heard of this book before and I am currently listening to a companion book, "The Boy on The Bridge". Recommended.
  4. Is This Speaking On Someone's Behalf?

    Whether you speak on someone's behalf would be between you and that person. He has, presumably, no knowledge on who's behalf you speak. I do think he is taking offense to the questioning of the clarity of a rule he might have authored. Likewise, he may also mean you have no official proxy in terms of the league and other owners. I think you speak on behalf of the league proper, or in other words, the best interest or in aid of the league. In that sense, I do indeed think you speak on behalf of the league and the negative connotation he assigns to that speaks towards his attitude. Try again, rephrase, "I read this rule one way, please ask around, I think others might as well." To answer your question, yes you did but it isn't a bad thing, quite the opposite.
  5. Who do you think/hope your team gets in the draft

    Rosen, Mayfield, Darnold, whomever they rank the best. Pay the price, trade up, get the guy. Fill the remaining holes in 2019 with our 90 million projected cap space and I think we'll still have a few good pick this year. Very excited for this draft.
  6. I also was hoping 2 rounds would be cool
  7. I'll pick for Buffalo
  8. Never been there but if booty means awful, yeah it looks booty.
  9. NFL twitter account says "Hey, Northeast Iowa, no better 'za than Two Ton Tony's. Order by halftime for some free breadsticks" The next 400 tweets are listing pizza places by region? It would different I'll say that.
  10. You might get some push back from local pizza places that pay for time during football breaks. One local place here dominates the local football commercial content. Network affiliates might also have a word about losing a big client who no longer has to buy time with the shoutouts. Also who would choose these places? Correct answer is nobody, it would be sold, which is what happens currently on a local level BUT with the money going to the NFL and not local broadcast stations.
  11. Carson Palmer retiring

    He made me some money as a Bengal. Always liked to watch him throw a pretty ball. Just looked like a QB should.
  12. Audible/Audio Books

    Finished "The Disaster Artist" and thought it was excellent and very funny. I do think knowing the movie "The Room" makes it much better and would recommend watching it somehow first. On its own it is very very funny. The author Greg, does a wonderful impression of Tommy in the audiobook which is critical to the humor. Everything about the making of is great. The relationship between Greg and Tommy is 90% interesting and 10% a little slow at times. Without even trying there is a little mystery aspect to the book and at times it is genuinely sad. Recommended!!! I'm trying to decide between "Mistborn" or "The Way of Kings" Anyone with any help here? I have also downloaded "Ready Player One" because it sounds good, is going to be a movie shortly, and got a ton of good reviews.
  13. Audible/Audio Books

    I'm listening to The Disaster Artist which is a book about the making of the movie The Room. It has reached cult status like Rocky Horror with audiences participating in the film as it plays. The book is a movie staring James Franco and it too looks to be very good. It's on my list to see while most are flocking to Star Wars. First if you're unfamiliar with The Room you should seek i out. Especially if you like movies so bad they are good. Second, the book is very funny and interesting. I'm only 2 hours in and if it changes I'll post that but so far it is quite frankly amazing! I think it helps to think back to the movie when he describes something in the book but works as a stand alone too. Love the ideas from you guys and hope to find some more great stuff!!!
  14. Buffalo homers : how bad is the weather now and later

    don't (closes barn door, watches horse run away)
  15. Your best 10th round or later target ever

    Terrell Owens before he was TO. My last pick based off a blurb in a magazine.
  16. Audible/Audio Books

    I finished this one and liked it a lot. The narrator is really good. I think I will explore around some other series but will definitely consider the sequels at some point, it was that good.
  17. Audible/Audio Books

    I ended up getting the Reckoners and I'm digging it so far...
  18. Audible/Audio Books

    Yes, I went down the Sanderson rabbit hole and saw Mistborn. Good reviews and a ton of them. I will look into your suggestion. Thanks!!!
  19. Audible/Audio Books

    Love it, I'll look into those titles. Thanks.
  20. Audible/Audio Books

    This one is a podcast and I listened for free a couple summers ago. It's called "We're Alive", they have done a sequel which you may have to pay for but "We're Alive" can be found as episodes of a podcast on whatever podcast app you use, I assume. It's a bit more than a podcast, it's more of a radio serial with a cast and sound effects and the whole nine yards. There are some soldiers but mostly normal everyday people trying to survive. You maybe guessed, it's a zombie type end of the world story, but the creatures are quite a bit more than that. It's really worth checking out if you like to listen to stuff other than music while doing yard work or whatever. I'll say, some of the voice acting is rough a times and some character choices get tiresome. But overall it is a compelling listen and fairly well written story. If you like the "people hold up in a building trying to survive and stuff just keeps going wrong" story I'd recommend it highly. It's a great deal of content and again I really enjoyed it all summer long. A little hidden gem I was lucky to come across and I'm really curious if anyone else has even heard of it and if you listened what dd you think.
  21. Audible/Audio Books

    Alright, here's another I really enjoyed. "The Mountain Man" omnibus, three books for the price of one. This is a zombie apocalypse story as well. Where the "Arisen" series is hugh with special forces verses zombies and full throttle "get some", Mountain Man is about a guy who used to paint houses. Again, I'm not here to post some great synopsis, you can get that from any website. I'm here to say I really liked this story a lot. In a sentence, a loner named Gus is trying to drink himself to hell while making his way in the Z.A. in a cool house on a mountainside in Canada. Smart, funny, gory, and if you like drinking or at least listening to someone drinking and drinking and drinking. This is for you. RC Bray is the narrator again and he is tremendous again. If you like your "heros" to be smart for the most part this will be a welcome change to the norm. The story does expand of course and there is one character that we haven't seen before who was really fun. But overall the scope of the series remains focused on a few people. There is a free prequel to the omnibus but I would listen to it last. It's only 45 minutes long and it was decent. I'd save it for the end. I didn't love one part of the story, when I think about this plot point in a movie I imagine it looking cheesy. It was good just not great. The overall story is still fantastic given the part I was iffy about. Check out "The Mountain Man" omnibus, it's very very good. There is also a 4th book which I forgot about because you just listen as one big story. It's all great as they say. I'm going to listen again.
  22. Audible/Audio Books

    If you want a balls to the wall special forces vs zombie story with, for my money the best narrator of action, RC Bray, the "Arisen" series is the only choice. These are simply put ,the most action packed audiobooks I know of. With multiple story lines of action with just badass and sometimes funny special forces mash-up of SEALS, Delta, SAS, Royal Marines, MARSOC, Rangers, a cool as manure British security guard, and several I won't mention because it's to friggin' awesome, this is so great. In one sentence, Great Britain is the last major stronghold of civilization and a cobbled together bunch of pipe hitting special forces and the British military struggle to cure the zombie apocalypse and then it kicks off and over the next, so far 12 books it hasn't let up. Think of the most expensive sweeping movie ever and put it in your brain. Try not to go crazy casting it while the action plays out on multiple fronts. They quote movies with-in the context of the action and it plays funny, not corny or forced. It's what I imagine military men and women would do. Quote Aliens, Predator, and other great pulls. The one thing I would say is the books are a little short sometimes, around 8-11 hours. If you do happen to try it out the "Arisen Omnibus" is the first three books bundled together for 1 credit which makes it a great bargain. If you have Amazon Prime that password and sign in is what you'd use for an Audible account. Or i-tunes, I'm not shilling Audible, just the books themselves. I think the "Arisen" series is available in paperback too. I should warn you reading is for nerds and never got anyone anywhere. But the paperbacks are also in the Omnibus version for 1-3 and 4-6 if you insist on reading. I listen mowing the lawn and driving to work, whenever I'm alone a screwing around I'm listening to something. Final thing, if you hate it you can click return and get your credit or money back with no issue. I've returned two books out of around 40 now and its simple. More suggestions to come...
  23. Audible/Audio Books

    So, a good football book is "Collision Low Crossers". A journalist spent a year imbedded with the NY Jets and Rex Ryan's coaching staff. Some very interesting stuff and casts an interesting light on Ryan, Mark Sanchez at times, and Mike Pettine. It seemed to be rather unfiltered by the Jets or Ryan and I absolutely see it as accurate after watching closely his tenure with the Bills. Kinda a must read or listen, for football fans. The Passage and it's two follow up books are, in my opinion, fantastic stories. The narrator, Scott Brick, is wonderful in telling the 36 hour story. You can get more detailed reviews and story synopsis on-line and hear audio samples, but for my money it is just a great story and I have listened to the trilogy twice in about a year. That's around 90 hours of story and I loved it all. It's vampires and government experiments and then...well a whole lot more. There is great amounts of character development and back story which may seem unnecessary, but it is and how. It isn't an action packed book. But has a lot of action and held my attention throughout. Twice. As an added bonus it is going to be a series on Fox with Ridley Scott attached with some other industry heavy weights. Would I prefer an HBO venue, yes, but network television has become darker and edgier in recent years and Ridley Scott is gold as far as I'm concerned. Thats all for now...but I have the most actiony action pack action fest to tell you about later. Would love some ideas for future credits.
  24. I have one planned and one unplanned opening in this league. Where not BoTH, it has/had some well respected Huddlers as owners and has been around since 2009. It is at MFL, is a full dynasty, salary cap, contract cap, IDP, with taxi squads. The league is active April 1st through week 17 of the season. Open teams are Flesh Sabers and Parjai Squad Here is the constitution Looking for a reliable active owner ideally for the long term. The league is $55 and in season transactions are $1 and $2 trades. Off season moves are free. Any questions I'd be happy to answer. Thanks Steve
  25. Star Wars Themed Dynasty (IDP)

    Still available...FYI Thanks