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  1. Star Wars themed dynasty league

    Bump: This league just had it's10th season and if we don't get two owners this weekend, it will end. Please look it over, maybe you'll like it. Thanks for reading!
  2. I have 1 opening for a contract term, salary cap, dead money, franchise tags, the whole 9 nine yards dynasty league. It has been around since 2009 and has had and does have some respected Huddle members who can vouch for the running of the league. Which is on MFL. $75 entry I'm happy to correspond if you have an interest.
  3. Audible/Audio Books

    Let's talk Dean Koontz please... So here's a guy I never read and he has so many books I figured he's a watered-down mainstream boring author. Not to mention some movies from his books look terrible. I was never a big reader in my younger days, a regret. I could have become a really big fan. Well I am now. So I listened to The Watchers from Koontz. Absolutely loved it. The perfect blend of action and conspiracy/sci-fi. at a believable level for me. I just thought it was smart and great. Big fan. Never saw the movie, but from reading about it, they made some changes he didn't care for. That's the good news. Bad news, he considers it equal to his best or favorite or flat out his best book. So where do I go from here? I reading Lightning which is good too. So what are the Koontz must-reads?
  4. Audible/Audio Books

    I have been enjoying Audible for the past year and a half and have about 35 books listened to. I'd like to share some suggestions and more importantly hear your favorites and recommendations. I'll post some of mine when I have some extra time but wanted to post this while I remembered.
  5. Audible/Audio Books

    I enjoyed Off To Be The Wizard as well. The narration was good and funny. This, along with Ready Player One are a little, "hey here's a cool thing from your childhood, love this book please" for me. But I did like them both and finished them quickly. If you like one you'd like the other.
  6. Is this collusion? Is this a legit Trade?

    Assuming you can make trades after kickoff on Sunday, which I think is less than normal, it was kind of a clever move. Except I don't think I would have allowed it based only on trading a player that had already played and was presumably locked for the week. The finishing of the trade the next day is wrong from my standpoint. If he was allowed to make trades then AND he could have traded a non-locked player or a draft pick...something of value for Myers and consummate the trade in totality on Monday, then have at it. As presented I wouldn't have allowed it based only on the "I'll hook you up later" aspect.
  7. Audible/Audio Books

    Just finished Lonesome Dove on a Libby borrow. As a kid when the series came out I avoided it as it sounded stupid from the title. Some sappy love story I thought. I watched the mini-series a couple years ago and was blown away how good it was. Some issues being made for TV and perhaps a budget shortcut or two, but it was great. I saw the 37 hour audiobook and borrowed it. Maybe one of the most surprisingly funny books I've read. Epic sweeping story. If you've never seen the series or read the book I'd recommend both highly. ------------------- We Are Bob is a good book and I like Ray Porter, the narrator, however, quite possibly every line of every character in every book he narrates is dipped in unyielding sarcasm. It gets tiresome to me. Does he have to play every character as a Dill Josh Gordon? The book was kinda cool, but I don't see me continuing the series.
  8. Audible/Audio Books

    Love the movie JAWS? Then don't read the audiobook unless you want to hear Mrs. Brody's rape fantasies. For sure a case of the movie blowing the book out of the water. so to speak. Been using the LIBBY app and borrowing audiobooks from our local libraries. Cool for those iffy titles you might not want to risk paying for. I assume the selections and wait times vary by location but I have enjoyed some good content that I either missed in my early days or whatever. "To Kill a Mockingbird" was amazing. "Blood Meridian" by Cormac McCarthy was a violent gloomy crazy ride. "Fear" was interesting and scary. "A Man Called Ove" was really great and soon to be a Tom Hanks movie (Currently a foreign film) "The Real West" by Bill O'Reilly was really good. I love Deadwood and was craving some history on gunfighters and the wild west in general. Very good!
  9. Streaming soon on Netflix
  10. Willis McGahee

    Mike Mularkey called him out a couple of times this week for not running as hard as he could. If you need to decide between him and another stud type back throw that into the decision making mix. I would guess he runs very hard this week to make a point. Mike Williams is expected to play. The offense struggled badly at Tampa but should rebound to at least "Okay" against the Falcons in Buffalo. Hope this helps someone.
  11. King Of The Mountain

    Colts please. Thank you, solgm
  12. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    I don't like it, his team looks better.
  13. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    Colts please. Thank you, solgm
  14. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    I guess we should all just quit living and certainly fantasy football is in bad taste with all those players going through such distractions and tragedy. Dumb and moronic ? Was it stupid and retarded also? Save your fake moral crap for others. You have no idea who I am and what a believe.
  15. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    Are there 20,000 Saints fans?
  16. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Could really use a second opinion, standard performance keeper league, with 12pts for 50+yd tds. Dillon is my sure starter Pick 1 Stephen Davis hosting Pats Mike Bennett @ Bengals My others in case. TJ Duckett @ Seahawks Brandon Jacobs @ Saints (sorta) Other starters if it matters: Palmer Dillon ????? T.Owens Lelie Crumpler Elam Panthers Thanks in advance should you get around to answering.
  17. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Eagles, please. Thank you, solgm
  18. Is there an inside joke?

    A lot of posters here seem to use the name HUGH when they seem to mean HUGE as in very big... I must have missed something
  19. King Of The Mountain

    Eagles, please. Thank you, solgm
  20. Another Walker tragedy..what to do?

    I would say no as well, your gut feeling answered your own question. doesn't mean you can't counter offer, like sugested.
  21. trade help

    I'd do it based on the info you gave...seems good.
  22. Directv Shortcuts

    Agree, short cuts smokes... didn't get to watch the redzone channel much, was at the game. But this week they are away so I am extra pumped for "The Ticket".
  23. Mike Tice has officially lost me...

    Someone will get brack to you about hugh o-lines here you go Link-a-vous
  24. RB Waiver Wire.. Any suggestions?

    Davis is the guy to have over Foster. Keep in mind LJ's numbers were on 9 carries, Holmes still had 22 carries so he is the goto guy.
  25. Need Trade Advice

    The Holmes situation is trouble, he has Larry Johnson and would like nothing better than to trade you Holmes and watch LJ slowly take over. You need Steve Smith, don't do it, unless he throws in LJ.