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  1. Dump Kevin Jones for Ricky Williams

    You should drop Tomlinson, he's overrated
  3. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Jamal DJax Priest
  4. Meadowlands

    the Saints/Giants game will move to ESPN when the second game starts
  5. Saints/Giants tickets

    Actually, my boss is from New Orleans, and he's going to the game with me. He actually has 7 family members living with him in NJ because they lost their homes from Katrina. I was very happy to see what the Saints did last week. And there will be a huge when they come out. But once the game starts: G-Men Saints
  6. Saints/Giants tickets

    Purchased 8 tickets yesterday in section 121
  7. Trotter Ejected

    Mathis also ejected... but neither looked like they actually threw a punch
  8. Brandon Jacobs inquiry

    As a Giant fan, I agree 100%
  9. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    Jimmy Smith vs Seattle or Branch vs Oakland Standard scoring, bonus for +40 TDs, no PPR Thanks H1
  10. Rate my team.......

    From a scale of A-Z I give it a M.HS
  11. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    When does the RussMan is lost challenge begin?? Priest Harrison Caddy
  12. Here's one of the other articles...
  13. Saints and Giants to play Monday Night

    My computer was acting crazy last night... I thought they didn't go through. I'll delete 2 of them. But I still want an answer
  14. Saints and Giants to play Monday Night

    Any word on ticket sales?
  15. Trent Green info

    Kansas City's backup QB Todd Collins left the team's last game due to a hand injury, and may be out at least 2 weeks.
  16. Portfolio Pool

    Raiders - $80 Bills - $80 Browns - $45 Saints - $75 Ginats - $65 Rams - $85 Buccaneers - $70
  17. NY Giants vs NY Jets

    Shockey--> <-- Jets' DBs
  18. wow... nice draft Crumpler, Shockey AND Heap in a TE required league News on Eli: (KFFL) The Associated Press reports New York Giants QB Eli Manning (elbow) woke up Sunday morning, Aug. 21, with more pain in his injured elbow. Manning had an MRI and is scheduled to be examined by team orthopedist Dr. Russell Warren on Monday, Aug. 22. "Our situation is we want to wait until the complete exam is concluded," head coach Tom Coughlin said. "We're very concerned. Any time a quarterback has soreness in his elbow there is concern. It's not like he woke up and was out there throwing and you were getting reports that there was nothing to it." another link
  19. A little help with strategy please

    I say stay in the #2 spot... draft a stud RB and 2 stud WRs in rounds 2/3
  20. runnings backs and wide receivers

    Here's a list but it's not totally up to date... doesn't have DD's new contract and it's from cbs.sportsline QUARTERBACKS Player 1. Drew Brees, San Diego: Will look to prove that last season's success was not a fluke, but will the Chargers offer him a long-term deal with Philip Rivers on the sidelines? 2. Kurt Warner, Arizona: Respect, not cash, might be the biggest motivation for Warner, who has been awful in recent seasons and will look to silence the critics. 3. Jeff Garcia, Deroit: Should Joey Harrington falter, Garcia will have added motivation to succeed for head coach Steve Mariucci. 4. Jon Kitna, Cincinnati: Has no chance to unseat Carson Palmer but could look for a more prominent role with a new team next season. 5. Ken Dorsey, San Francisco: With Alex Smith now on the roster, Dorsey won't see much action for the Niners. RUNNING BACKS Player 1. Shaun Alexander, Seattle: Alexander has signed a one-year deal and will play for a monster contract in 2006. He is without question a top-three featured back. 2. Edgerrin James, Indianapolis: Should produce a solid statistical season as he looks for a big-money contract in 2006. Edge is a surefire first-round choice in drafts. 3. Domanick Davis, Houston: Davis and the Texans should come to terms on a long-term deal soon. He'll be a cinch first- or second-round selection. 4. Jamal Lewis, Baltimore: Lewis has financial and personal reasons to thrive this season, so expect him to re-emerge as an elite back. 5. Ahman Green, Green Bay: Will remain a prominent member of the Packers offense and needs to produce nice stat lines each week to fatten his wallet. 6. Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia: Signed a one-year tender offer and could be franchised in 2006. Needs a solid season to increase stock ... assuming he shows up to camp. 7. Michael Bennett, Minnesota: Appears to be 100 percent and will start with Onterrio Smith out. Bennett will be a third- to fourth-round choice in drafts. 8. DeShaun Foster, Carolina: Doesn't want to negotiate with Carolina, so expect him to have his best season as a pro (barring injuries) to guarantee financial freedom. 9. Quentin Griffin, Denver: No longer has much value and won't warrant great attention on the market. 10. Najeh Davenport, Green Bay: Should the Packers decide to pass on Green, Davenport could become the team's new and less expensive featured back in 2006. 11. Chester Taylor, Baltimore: The Browns wanted him this past offseason, so expect another team to bid on his services and give him a chance to start in the future. 12. Anthony Thomas, Dallas: The one-time Rookie of the Year has seen an enormous downturn in value. 13. Maurice Morris, Seattle: Should the team decide not to retain Alexander, Morris' stock could rise in 2006. 14. Moe Williams, Minnesota: The veteran won't see enough chances to produce this season. 15. Jesse Chatman: Now a free agent, Chatman's status is uncertain. 16. Shawn Bryson, Detroit: No better than a useful reserve and third-down back who has no draft value. 17. Onterrio Smith, Minnesota: Won't be able to cash in due to statistics -- he's been suspended for the season. WIDE RECEIVERS Player 1. Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis: Recorded enormous numbers last season, so additional success in 2005 could mean a fat contract in Indianapolis or elsewhere. 2. Hines Ward, Pittsburgh: Ward and the Steelers should come to terms on a long-term deal sooner than later, or else the veteran will keep holding out. 3. Nate Burleson, Minnesota: His status as a third-year receiver coupled with his contractual status makes Burleson even more attractive in drafts. 4. David Givens, New England: Givens could have his best season as a pro as he looks to cash in with New England or elsewhere. 5. Brandon Lloyd, San Francisco: Another third-year receiver who is also playing for a big contract, Lloyd is one of the league's best sleeper candidates. 6. Antonio Bryant, Cleveland: Still has the potential to be an impact receiver and will look to perform well in order to gain interest in 2006. 7. Rod Gardner, Carolina: Trade to Carolina improves his value somewhat, but still has to prove himself as reliable on the field. 8. Reche Caldwell, San Diego: The Chargers have an overload at wide receiver, so Caldwell's chances could be somewhat limited. 9. Jabar Gaffney, Houston: Another Florida wide receiver who has been mediocre at the pro level. 10. Arnaz Battle, San Francisco: Could start this season for the Niners but still has little value in drafts. TIGHT ENDS Player 1. Randy McMichael, Miami: The Dolphins might franchise him next season, but off-field troubles are an issue. Still, McMichael is an attractive middle-round choice. 2. Freddie Jones, Carolina: His tenure as a useful option is over, even in leagues that reward points for receptions.
  21. "Committed" now available in paperback

    Just finished the book this week. Great Read!
  22. CCS