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  1. WDIS?

    performance scoring league I have Brady against Pitt or Warner against Seatle. Brady is my #1 QB but against Pitt, I'm not sure how he'll do. Should I start Warner?
  2. Performance socring league, receptions count. I need to trade one of them but can't decide who to keep. Someone offered me Vick and D. Davis for (Palmer or Bulger) and J. Lewis Should I make the trade and who should I keep as my QB?
  3. WDIS

    I like Delhomme in his matchup this week. I'm guessing they might get down and will have to throw a lot.
  4. Hey Hugh, Please pick one for my flex position. Standard scoring with 1 pt/reception. Arrington K. Curtis B. Lloyd Thanks
  5. WDIS - 2 for the price of one

    I would go with Mushin and Dallas. I like Muhammed's matchup and I could see Clark in the end zone this weekend.
  6. Standard scoring with 1 pt/reception. I can start one of the following... JJ Arrington Kevin Curtis Brandon Lloyd Right now, I'm leaning towards Curtis. Please help!
  7. Trade advice

    14 team, standard scoring league with 1 pt/reception. We start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex. I have: Holmes K. Jones Arrington Steve Smith Mike Clayton Kev Curtis Brandon Lloyd He has: Caddy Henry Thomas Jones CJ D Jax Kennison Rod Smith The offer on the table is Caddy and CJ for Holmes and Clayton. I might counter with Holmes and Curtis. Are either one of the options good for my team?
  8. King Of The Mountain

  9. Performance scoring (reception counts). Am I crazy? Is Reggie Williams for real? I have him in two leagues and I'm considering starting him over Eddie Kennison (against Ty Law) and over Eric Moulds in my other league. What do you think? 3WZ
  10. Priest Owens Arrington
  11. Weekly Blitz

  12. King Of The Mountain

  13. 3rd Round pick

    Sorry, I didn't include that originally. I have the 8th pick in a 14 team league. So there will be 12 picks made before my next one.
  14. Scoring: 6pts all TD's; 1pt/20 yds pass; 1pt/10 yds rush/rec; 1 pt/reception. Start: 1QB; 2RB; 2WR; 1Flex; 1TE; 1PK; 1Def/ST I currently have James and Westbrook with my first 2 picks. Who should I take in round 3? WR - Horn, A. Johnson, Wayne TE - Gonzo, Gates RB - Arrington, Brown, Foster These are the options I'm faced with. What is the best approach?