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  1. Loaf

    What is going on here?
  2. You're thinking with your heart, not your brain. It's like not starting guys playing against your NFL team. As previously said, trade bait and future use.
  3. I don't think it was dumb, but I didn't start watching until the 2nd half. The battle was fun, if not fancy from that point on..I enjoyed the OT. Watching both kickers miss chip shots in OT was dumb.
  4. Trade Help

    Now I've got you Grits. If I have 2 awesome RBs and only 1 good WR, I would think of trading my RB3 for a WR that will score less points than said RB.
  5. Eddie lacy still recovering?

    Did you like Lacy last year? 2014: After 5 games, total yards: 339. Rest of season, 1227 total yards 2015: After 5 games, total yards: 288. Rest of season, ? Be cautious, but don't give up on him. It's gonna start getting cold and his ankle is enjoying the lighter workload. Look for a solid second half after the week 7 bye.
  6. league mananger question

    I didn't realize the hoopla that the league would generate. I would like to recruit new members from here, as I see there is interest in this unique league. When I emailed the commish about new members, he told me it was almost full for next year already (2 spots left, including me), He even said that some of the members have already prepaid for future years to ensure a team. I had a hard time coming up with the $500 for this year, so I don't know about paying in advance. ps Just wanted to let you know, based on the scoring, I'm guessing I'm about 2-2 right now, hard to say as I don't know who I'm playing against week to week. Of course I do know my lineup so I can guess my totals and am fairly confident of the .500 record right now. I do know that there are 12 teams in the league and 6 make the playoffs, so .500 would ensure a 50% chance of making the playoffs. I've been a member of the huddle for around 18 years (do that math, how old were you!) so a 50/50 shot of making the playoffs for me is really better than 50/50 for most as my FF knowledge covers a longer period of time.
  7. The idea is ok, but the number is way too high. If I was new, I'd see this rule and leave, knowing that I couldn't start a topic for potentially a long time. Not a good way to recruit new members. I have seen forums where you have to have 5, 10, 25 posts before starting a topic, Gets rid of a lot of spam.
  8. league mananger question

    Last year I was in a league where not only was your opponents lineup hidden, but also who your opponent was! You could see the free agent list, but didn't know who was on which team. You were never quite sure if you got your first choice of waivers, which was awesome because it made you look at NFL depth and ask for multiple pickups. You knew how the scoring worked but couldn't see results until the end of the season. It was a blast because you went into the playoffs not knowing if you made the playoffs...Better put in a lineup just in case! Commish won it all, but after he explained how close and competitive it was right down to the wire, I realized that this was the best/most unpredictale/funnest league I has ever been in! The downside was never having contact with any league members except the commish. The upside is that the entry fee was bumped from $100 to $500 for this season. I did vote against that, but how can I argue with an 8-4 vote? Commish reminded me that the payouts will skyrocket this year!
  9. Lacy injury status

    Dern it, I really had hoped that it was a comment that involved a word that rhymed with chester.
  10. Lacy injury status

    They come before dope man alphabetically :uinsure: (I bet I'd really like to see that edit)
  11. Lacy injury status

    Darn library dial up...This is taking forever to post.
  12. Lacy injury status

    I was born and raised in WI and have extensive inside information about all things Packer. I have heard from somebody high up in the coaching staff what the % of snaps between Lacy/Starks will be. Because of the cruel internet/WI "observation" I will keep this information to myself.
  13. Hi!

    Would that be H8's great-great-great-great-great-grandfather?
  14. Eddie Lacy hurt, ankle injury...

    d'oh! Now I'm not sure what I heard. Something about practicing on thurs, possibly?
  15. Hi!

    Many years ago, I almost got Hugh to fly to Minneapolis at the last minute because I had an extra ticket.