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  1. *Cricket*

    Hi, all!
  2. MFFL Online Draft Sucked

    I have used MFL for years and have never had a complaint...EVER. Until last night. Our draft was a nightmare for over an hour (Somewhere between 7 and 9 pm central). The bottom 'picking' window couldn't process stuff before the top part automatically refreshed. If you logged out, it was impossible to get back in. I couldn't get it to show anything other than QB's for a while. This affected every member of our league, regardless of computer speed. After a while everything worked fine, but our 2 1/2 hour draft lasted almost 4.
  3. Mock Draft Setup

    No good for me today (I would need a few days notice) Or a slow antsports draft.
  4. nfl, flex games?

    I would still have a hard time switching work schedules without at least 2 or 3 weeks notice. Also (at least in Green Bay), many hotel rooms are non-refundable when booked for events.
  5. 2005 Mystery Huddler #12

    Close. Grambling.
  6. 2005 Mystery Huddler #12

    Guess what my team is.
  7. 2005 Mystery Huddler #10

  8. 2005 Mystery Huddler #10

    (Praying to god that I never have to meet the 4983 members in person)
  9. 2005 Mystery Huddler #10

    I am neither gay, nor married. And if I looked like that, I would hide in a tower somewhere. And I have never padded, therefore have never had posts taken away.
  10. 2005 Mystery Huddler #7

    I guess that I live in the NE!
  11. 2005 Mystery Huddler #7

  12. 2005 Mystery Huddler #7

    Thank god. I'd have to quit the 4983 league if I knew I was 'playing' with that tard.
  13. 2005 Mystery Huddler #7

    In the tailgate this morning.
  14. Graemlin order?

    And stop making fun of my sock drawer!
  15. Graemlin order?

    Why don't you suggest an order. I can't possibly think of a way to organize them the would be 'convenient'.