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  1. Hey, hope this comment isn't a huge inconvenience. We've just launched a new fantasy football site I thought you might be interested in. If you get some time give it a look. Again, hope you don't mind this message.

  2. From the crockpot-week 2

    Bump On a roll boy's (and girls) called Miami last week, and Cleveland today, as I felt if GB did not put them away early it could be trouble-I feel bad for Favre. The Ribs were fantastic-oh well time to clean the CP. Peace PD.
  3. Titanic Week 7 looming for Bengals?

    It was flukey with Colbert today, as EVERY ball Delhomme threw him was high, it got me wondering if his mechanics are still throwing to Moose? Nah, I believe in ya boy's, as the Steelers deleiver the second blow of a one-two punch to the Champs. Loved seeing Mr GQ hanging his head on the bench, as it's been a long time since a D rattled his chain-proud of the response from the Cat's today.
  4. It will be interesting to see how this meeting will play out, as the Bengals are 2-0 as well. Week 7 could be a huge step for this team if they continue to play well, because the Steelers appear to be in sync, and well....there is the now 0-2 Ravens who already need the bye week coming up-sheesh!!! This Division could be a two horse raceand will be an interesting Division to watch this year.Bengal Homers gotta be loving this start!!Peace PD.
  5. Man-I'm glad this week is over!

    The spectre of going 0-2 that is-whew!!!! After dropping the opener to the Saints, and the Pats coming to town. I stressed all week, as ya gotta respect the Champs. The D stepped up big time, as 0-2 is light years away from 1-1. Now the rest of the day will be big smiles and cold beer....and oh yes...RIBS!!!!!! Peace PD.
  6. From the crockpot-week 2

    Why thank you CD, and those ribs will taste even better now with a Panther victory over the Champs. Hope the Chiefs roll tonight as I'm starting Holmes. Peace PD.
  7. From the crockpot-week 2

    Well, here we are in week 2, and it's time for some food talk and that one game that just speaks to ya???? What's it saying??? From the crockpot this week is "fall off the bone-baby back ribs"-pretty simple this one. I'll brown both sides in the broiler, and then throw them in the little magic machine on low until about 6:30-6:45, then pull them out to cool before 7:00 highlights. This is your "real good-no brainer" Sunday meal. Enjoy whatever it is you'll be feasting on today. Now for this weeks "certain" game-my pick this week? Cleveland at Green Bay-my thoughts? If the Pack does not jump on the Brownies early and often and put it out of reach...well if they let the Browns hang around into the fourth could be very interesting. This will go one of two ways as I see it, either the Pack blows them out, or the Pack D let's the Browns hang around all game long and the Brownies steal one at Lambeau. Green Bay 35 Cleveland 13 or Green Bay 20 Cleveland 23 So, let's hear from you-food and a game pick????Peace PD.
  8. My Fantasy Week

    I was shocked as well, as this is a 10 team Yahoo leauge...wait a minute, maybe I'm not so shocked.
  9. My Fantasy Week

    Ah, the fraternity, of which I am a member, the ACL club loomed large for one of me clubs-Carolina DT ( Jenkins ), Javon Walker.....ouch Just got Driver off waivers, in essence still have GB #1 WR . So, we shall see, adapt and conquer.
  10. From the CrockPot...

    Thanks fellas, and I will post the recipe sometime as the the stew was great.
  11. From the CrockPot...

    Just had to "bump" this one back up, and pat myself on the back for this call, as many were taking this to be a "lock" game.
  12. Nice win for the NO, ya hate to see your team drop it's opener, but for just one game it really wasn't that bad considering it's effect on a region and it's people that could use a little "positive" vibe about right now. To bad for Jenkins, as I look for the Panthers to target a quality back-up via the draft or FA this year. I beleive Jenkins will return, as I've had the surgery myself. I look for Kendal Moorehead to fill in nicely as well as Carstens, but the D does drop a little wih out Kenkins-no question. So it's up to them to respond and Fox's team will not throw in the towel. The O has to clean it up alittle with penalties becoming fewer and better feild awarness by the WR corp. Steve Smith well......well was Smitty, and I'd say has the inside track on come-back player of the year( I don't even know if there is such a thing). Strong opening day performance and hopefully the foundation of a great season.
  13. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    Yes, I do have two, both inherited, the classic avacado (smaller one), and we have another thats not quite Dutch Oven size but close, call it a mini-Dutch oven. It's an older one as well " Oster" or something like that white w/ a glass top. I also make my big batches of Chili and Brunswick Stew with it as well. Ah, life is good, football all day, wonderful meal, another game, at last at last it's time for some Football!
  14. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    Ah, yes the crockpot will be working it's magic, and the fare will be a very hearty seafood stew recipe that I have uncovered. The works- fish,scallops,shrimp, mussels(still in shell), stone crab claws, taters, maters, carrotts, onion, green I'm looking forward to it!!!! Also, going to have some french bread to dip into it. Yes..Yes...the greatest slice of Americana has returned another season anew is here
  15. I'm leanig twoard McCariens vs the KC DT, but need a little nudging, due to the fact that Moss should draw plenty of attention.