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  1. Need to settle up, and start the road back to clearing the slate.
  2. Prepare, research, experience and your gut, then wait for the one owner who changes the flow of the draft and the order of picks with that one pick outta nowhere.
  3. Since re-alighnment, a team from the NFCS has reached the NFC Championship game....alas no more with the Bucs exit.
  4. Delhomme is out of the elbow sling and has been doing push-ups pain free for about two weeks now. He is also allowed simple chores like taking out the trash via the right arm. He should begin throwing a Nerf ball late February and should be 100% by TC and has no competiton for the starting job if healthy. He will only spend one week away from Charlotte this off-season then return to Charlotte for the remainder of the OS to rehab the elbow. Considering he should have had this procedure about three years ago, it will be interesting if the "floaters" will disappear and he will have more "zip" on the ball.
  5. Is Mr. Richardson waiting for the Falcons to hire a HC before he shows Fox the door?? For, if he had canned Fox prior...don't you think Blank would have offered Fox the job....within the division?? Well, this is what us non PO, mediocre as hell NFL franchise fans do in the off-season. Sheesh, with the way my Packs playing B-Ball in Raleigh maybe I should join a book club..or cheese of the month club................................................................ Oh, yeah, Morgan still wants to play
  6. Can the fuggin Commish win money..................................
  7. Yeah, that Ugly Tuna hair gel has some serious staying power, as not even a helmet can move nary folicle.
  8. Also, how in the bloody hell did this thread get jacked-up into a Pats thread
  9. OK, if were into drivel.....If Delhomme does not grt injured, then the Panthers would have been the #2 or #3 seed in the NFC.....Why Not?
  10. Thanks Big Guy, as I found that hard to imagine, as I've been outta the loop for awhile. However, it looks like there could be one with a losing record....even 6-10 could qualify this year in the NFC...NO?
  11. I have not crunched the #'s, but somebody told me it was possible for the two WC teams in the NFC to have losing records!!!!!! So, is this a possible scenario???? Sheesh, what a train wreck.
  12. The Panthers suck, but at least they drafted the MLB for the future and can now can Morgan. Good to be brack.
  13. Good to be back, somebody hired me for some consulting work on a sub-division they wanted to develope, so I've been outta town and on the road . So, I've beben burning the midnight oil to get it done so I could have some down-time for the holiday's. Side note.....I was at the NO game.....I nearly vomited. I'm now ready to settel (my delete buttin is on the fuggin blink....sumbitch!!!!)
  14. I've been out of town alot since Thanksgiving week, but I'll catch up the thread this week. I had an opp to make some very decent coin right here before, I took the chance to fatten up the wallet, needless to say I missed you momo's
  15. Nice W for the Hoos and the ACC, as this will help the conference RPI as we go forward. However, the Noles loss to Cleveland St. was a bummer, but if the Canes can win their Tourney, that will help repair the damage.