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  1. start bench issues FYI

    looking at to many dam sites, CBS had different matchups lol.
  2. start bench issues FYI

    I think you have a few games messed up. GB is not playing CHI this week, Cowboys are not playing LAR but they are playing ARI. not sure if this is just an error on the opp column or if it actually effects your tiering.
  3. TNF

    Cupp, playing?
  4. OBJ to risky here are the options

    Update, I am starting Kupp for sure. leaning towards Agholor. Thinking here is Jefferies will get the #1 CB there (forget his name but a top cover corner) and after what KC was able to do to NE good chance for a lot of catches and maybe even some garbage time catches and yds. sheets they all count even if it doesn't matter to the out come of the game hehehe.
  5. Coleman @ bal tough matchup but did good last yr against them. Kupp vs was Agholor @ KC tough matchup Abdullah @ NYG tough matchup but could get a lot of ppr in this one. and can still put OBJ in if he goes. but i am just not feeling like Adbullah is going to have a good game this week. What do you guys think? PPR league need 1 WR n a Flex have Coleman n Kupp in now, if OBJ was a sure thing i would go with him n kupp, What do you guys think.
  6. Can you trust Beckham?

    if he plays i think he will have a good game. it is only week 2 you don't risk the most important guy in your offense if he is not ready. As for trusting Eli (personally not an Eli fan), i think the bigger problem is trusting that Oline. I don't care if Eli throws 6 Ints as long as he completes 7-10 passes to OBJ he will do the rest. I am sitting him this week. I have to some options, atm i am starting coleman and cupp, I have agholor and abdullah (flex play) i could use too. still debating on coleman vs agholor or abdullah. (agholor i am liking and have been liking in a PPR league like Kupp a lot of catches). As a Gman fan i hope OBJ comes back and the O-line learns how to block. or Mcadoo has some really effiective 2 sec plays up his sleeve. lol. I am hoping another week off to heal more and he comes back next week. heres to hoping.
  7. Contradictory rankings

    i personally use the weekly as a guide or listening to someone else's opinion (arguments) . at the end of the day you have to go with who you think will get you the most points. I have been questioned many times with my decisions some times i am right some times I am wrong. just like all the sites. but it is my money/pleasure/bragging rights, i am risking and i want it to be mine.
  8. Iman for sure I would go with Watkins. JJ is still the #3 in ARI and Palmer has not been good this year.
  9. Big Ben Vs Trevor Sim

    Simien - he has no running game and in the PIT game is it going to be Bell all day just like last week.
  10. Who to start at WR?

    D Jackson and Sanders would be my picks. Matthews looks like a decent start too but I like Jackson's match up better. Cooks on the bench this week and next.
  11. Thomas @ ARI - on the road and ARI has been decent at home against the pass. other options R. Kelley vs CAR - weak run D Vs a weak run offense. J. Reed vs CAR - weak D but he wasn't health last 2 weeks and might still not be health this week M. Wallace vs PHI - was leaving him on the bench even though I made the playoffs because of him. Starters PPR league Bell, Dixon @ RB Landry, Iman & Gabriel @ WR Brate @ TE Need a Flex this week playing 13-0 1st seed. But he has Julio Jones and M. Gordon out this week with Brady playing DEN.
  12. Ok so Reed is playing, so putting him in my lineup. Do you agree or disagree with the 3 WRs I choose over the ones I choose to sit?
  13. I saw another tread about Brate and Reed, and it got me thinking maybe both of them? PPR league with bonus on long TDs and 8 or more catches I have the following Starting Inman - good matchup #2 WR and #1WR playing a little hurt ATM. M Thomas - Hurt but has been very consistent almost a lock for a TD each week. if he plays today. Gabriel - is the #2 WR and Julio is a little hurt and a good matchup. Lanrdy vs ARI - his value was a lot of catches but he hasn't been getting them plus ARI has good DBs. Kelvin vs SD - has a Good DB plus Cam looks lost. Hasn't done anything in weeks Wallace @ NE - this one is tough. NE has been good against the pass but Wallace has been consistent. Brate and Reed have both been good but Reed is hurt. If Reed wasn't hurt I would go with both of them. If Reed plays is he still better then my other 3 options as my Flex?
  14. WOW! Bad, Really Bad

    anyone else? 1 stand pat trade is tough in this league