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  1. What do you need for the W?

    I'm sorta with Beer....I need 15 FGs from Vinatieri.....LOL Really tough bye/IR/sitting OUT FF week.
  2. Happy Birthday....

    Thanks Taz!
  3. Happy Birthday....

    I know, Steve....I was teasing you. Thanks!
  4. Happy Birthday....

    Thank you hun!! BTW....congrats on your SuperBowl win. Thank you so much, J! I am overwhelmed!
  5. Happy Birthday....

    Thanks WashD! <----gourmet popcorn Thank you Sir Chargerz! Much appreciated hun! Who are you? Thanks sweetness!! Eternally 29! Thanks so much, MV!!
  6. Happy Birthday....

    Thank you, my friend!! Smack in the middle of our vacation, double-great!! Thank you, Sky! **kisses** Thanks Loaf!! Thanks Mojo! Thank you, Clubby!
  7. Chargers caught using stickem

    This was our first thought.
  8. Scoring discrepancy?

    Did Stephen Hill get one of those NYJ TDs? 2/14/1TD? MFL has the 2 rec for 14 yds, but no TD scored for him.
  9. Scoring discrepancy?

    I was thinking it was an isolated incident for half an hour, but once I saw that most of Elias scoring was a bit off......I relaxed. But there were two teams today that had two WRs with receptions for their teams with the same last name. "Hill" for the Jets and "Moore" for the Dolphins. In the past, they haven't been all that good with players who have the same real time at least. But you're right Ikirc. Loved the math comment in the other thread!
  10. Scoring discrepancy?

    Yep......all fubared again.
  11. Scoring discrepancy?

    LOL Ursa.....they only work one damn day a week.....and they're sleeping on the job.
  12. Scoring discrepancy?

    Yeah......but THAT TD to A Hill seems to have gotten MFL
  13. Scoring discrepancy?

    Hmmmm.......let's hope MFL gets "caught up" here
  14. If my husband was that suspicious of "strange men" on my FB page.....none of you momos would be ON my FB page. And Matt? GFY
  15. American Baby Names

  16. Celebrating 30 years

  17. Happy Birthday, Big John!

    A VERY Happy Birthday to our most valuable Huddler!! are a wonderful person and friend. Have a nice day! Get yourself an ice cream or a fun dinner...treat yourself to something crazy!! But most of all...celebrate the beginning of FOOTBALL season!! Love ya man!
  18. Gulf Coasters

    To all my Gulf Coast huddlers.....stay safe down there! Isaac may just be a big blowhard, or it may turn into something more.....either way you are in for some nasty weather! We are watching and keeping our fingers crossed for you all! Please stay safe......and move yourself and your families out of harm's way if you think you need to! Love you guys! Batten 'em down!
  19. Stay Classy Pit Bulls

    Very famous case......and the first time I'd ever seen or heard of a Presa Canario.
  20. So, headed to Home Depot yesterday...

    That's great FW! Nice to hear John is doing alright! Lighting? Did you look for a shed?
  21. Thoughts/prayers requested

    Sorry to hear, J. Thoughts and prayers.
  22. hows this work

    In theory that sounds good.....but there are lots of times the transaction that necessitated the Home Inspection never makes it to the table. I'm with Matt....payment before the report is released.
  23. hows this work

    I think you'll find you are worth the smart phone if you can use "Square" and swipe that much in CC's per month. Just tell them if they want to pay by CC, there will be 3% added to cover the transaction costs. Oh.....and Square is free!