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  1. Baylor HC Matt Rhule to coach CAR

    I was hoping to get Matt Rhule, Josh McDaniels or Eric Bieniemy as our new HC and figured that McDaniels was supposed to be coming to Charlotte for his interview this morning, followed up Perry Fewell (courteous interview) on Wednesday and Eric Stefanski on Thursday, so I figured we would know something by the end of this week. Was very surprised to see the news break this morning that David Tepper was impressed with his interview and his vision and didn't want him to fly to NYC to interview with the Giants as everything I read was he was their first choice. As a Penn Stater as well as a Carolina Panthers season ticket holder, I am pretty happy that we landed Matt Rhule and hope it gets us heading in the right direction after two disappointing seasons.
  2. Congrats to the Cats

    Thanks! I was at the game and I have alot of respect for the Pats (and their fans w/ exception of UT) and I kept waiting for Brady and the offense to make a drive and score another TD to make the game very tight at the end. Fortunately the Rucker hit and Peppers recovery down to the 11 helped us get that 10 pt. cushion where I thought we could nail down the game after another 1st down to run out the clock. I knew Coach Fox would have the troops ready to go after the egg that we laid last week and I expected the Panthers to come in with much better effort against the World Champs. I would think the Pats will benefit from the loss yesterday and will be ready to take it to the Steelers next week as they are still a very good team despite their performance last week. I think both these teams will continue to improve and will both make the playoffs this year.
  3. The Edge Debate

    I have owned Edge in a keeper league since the year after his ACL injury. I traded away a rookie Deuce McAllister for Edge and bunch of players thinking he was going to have a great year... Anyway, Edge has been a very good and consistent RB for me thanks to the extra points our league has for receptions. (1 pt. / per catch). Last year he was the #3 RB after Tiki and LT so it was nice to have him on my squad. I won our division (1 of 4) with 2 WCs. Won the first playoff game only to lose to the eventual winner of the SB in the semis. Take the receptions away in a different league and I can see what an owner maybe dissappointed due to the lack of TD production.
  4. Kris Jenkins Panthers DL-out for year

    Wonderful!!! Last year it was Steve Smith after the GB game now Jenkins is done for the season! Jenkins out for the season
  5. Saints

    I will be at the game and I certainly do NOT want them to win.... I also feel bad for the Saints and their fans.... but not at the price of a Panthers win..... sorry.
  6. Any new news on Steven Davis

    If I hear something on the status of his knee yesterday, I will try to post with any update if no one else has posted the info.
  7. DeShaun Foster is my #2 RB, am I screwed?

    Foster should be fine. Davis was getting his first work in nearly a year, but last night does NOT mean he will be the starter immediately. Davis will help the Panthers has a bruising runner near the goal line and short yardage. This role was slated to be filled by Eric Shelton, but he has struggled and Davis will be used in that role. Anyone that drafted Shelton in the middle rounds will be able to use him as WW fodder as Davis will be filling his spot, and I don't think he will make an impact until at this mid-season if at all. Foster is the main ball carrier for the Panthers and is in a contract year (last year of his rookie contract) and I am sure was to land a big $$$ contract for next year so he will be incented to play well this year. If he falters after a few weeks and is not effective, a la fumbling, not reading the holes and only getting 3 yds per carry they may switch Davis as the starter and Foster as the change of pace back. DO NOT panic, as Foster should have a very good year behind the new and improved Panthers line. The way the Panthers D stopped the Pit 1st string Offense and gave the ball to the Panthers Offense that immediately went to work throwing to Steve Smith quickly and mixing in the run and getting a TD against the Steelers 1st stringers modes well. Anyone that drafted Steve Smith and Delhomme should feel pretty good how crisp they looked during that drive. The Panthers starters went to the bench after getting their work for the night, but I was very impressed with what I saw last night.
  8. Carolina RBBC Update

    I think the Panthers drafted Shelton because they see him in the mold of Davis, but at the time of the draft (late April) Davis' status was unknown so they drafted for additional depth. I don't think Hurney and Fox knew what to expect from Davis, but from what I hear on the radio and see in the papers that cover the team, Davis is itching to get on the field and has been looking good at practice. Maybe he doesn't last the year, but it looks like he will be able to help the team early given that Shelton has been somewhat of a dissappointment til this point and his buried on the depth chart for now.
  9. The Panther RB ?'s

    I have seen both of you guys post on the Message Boards very often and I respect both of you guys.... your little feud seems a little silly when you think about the tragedy that is going on down in MS and New Orleans.... You guys should just drop your name calling and add constructive content in the various things that you can add to the board... Don't beat on each other and let this go.....
  10. The Panther RB ?'s

    Davis has a few more years on his contract but his cap # will be quite large next year so he will either re-structure or be released next spring. Foster is in the last year of his rookie contract and needs to have a big year if he is looking to cash in and get paid. Problem is that several big time RBs (Edge and SAlex) will be UFAs next year too, so the market for Foster will be not has big as he is hoping for. Foster has plenty of talent and I think he will definitely have a good season this year if he can manage to stay healthy.
  11. Carolina RBBC Update

    I drafted Foster early as my 4th RB (Edge, McGahee and Westbrook all keepers) and took S. Davis late since I knew he was coming back soon. I avoided Shelton as I was not impressed with him at the Redskins game a few weeks ago and I knew Davis would easily pass him on the depth chart once he was healthy. I am just glad to have both of them to give me nice depth on my fantasy team.
  12. Serious Fantasy Football Players needed

    I think he means their league draft... No one would every do a mock draft for a C note no matter how good the food and beer were at the bar it was held at!!!
  13. Who will have the better year?

    He is NOT injury prone.... he was tackled from behind and suffered a broken leg. That is not the same thing as being injury prone. 2003 was his first year as our #1 WR and he did not put up big numbers for the first 4 games (plus their bye) First 4 games 13 catches, 131 yds and 1 TD. Last 12 games 73 catches, 963 yds. and 6 TD. Delhomme was just named the starter at the beginning of 2003 and they really ran the ball most of the time to help get Jake comfortable throwing the ball. Once they started throwing the ball more ofthen Steve had very good numbers the rest of the season averaging out his last 12 weeks for a full season, would give SS about 90 - 95 catches and about 1,250 to 1,300 yds and 8 - 10 TDs. I would take those numbers all day for my #1 WR. Jake is a much better passer now and loves throwing to SS and Steve his out to prove that he is still the top WR he was previous to his injury. I would be very surprised if he does not have full season stats that would be in the ballpark of the ones that I listed above. This guy is a great receiver and just because he is small, doesn't mean he can't be a top 5 - 10 WR each year. That said I have Burleson on my one team as my #1 WR and do not have Smith on either team, but will have the privilege of watching him each home game this year. Burleson should also be very good this year and should post similar stats as Smith as I really think they are close, but I give the edge to Smith since he proved he can be the #1 guy for a team.
  14. Sports Illustrated Predictions

    Didn't they pick the Patriots last year? Seriously, I bought season tickets for the Panthers this year and I am very excited about my expections for the team. This team was able to bounce back from a horrid start and nearly make it back into the playoffs winning 6 out of their last 8 games. I laugh when they say we don't have a running back, Davis and Foster are plenty good to help the running game to be more successful this year and Delhomme is proving the doubters wrong about his 2003 season and played great over the last 10 games of the season with 22 TDs and only 10 picks.... He has a good arm, great touch and is a WINNER. With Smith back and several other starters healthy this year this team will be able to score plenty of points and shut the opponent down pretty effectively with Jenkins and Lucas improving the DL and the secondary. Will they win the SB.... ? I sure hope so, but they have to be considered one of the top 3 candidates in the NFC to emerge from the NFC this season.
  15. Hold the phone...Stephen Davis to start?

    I am going to the Steelers game on Thursday and if Davis plays I will post some comments about how he looks.