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  1. KC vs Broncos (TNF)

    All will depend on ligament damage. If the patellar ligament is torn out for the year, if not then possibly 4-6 weeks with a brace??
  2. KC vs Broncos (TNF)

    well Kelce without Mahomes becomes just another TE
  3. Zach Ertz bust

    Man this guy has been a huge disappointment this season. Killing my team.
  4. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Ertz. wow, Wentz is killing his value
  5. Need help with my 2nd RB and Flex

    Thx, problem is we won’t know Mack or Hilton’s status until Allison and the others have already played
  6. PPR League, bonus for long TD’s and Yardage need help deciding my 2nd RB today Mack, Myles Sanders, Gallman, Hyde Flex Geronimo Allison, Hilton, Mark Andrews
  7. Week 4 milk carton

    I’ll go ahead and get it over with, James Conner
  8. Bengals vs Steelers

    Need Conner to get 35 points so about 120 yards and 2 TD’s
  9. Week 4 milk carton

    Kelce, Mack
  10. Lots of injuries have made this weeks lineup a bit difficult. PPR, bonus for long TD’s and yardage over 100 yards. flex spot, start Gallman, Andrews, or Metcalf?
  11. Need to play either TY or DJAX at flex. PPR and bonus for long TD’s and yardage. starting (QB)Brees, (RB1)Conner, (RB2)Mack, (WR1)D. Adams, (WR/TE) Kelce, (WR/TE) Ertz, (Flex RB/WR/TE) ????
  12. I need to declare 1 keeper. PPR with big bonus for long TD’s and Yards Kelce costs me a 3rd pick Goff will cost me a 7th pick James White will cost me a 10th pick Ingram 5th pick leaning towards Kelce
  13. What about Ricky?

    I think (HOPE) he will take over as the starter. Ronnie has done nothing at this point. They will showcase him and try to get a good trade for this year or next year. Ronnie is the future, Ricky will be the present
  14. Who should I go after? I dont think Chris Brown is worth a roster spot. Our league scores a lot of points for Defenses so thats why I listed the Bears.