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  1. What about Ricky?

    I think (HOPE) he will take over as the starter. Ronnie has done nothing at this point. They will showcase him and try to get a good trade for this year or next year. Ronnie is the future, Ricky will be the present
  2. Who should I go after? I dont think Chris Brown is worth a roster spot. Our league scores a lot of points for Defenses so thats why I listed the Bears.
  3. Who else is 0-2?

    My favorite player of all time. Ive been collecting his sports stuff since I was a kid. Collection is worth about 4 grand or so. Now if he could just make the HOF.
  4. Who else is 0-2?

    Skrappy, is that Donnie Baseball in your avatar?
  5. Who else is 0-2?

    I'm 0 - 2 with the team you see below. Each week I've played the highest scoring team. I was the 2nd highest scoring team both weeks. In other words, I would have beaten 8 other teams in my league each week. I hate bad luck
  6. 0-2 Need some advice

    I'm 0 - 2 with the lineup you see below. I have lost both weeks to the highest scoring team. I of course had the 2nd highest score each week. Bad luck can happen but its early so i wouldnt panic just yet. Shipp may not be bad for a 1 week start. Is Arrington still banged up?
  7. joe horn for th jones

    He got up and walked off on his own. I hope he's OK
  8. Horn?

    Me too....
  9. What do you need to happen tonight

    Down by 21 points. I have Deuce and Horn. He has stalworth. Performance league - points for yards, receptions, and 6 point TD's with bonus if long runs
  10. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    Benched Thomas Jones for Ronnie Brown Almost benched McNabb for Leftwich but ended up starting McNabb
  11. 27,604 posts...

    I agree, if people only want to add rude comments move on, dont post
  12. I asked for a darn opinion. You know, based on what people have seen out of Deuce and the Giants Defense.
  13. How do you think Deuce will do tomorrow night? I need a 100 yard performance with a TD
  14. Im a Cowboys homer but Horn will go for at least 70 yards and a score. By the way, the Giants will get dealt with on Oct 16th and Dec 4th
  15. Horn will get his tomorrow