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  1. Going back and forth with Goff given it’s Denver on the road in the snow. Other option is Dalton in a good matchup that could be a high scoring game
  2. Jaguars-Chiefs game will be rainy

    Hmm thinking of sitting Kelce
  3. goff vs ryan

  4. Help me decide my last two WR/TE/RB’s for today. im a bit worried about Kelce against the Jags with rain predicted as well. would you swap out anyone in my starting lineup below? PPR with big bonus for long TD’s starters QB - Goff RB1- Elliott | RB 2 - White WR/TE1 - Tate WR/TE2 - Kelce | WR3/TE3 - Cooper Flex - Mark Ingram k - Tucker Def - Tenn bench QB - Dalton RB - Chubb WR - Enunwa, Mike Williams, DJax, D Thomas
  5. Colts/Patriots game tonight

    I can see the frustration is playing against him but as an owner I’m enjoying. if only the Cowboys would throw to Zeke this much
  6. Week 4 Milk Carton

    Anyone seen Mike Williams and Cooper?
  7. Flex Golladay or M Williams

    Who’s on Galloday today? If it’s Byron Jones I don’t like the match up
  8. Trying to figure out my WR/TE this week and I keep going back and forth. current starting lineup, would you make any changes to my WR’s? Start 1QB, 2RB, 3Wr/TE, 1 Flex(Wr/TE/Flex), 1K, 1 Def Starting Lineup QB - Goff RB - Elliott, White WR/TE - Kelce, DT, Mike Williams Flex - Tate Bench QB - Fitz RB - Ingram WR - Enunwa, Cooper, DeSean Jackson
  9. Week 3 Milk Carton

    The one week I play Fitzpatrick and DeSean Jackson not only was I already down but Fitzpatrick has earned a negative 10 points for me so far
  10. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Come on Marvin Jones! Please!!!!
  11. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Let me add Matt Bryant to the mix. marvin Jones, still paying Marvin Jones
  12. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Kelce Marvin Jones
  13. Blizzard in KC!

    Well crap, is it windy? I have Kelce. Wondering if I should bench him now
  14. Updated lineup. I slid in Martavius Bryant for Alshon. Now I'm a. It concerned about Kelce (sick this week and windy in KC) as well as Marvin Jones (Windy, cold, and facing a top ranked secondary). Am I overthinking things with Kelce and Marvin Jones or would Alshon be a better play for one of them? QB - Foles RB1 - Bell RB2 - Zeke WR1/TE1 - Kelce WR2/TE2 - Marvin Jones WR3/TE3 - Martavius Bryant Flex(RB/WR/TE) - Fournette K - Matt Bryant Def - Jacksonville Bench QB - Flacco WR - Tate, Josh Gordon, Alshon