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  1. I would agree, in fact I had Rodgers earlier in the year and had to drop him after injury. i read he's only 80% healed but could still be cleared to play. Without knowing if he's playing for sure and if he will be rusty would you still make him the top priority?
  2. Had a Bye week last week and need to find a QB now for week 2 of playoffs since Wentz is done. I'm planning to drop Mike Davis and Wentz to pickup 2 QB's but need to figure out how I should prioritize them. Foles Aaron Rodgers Bortles Jimmy G PPR league with bonus for long TD's and yardage would you change anything below? WR1/TE1 - Tate WR2/TE2 - Kelce WR3/TE3 - Marvin Jones III Flex(WR/TE/RB) - Josh Gordon bench - Alshon, Crowder
  3. I just lost Wentz but also have Alshon. i know many were also counting on Ertz as well. thoughts about where the Eagles WR/TE downgrade to now?
  4. Bell limps off

    He's back in!
  5. Bell limps off

    Lost Zeke and Aaron Rodgers earlier in the season too... oh yeah Olson as well.
  6. Bell limps off

    Of course he did, sitting on a Bye this week and lost Wentz already. So much for #2 seed
  7. Wentz being looked at in tent for injury

    Yep, first I lost Aaron Rodgers, the. I lose Wentz. on top of that I have Alshon so I essentially lost 2 players
  8. Wentz being looked at in tent for injury

    I didn't see anything that looked bad from the goal line hit but who knows....
  9. trocking crap, I need him next week!
  10. Kamara possibly concussed?

    Done for the night per rotoworld
  11. Kamara possibly concussed?

    It didn't look all that vicious of a hit but it was to the side of his head
  12. Kamara possibly concussed?

    Return is questionable or probable
  13. Ryan Shazier

    Pray for that man. You can tell he had no feeling or movement in his legs
  14. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Can the Stealers please start involving Bell? Damn, let's force everything to Brown
  15. Antonio Brown missed practice again

    Feed Bell! That would be right after they lightly used him that Thursday night game recently