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  1. Week 16 Milk Carton

    Gronk Zeke
  2. Seems like the Pats have been playing worse ever since they started phasing our White. is White injured?
  3. Goff vs Arizona or Trubisky against SF? need to fill in my Flex spot McQuire, (C.J. Anderson) assuming Gurley is out, or J Williams?
  4. Chiefs/Bolts

    Come on Kelsey! I need points!
  5. Golden Tate

    Holding but on my bench now. I’m starting Samuels instead
  6. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    All of the Vikings and Seahawks
  7. MNF - Vikings vs Seahawks

  8. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    Ingram straight garbage
  9. Thx everyone. in my mind I keep thinking Chargers at home against Cinci but Denver could be great as well.
  10. Trying to decide which two to start. PPR with bonus for long TD’s and yardage over 100 White against Miami with a crowded backfield Sutton against SF with Sanders out Ingram against TB thanks in advance