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  1. Whats up thief? It would be nice if you paid back the league funds you stole from us.

  2. My Dad and I are leaving The Big Easy at 5 am to head up north. I will be in Chi Town for a week but Dad has decided to drop a friend of his off in Detroit "on the way" . I've looked at the map again just to be sure my geography hasnt been permanantly skewed by this years edition of The Mystery Huddler . Nope Detroit still isnt on the way to Chicago from New Orleans. Oh well so off we go and my guess is the hangover will be alot of fun on the road tomorrow. Puddy no offense but i'm gonna try to get out of Detroit as quick as I can so my guess is there will be no Huddler meeting this time around and my guess is I will NEVER be in Detroit again so looks like you will have to make a visit to New Orleans to meet this Huddler! I will be checking in periodically to see if skins has anything I can work with this week. I hope all have a great Independance day. Try not to lose any fingers with those fireworks allright people!

    Not this again.
  4. San Antonio Saints

    The Superdome is a vital part of our city. The horrors that happened there even leave me questioning the viability of the building at this point. We may be better off tearing it down and building a new stadium on the riverfront but that is all so premature at this point.
  5. San Antonio Saints

    If this becomes a permanent deal I hope Tom Benson burns in He ll ! The people of New Olreans love the Saints and right now we probably need them more than ever. Now obviously they need somewhere to play for at least this season and maybe even another . Making an announcement like this at this time would only prove what most of us already suspect. Tom Benson has no soul . JMHO
  6. I saw him being interviewed on espn and i'm not sure it was the same interview or if you just got excerpts but I found it to be a very good interview. There was genuine caring and he was really pushing for NFL players and teams to pitch in for this. As far as not caring if they play, while I think at some point a Saints game will be a nice diversion to the harsh realities, right now I dont think many of us New Orleanians feel much different than he does. Life is way more important!
  7. A way you can help with Hurricane Relief

    Thanks to all that do this with their leagues. You cant possibly know how bad we will need this assistance!
  8. Los Angeles Saints?

    This thread just makes me sick to my stomach . I understand it but......
  9. For those of you with Drafts left how will the situation in New Orleans affect your draft decisions? I think it almost has to drop the value of even the top Saints performers. There is talk of many venues for them to play in including a complete road schedule . If they play at Tiger stadium in Baton Rouge which is a grass field that may slow Horn down a bunch. Just wondering your thoughts on this.
  10. Something to ponder.....

    If they play at LSU my guess is they will average around 70,000 a game. This area needs the diversion and I would imagine the ticket prices will be dirt cheap!
  11. Input on team, wr and rb?

    Ok so here is the team drafted for me while sitting in traffic. QB D Brees rd5 D Carr rd 12 RB P Holmes rd 1 C Portis rd 2 L Johnson rd7 T Jones rd10 WR Joe Horn rd3 D Jackson rd4 L Evans rd6 K McCardell rd 11 TE J Wiggins rd8 Def Carolina rd 9 PK J Brown rd 13 This was done with the 4th spot in the draft and as stated above we only have 4 open roster spots. Having to spend a pick on Johnson so early may hurt me but I think if either of my QB's can get hot and health goes my way I should be OK with this team .
  12. Input on team, wr and rb?

    Oh come on I had to razz him just a bit. In all honesty as I was evacuating from The Big Easy, Coach was drafting not only his team but mine as well and I will post that team in this thread shortly.
  13. Input on team, wr and rb?

    You really dont want my opinion on this team lil bro
  14. Roger Clemens is flat out sick...

    Reading this thread I was thinking the very same thing! Gibson wasnt on roids nor was Ryan so why is it that Clemens has to be? Clemens fade? Look at his career and take injuries into account for the off years and I dont see a fade. He has been consitantly scary for anyone with a bat in their hands!
  15. Stephen Davis

    I was thinking the very same thing. Everyone seems high on Foster but lets get serious here for a minute. He is an injury waiting to happen even if he is productive when healthy I fear drafting him. However I did draft Davis in the 11th in GvE .
  16. too late?

    Great first (and probably last) post jerk-off.

    I am wondering this as well?
  18. Gates to report tomorrow?

    I understand what your saying but the offers for him next season will far surpass what the Chargers could have gotten him for this season. I feel they have shown no appreciation for his efforts last year and I hope they pay dearly for their hardline stance!
  19. Gates to report tomorrow?

    I wonder how authoratative the Chargers will feel next year when Gates tells them to go flip themselves. 380 is just ridiculous for a TE of his caliber.
  20. Aaron Brooks

    Smart would be the very last word I would use to describe Brooks
  21. ****** PATRIOTS VS. SAINTS *********

    It's still preseason you fecktard