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  1. Detroit/Dallas Game Thread

    Dallas and their officials did a fine job coming back in this game.
  2. Detroit/Dallas Game Thread

    Now it is a game worth watching to the end. The pickup of the flag was total bs though.
  3. Detroit/Dallas Game Thread

    Starting to really look like the Cowboys drank a bit too much of their own koolaid.
  4. Josh Gordon suspended for 2014-15?

    Yup. He is toast now!
  5. Saints - Seahawks: Monday Night Showdown

    If the Saints can get rolling early to quiet the crowd I think they take this by 10+. If not it could get ugly for us. I like the Saints chances more for the improved def than any offensive prowess.
  6. We are not watching football anymore

    Now I will say that I do not agree with the fine on top. No intent to injure IMO.
  7. We are not watching football anymore

    I find it kind of interesting that most ignored Rajn's post. It was spot on. The game wasn't decided by that one call but rather by 60 minutes worth of plays. Most of which the 9'ers were unable to make successfully. They were dominated and only still in the game at all due to a few Saints mistakes. Carry on.
  8. This thread was almost as enjoyable to read as the game was to watch.
  9. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/9198542/rolando-mcclain-baltimore-ravens-arrested-charged-alabama Dumb Ass.
  10. I don't remember the last time I posted a draft here. Tonight was my family league draft and I am curious as to what others think of this team. 10 team league with standard scoring. I drafted from the 4th spot. 1.04 Ray Rice 2.07 Steven Jackson 3.04 Drew Brees. Had to pull the homer pick here. He usually doesn't make the 3rd in this league. 4.07 Vernon Davis 5.04 Reggie Wayne 6.07 James Jones 7.04 Steve Smith CAR 8.07 Ryan Matthews 9.04 Golden Tate 10.07 Anquan Boldin 11.04 Mark Ingram 12.07 Jordan Cameron 13.04 Sebastian Janikowski 14.07 Baltimore DST So we start 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 WR/RB a kicker and a D Only 5 bench spots so there are plenty of attractive WW options. Just curious as to what you folks think of this squad?
  11. Been a long time.

    That may be true. I only play IDP dynasty and one IDP redraft except for this league. I also use no cheat sheets so I rely solely on what I know from my other leagues.
  12. The Dreaded #7 spot

    I had planned on Bradshaw falling but no such luck.
  13. The Dreaded #7 spot

    Yeah maybe, until you start to see what my other RB's look like. Mendenhall at 9.07
  14. The Dreaded #7 spot

    My draft from the 7 hole thus far. 16 team league with scoring favoring TE in PPR. Ray Rice 1.07 JJ Watt 2.10 Tony Gonzales 3.07 Antonio Brown 4.10 Sean Lee 5.07 Wesely Woodyard 6.10 Anquan Boldin 7.07 Calais Campbell 8.10
  15. The Dreaded #7 spot

    I took him with the 7th pick in the draft I mentioned earlier in this thread.
  16. The Dreaded #7 spot

    I have the 7 slot in MSHB. 18 owner league with full IDP. I hate the slot but as I usually do in that league I will mix it up quite a bit in my earlier round picks to see what shakes back down to me in the next round. I am nothing if not completely unpredictable when drafting in that league. The 7 may not be so bad but I almost am assured my RB's will be a challenge that I will try to make up for in other areas. After posting this I went to the site and see that we have dropped to 16 rather than 18. I think I am liking my optioins a bit better - the 2 extra owners. Looking forward to this draft.
  17. Most productive 29yo+ RB?

    Combined rushing and rec yes. That is very well within Sproles range with the offense run here in NOLA.
  18. Most productive 29yo+ RB?

    Sproles will get no where near 1000 rushing. He may get the 10 TD's with most of them on the rec end.
  19. Dear Mr. Muto

    Directions to the exit.?.? Heck I would give you those for free.
  20. Dear Mr. Muto

    67 yahoo free league championships are worth what exactly?
  21. Dear Mr. Muto

    It is not the post itself but rather his body of work in general. While trying to build himself up he has done nothing but cut down the success and knowledge of Huddle members and staff. The thread was not addressed to him but if you read back in it a bit he jumped in like his yahoo free league knowledge was requested rather than the tongue in cheek request for Muto's draft notes.
  22. Dear Mr. Muto

  23. Great and your back too. I guess it has finally come to a close here.
  24. That was my first response to the troll. I still check in here daily for the few posters left around here who add some quality info. That will even end for me if this remains ae.com. Too much garbage to wade through to find anything worth while. I really do miss the old Huddle where there were pages of info flowing in as the training camps opened up. Now it is all about some gnome who brags about all his free yahoo league accomplishments.