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  1. David Johnson or Ekeler?

    Ha! I have both in a PPR league and both in a non-PPR league. I can still play both in the PPR league, but have to choose in non-PPR.
  2. Played Michel the other night out of fear that Johnson couldn't go. Now that he is going to play, do I start him (back could flare up again) or stay with Ekeler in the lineup?
  3. Uh oh...RB help needed.

    Anyone else?
  4. Non-PPR, 10-team league. Start 2 RBs. Options: Ekeler Jacobs (nope...on bye this week) David Johnson (back acting up) Michel (Thursday night game) Rolling Ekeler, but torn over risking missing Michel tomorrow night and then having Johnson not play. Not much on the wire.
  5. Starting Questions

    Good dialog here. I've had Ekeler and Diggs in all week. Worried that the Vikes won't need to throw much. And worried that Michel won't get as much work because, well...Belechick seems to like messing with the fantasy football community.
  6. Starting Questions

    Non-PPR league. Austin Ekeler or Sony Michel? Stefon Diggs or DeMarcus Robinson? What say you, Huddlers?
  7. Bengals vs Steelers

    I need Tyler Boyd to get shut down. I'm up by just under 15 points in my non-PPR league, which gives a 3-point bonus for going over 100 yards receiving. Hoping Dalton keys in on Ross...
  8. Week 4 milk carton

  9. Evans or Golladay?

    Even with Stafford hurting?
  10. Evans or Golladay?

    Which WR do you like better today? Golladay at home vs. KC Evans on the road at Rams
  11. WDIS @ WR???

    This is reminiscent of that time I benched Ronnie Brown against the Patriots when the Dolphins unveiled the Wildcat...
  12. WDIS @ WR???

    OK...I won't tell you. But I will say that I got very lucky... opponent had Saquon. I won by 4.4. Fantasy karma will come for me in due time.
  13. WDIS @ WR???

    I have GOT to stop making last- minute lineup changes...
  14. WDIS @ WR???

    Aaaaargggh!!! I so want to believe that Winston and Evans can get on the same page!!!
  15. Indecision in the lineup!

    Ooh... I didn't even catch that! Good advice there! Woods definitely has the better QB slinging it!