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  1. Whaddaya Need Tonight?

    Pulling for all y'all! And hoping this game has an absurd point total when it's all said and done.
  2. Whaddaya Need Tonight?

    League #1 - I need 60 yards and a TD out of Stefon Diggs and I'm golden. League #2 - This is actually the first round of the playoffs in this league. I need Russell Wilson to ball out so I can beat my company's CEO. Praying for 280+ passing yards and 3 TDs (passing or rushing).
  3. With Stafford out vs. CHI, should I plug in Sanders over Golladay?
  4. Not intending to humble-brag or anything like that... just curious as to how folks fared with that whole Cardinals mess. I started DJ in 2 leagues, one standard and one PPR. I still won both matchups. How? I got incredibly lucky, especially considering some boneheaded moves I made: PPR League: I had Patriots D/ST. Went into Monday night game down 14, but I won by 7. My opponent had benched Aaron Rodgers in favor of Carson Wentz. (Bonehead Bonus - I benched Waller and Ekeler) Standard League: Brissett and Jacobs carried me. My opponent had Russell Wilson and Will Fuller. (Bonehead Bonus - I benched Aaron Rodgers). Both teams are now 6-1 on the season. Going to go buy some lottery tickets now...
  5. Rodgers or Brissett?

    Anyone else?
  6. Rodgers or Brissett?

    So....MVS and Allison both active for GB. Any additional thoughts on this?
  7. Golladay or Woods

    And I just read that Rhodes will likely shadow Marvin Jones.
  8. Golladay or Woods

    Only reason I'm still thinking on it is the sheer number of targets Golladay had been getting. But Rhodes ain't no joke.
  9. Golladay or Woods

    Ha...just edited original post. Auto-correct changed "get-right" to "far-right". And no...let's not go down THAT path.
  10. Golladay or Woods

    Woods in a get-right game or Golladay shadowed by Xavier Rhodes? PPR league.
  11. The Packers are almost looking for WR's on Craigslist. Colts could hang with the Texans. Thoughts?
  12. David Johnson or Ekeler?

    Ha! I have both in a PPR league and both in a non-PPR league. I can still play both in the PPR league, but have to choose in non-PPR.
  13. Played Michel the other night out of fear that Johnson couldn't go. Now that he is going to play, do I start him (back could flare up again) or stay with Ekeler in the lineup?
  14. Uh oh...RB help needed.

    Anyone else?
  15. Non-PPR, 10-team league. Start 2 RBs. Options: Ekeler Jacobs (nope...on bye this week) David Johnson (back acting up) Michel (Thursday night game) Rolling Ekeler, but torn over risking missing Michel tomorrow night and then having Johnson not play. Not much on the wire.