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  1. Te Eric Johnson

    Is there any news to his injury are they going to IR him? Any news at all Thanks
  2. Mason or Muhummad

    Thanks Baltimore plays Indy and Chicago plays Washington
  3. Mason or Muhummad

    Who to start I am not a fan Of Baltimore Pass O? Thanks I am leaning on Mason
  4. Matt Jones

    Our software has him as a WR What is he playing WR or TE? Thanks
  5. Denver RB

    So who is the starter? I have heard Bell but today they are saying Anderson?? What is the Word? They are syaing Anderson is getting all the goal line carries
  6. Denver D

    True Denver D is not doing good but Manning is on fire New England is hoping Ty Law was healthy instead of on IR
  7. Carolina Rb

    Who is the starter Goings or Hoover? I know Hoover has been hurt? If both are healthy who starts? I see Hoover is getting healthier Thanks
  8. Duce Staley

    Any new news is he still out for a while looking at the bus Thanks