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  1. AM I done tonight?

    Manning killed me! 6 points OUCH! I am up by 7 points and he had Horn tonight.... I need him under 70 yards and no TD's No Chance right? I lost!
  2. One WR please

    Don't forget that SD had Gates back and I think Keenan will see less throws than last week. Eric Parker also had a good game last week.... I think you have to go with Houshhhh. Min isn't that great and the ball will be getting aired out a lot today
  3. Which WR as my number two/TD Only

    I got it !!!! looks like Lelie for both of us!!!! Good luck man!
  4. M. Clayton or R. Smith

    Actually I think Rod Smith has a better chance to score a TD today DEN Wr's have played well against SD in the past and I think they will be throwing all day today Go with Rod Smith and be confident!
  5. I See Your Pair Of JOHNSON'S....

    I would go with Andre Johnson honestly I think Key is a bad start this week Go with the guy you picked first He is a Stud, I know you did not see that from him last week but they will figure out a way to get the ball in his hands this week
  6. WDIS at RB in TD only league

    I know and agree! I just can't get that record out of my head! Dick Vermeil loves records and I think he will make an extra effort to get Larry in the end zone today for some dumb reason I will most likely go with Edge and Rudi unless somebody convinces me otherwise!
  7. Which WR as my number two/TD Only

    One thing I forgot to add my league is TD only and it rewards 50+ yard TD's with double points 12 point TD over 50 yards does that lend even more towards Lelie or Does it give Chambers an edge?
  8. Need 3 to start.

    You and I have the same dilema.... It really is a tough choice I like some of your reasons in your post I guess I'm leaning Lelie
  9. wdis

    Tampa Bay Clayton? No question you start him today....
  10. Which TE - Wiggins or Witten?

    Honestly I would go with Wiggins I think he gets a TD today as the Vikings try to rebound Culpepper will make use of the TE today
  11. WDIS at RB in TD only league

  12. Which WR as my number two/TD Only

    They have both getting TD's today!!! Only one reply so far and i think I'm leaning that way but Anybody else??
  13. wdis

    Clayton is a must start in my opinion... Until Travis shows something you have to go with the proven receiver They have to throw to somebody
  14. Jamal Lewis or Ladanian Tomlinson?

    NEVER EVER SIT LT....... Go with LT...... Jamal Lewis is not yet 100% and he will loose 5 -8 carries to Chester Taylor today.. LT all the way
  15. Starting qb

    Touch calls Arizona could be throwing all day long but i would stick with Favre, I am a GB homer and think he should have a solid 2 TD day maybe 3. Honestly you can't go wrong either way in my opinion As far as WR goes.... I'd go with Houshhhhhhh