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  1. Who Will Win?

    you are rolling on your back and giving up. take your punishments like a newbie!
  2. Who Will Win?

    we have officially made newbie insult thread #5
  3. Who Will Win?

    good show whomper
  4. Who Will Win?

    do you want to be beaten by a kid, cause Puddy could arrange that for us.
  5. Who Will Win?

    funny newbie oh, falcons and rams
  6. Start Jones or Davis?

    i have the exact same problem. i am leaning towards Jones since miami's d is a little better and jones should get more touches, especially in the passing game
  7. Greetings

    i was a noob once. you just need to destract their attention to a different topic, like what your age is. trust me, it has worked beautifully ever since....oh no, they know my secret!
  8. bye week rescue?

    no. saints
  9. WDIS at Flex?

  10. Trade evaluation....

    if you are trading for Roy Williams, DO IT if you are trading for Stephen davis, NO!

    and this kind of thread should go into the fantasy advice forum. just a heads up to a newbie

    you might want to bet his backup QB in return if you were going to do the trade.
  13. Cut One: CHI or CIN

    CIN, obviously
  14. I am wanting to trade for a big time WR and this is what i have in mind: my team (RB, and WR only) RB: Ladainian Tomlinson Dominick Davis Lamont Jordan Chris Brown Willie Parker WR: Chad Johnson Tony Gonzalez Dallas Clark Donte Stallworth Santana Moss Jason Witten his team: Tiki Barber Ahman Green Fred Taylor Ronnie Brown Duce Staley Brandon Jacobs Terrell Owens Joe Horn Keenan McCardell Brandon Stokely Marcus Robinson L.J Smith TD only league. 1QB, 2RB, 3WR/TE 1 K 1 DEF/ST i am not going to give up LT or Chad Johnson. i want to propose this: Dominick Davis/Willie Parker Tony Ganzalaz for Fred Taylor (easy schedule for the next 8 weeks or so) Terrell Owens. you guys can make up your own trades if you want and/or comment on mine.
  15. Greetings

    if you remember a guy by the name of skins, he left with his ball also political threads are down upon in the tailgate. newbies are getting made fun of a lot now since there are so many ffa threads, that some dont get responses. do you have anything you want to know about?
  16. Help me with my proposal

    couldnt i just replace moss/stallworth with chris brown?
  17. Greetings

    hola, i will be the first to say that this place has been overthrown by a bunch of 14 year olds. but after strategic planning, i have killed off the other kids to make me the sole king of huddleland
  18. Help me with my proposal

    well i hope you are not the guy i am trading with
  19. Help me with my proposal

    well, i really dont know. should i do DD and Tony G for TO and Ronnie Brown/Brandon Jacobs or should i go lower to duce staley?
  20. Waiver Wire Warriors

    i also got Stephen Davis a round or two afterwards
  21. Help me with my proposal

    another trade i had in mind was: DD/Willie Parker Chris Brown Tony G for Fred Taylor Terrell Owens L.J Smith
  22. Who else is 0-2?

    my lineup: Trent Green LT DD (or Willie Parker) Chad Johnson Tony Gonzalaz Dallas Clark Ryan Longwell Buffalo Jake Plummer DD or Willie Parker Lamont Jordan Chris Brown Jason Witten Donte Stallworth Santana Moss planning on trying to trade for Torry Holt soon.
  23. What is Your Opinion of Revamped Team

    i actually like it. it looks solid if Green turns himself around.
  24. T.Holt for C-Pep

    if you are saying that you have green and griese, then dont do the trade.