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  1. PPR Flex Advice

    Pick one please. Lindsay vs Houston Mack vs Tampa DJ Chark vs Chargers Thanks!
  2. I am in a 10 team PPR Keeper league (must start 2 QBs). Our team cap is set at soft cap of $25 and hard cap of $30. If you go over $25, you will lose a draft pick, determined by the total amount you kept. The closer to $30, the higher the draft pick you will lose, as you will see in my options listed below. I am currently keeping Leveon Bell ($4), Devonta Freeman ($3) and Adam Thielen ($8). Total there is $15. I have Andrew Luck ($8) and Matt Ryan ($6). Together they take up almost the other half of my cap value. In this league, QB passing TDs are only 4 pts. Would you still keep both? If not, which one would you keep? Or throw them both back into free agency? In my opinion, with having to start 2 QBs, these two are potentially going to be top 10 QBs, and will be every week no brainer starters. Will just need to draft a 3rd QB for bye weeks. Options: 1) Keep Luck, Ryan, Bell, Freeman and Thielen = $29 and I lose my 3rd round pick 2) Keep Luck, Bell, Freeman, Thielen, and also keep Brandin Cooks ($7) = $30 and I lose my first round pick 3) Keep Ryan, Bell, Freeman, Thielen, Brandin Cooks = $28 and I lose my 4th round pick 4) Keep Bell, Freeman, Thielen, Cooks = $22, I lose no draft pick here. - with option 4, I can also keep Emmanuel Sanders ($6), which pushes the total to $28 and I lose a pick somewhere around rounds 8-10. Thanks for any advice!
  3. Please help me pick a DEF

    I was thinking/leaning towards either the Saints or Seattle. The only thing that concerns me about NO is if the Minny O suddenly wakes up.
  4. Arrington

    This article is from the Arizona is NOT looking good. Shipp may get starting nod even upon Arrington return Odeen Domingo The Arizona Republic Sept. 20, 2005 12:00 AM When Cardinals running back Marcel Shipp is healthy, he plays like an NFL starting running back. Guess what? This year, Shipp is healthy. Cardinals coach Dennis Green gave a big hint that Shipp is going to be his starting running back against Seattle this Sunday and maybe beyond. When asked if it's safe to say that the depth chart will stay the same when rookie starter J.J. Arrington comes back from a stomach flu, Green said, "You know what, I haven't thought one iota about that. I think Marcel played very good. As you know, Marcel Shipp is my kind of guy. That doesn't take much to figure that out. Guys that aren't drafted that bust their way into the National Football League are guys that I have the most respect for. "That doesn't mean that I don't like first-rounders or second-rounders because I do. But I have something a little extra for those kinds of guys (like Shipp). Marcel went in and did a good solid job. Right now, I'm trying to get J.J. (healthy.)"
  5. Performance league. Baltimore is off this week, and I need a bye week filler. Here are the best options available: Titans (vs St Louis) Saints (vs Minny) Chargers (vs NYG) Seattle (vs Arizona) What do you think? Thanks!
  6. Just Won/ Just Lost

    I posted this in another thread before I saw this one... :doah: Anyway, I was down 21, and had Stallworth going tonite. My opponent had no one. I was not expecting much, especially when it was the Joe Horn show early in the game. BUT....8 catches, 141 yards (and some bonus pts) later, I win by three.
  7. Trying to sugar-coat a turd

    A silver lining in the dark clouds tonite...for my fantasy team anyways... I was down 21 points. My opponent had nobody, I had Stallworth...and I was not expecting much. Especially when it was the Joe Horn show early on. 8 catches, 141 yards (and some bonus points) later, I win by three.
  8. Performance league. I am down 21 points. My opponent has no players tonite. I can start either one of these guys. It stinks having to rely on one of these guys tonite, but I need the one that has the bigger potential of getting me 22 points. 1 pt per reception 1 pt for every 10 receiving yds 6 pts td (with bonus pts depending on td length) So who would you plug in? Stallworth vs Giants Santana Moss vs Cowboys Thanks!
  9. Help me pick my 4th WR

  10. Trade Burleson?

    Keep Burly for now. Culp will get his act together and then burly will be the man. jmho. Good luck.
  11. Should I make this trade?

    I would stay put. Depending on how many RBs you are allowed to start per week, you got Deuce and Edge for every week starters, then depending on matchups you put in either Jordan or Caddy. NICE!
  12. Help me pick my 4th WR

    Performance scoring. 1 pt per every 10 rec. yards 1 pt per reception 6 pts TD (bonus pts if more than 50yds) What to do, what to do...
  13. Which QB to start?

    Performance league. Just curious as to which QB you would go with tomorrow, based on the matchups.
  14. Drafted last nite...11th pick of 12

    Agree with you on the injury concern. In fact, after the draft was over a couple of guys who drafted ahead of me told that was why they passed on him. But I will gladly take that gamble. Plus we get reception points, so that will be a plus also. Yeah you're right, in fantasy drafts anything is possible. I just never thought he would be there so late.
  15. 12 team standard performance league. I was the 11th pick. Here is how the first 10 picks went: Tomlinson Alexander E James Manning Holmes McAllister McGahee K Jones Dillon J Jones So there I was at 11, and my choices were... Domanick Davis Portis Moss So I select Davis. Personally I did not think he was going to make it past the 9th pick. I had to do a double take on my draft sheet to make sure he was actually there. On the way back, I take Moss (I guess I should have taken another back but hindsight is 20/20, right)? The rest of my team is in my sig.