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  1. Hey HughOne

    Funny when I joined I did not know I was going to have to spell everything correctly. I rant and rave about this site to every one I know that plays the game. Now I feel.......jaded. I guess realizing that I paid money to be made fun of doen't not feel so good. Sorry to wreck everyones day by a mis-spelled word or two. I will try to remember this when I post again. I will whip out a dictionary and check every word just so I don't ruin your day. This is wrong.......sorry.
  2. Hey HughOne

    Don't hate. I know I can't spell.
  3. Harrison v. Parker

    I will give you Parker for Harrison! are not in my league.
  4. Wayne or Bouldin?

    Wayne.....Indy is going to rock the Browns! Clevland might not even find the endzone in this one.
  5. Hey HughOne

    Sorry. If a little mis-spelled word gets you going you should seek therapy.
  6. Would You Do This Trade

    It leaves you shallow at running back but....yea. I would do it if it was offered to me.
  7. Hey HughOne

    Just curious, I ask your advise every week. I am starting McNabb Westy Willie J.Smith but I am unsure on my #2 and #3 recievers.......What am I going to do???? I guess I will just have to wing it with Galloway and Engram. :doah: I hope I am right.
  8. RB Help

    McAllister is not playing great he? He does have Minny this week. I like Willie to keep it going this week before his bye. He seems to be on a mission to keep his job. SJax has not really lived up to all the hype yet. So I would start Parker.
  9. Time Sensitive Trade Question

    SORRY. In that case it is good. I like both Driver and Burress. If I had to pick I would take Driver and send Fergy at this point. But either one is an upgrade. Do it then.
  10. Bye week filler time...Dayne, Perry or

    Perry. I think he will see alot of balls this week. I just read he has been playing at the #3 WR spot as well as getting spot duty for Rudi. He couls be a good play in a bye week crunch!
  11. Time Sensitive Trade Question

    Fen- I think he is givng Burress for Glen or Fergy
  12. Time Sensitive Trade Question

    Lets get Culpep and Brunnel which at this point is a downgrade from Collis.... You get Willie for Foster which is good for you. The WR part just plain sucks for you! And the D is a downgrade for you. So you would be gambeling huge! I say dump 2 of those crappy QB's you have and look for help on the wire. The only good part of this deal is Parker and who knows how long that will last. DON'T DO IT.
  13. RB Help

    Just out of curiousity.....who are you starting at running back with these guys?
  14. Trade help!

    Without knowing who else you have....I say it looks like a good deal.
  15. All these offers.......