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  1. Standard Yardage, Rivers or Stafford
  2. Rivers and Gates to the Championship

    NOPE! Stafford against the Aints is too juicy!
  3. Julio Jones fumble recovery. CBS League

    Thanks Grits
  4. sorry if someone has already posted this but has anyone else not been given 6 points for the Julio fumble recovery? He hasn't in both leagues I have CBS. Am I missing something?
  5. Offer my view to anyone wanting fantasy advice

    Romo or Rivers amigo!!!!
  6. Twin Cities Huddlers: Playoff Prep Event!

    Right down the street from the casa. Hmmmmmm, getting back from StL at 5pm that evening. Would love to make it down for a bit.
  7. Free Agent Forcast?

    Here is a suggestion, don't spend the money next year. Many of us will, and let DMD and staff help us to the playoffs and championships. Because I am sure you never sent out an email, letter, text, etc that was never near, if not, perfect. These guys get stuff up so those of us up at the butt crack of dawn for work and whatnot can read while having our morning coffee before we head out for the day. Stay classy.
  8. Jordan Reed status?

  9. AP health for week 12

    Seem Frazier is being a little vague about the health of AP. My hopes are that they don't shut him down for the year. Although might be what is best for him going into the 14 season with the VIke all but guaranteed a top 10 pick.
  10. Fantasy IR spots. How do you police them?

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Pete
  11. I am commish in a league and just a member of another and we are having IR issues. Do you put players on IR who are OUT for the week or do they have to be on the actual NFL IR? Just curious to see how my huddle brethren run their leagues.
  12. My apologies and a thank you for the great advice..

    How do you not start those guys? What questions did you have? That's a money lineup!
  13. Man Foster is just killin me

    Anyone else? I traded for him back in week 2 and he's had one good week and about 10 carries since. Super frustrating! Any word on this week now?
  14. Foster to play tonight

    Mine was Bernard and it was what lost me the game this week.
  15. Trent Richardson is freaking killing me!

    Am dropping him today as a matter of fact. Picked up Ellington the bye week and am gonna roll with that.