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  1. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Maybe because 9/11 was on a Tuesday?
  2. Who Will Win?

    just look at who the spread favors and pick them
  3. Mewelde Moore

    I wonder if Bennett lost any fish to fumbles while fishing... that no good SOB
  4. In a bind

    any other opinions?
  5. In a bind

    DD is on BYE (dunno if thats good or bad) and he was my flex. Here are my replacement options (WR/RB) TJ Duckett V Bills Ron Dayne V KC Lee Evans V TB Chris Perry and M. Moore is on the free agent market but I don't want to use a drop add for them (limited) unless theres a future use for them which I am open to arguments of. What would you do?
  6. LT2 vs. Projections

    I hope so I am playing a real time foe..and i have lt + edge
  7. Trade Advise

    DO not
  8. Perry looks hungry Dayne sux bad Pittmann is a big if Id go with Perry
  9. Arrington - #3 RB?

    I read on the main page (projections) that he might even lose his #2 job? Thats insane if you ask me... I am not saying that is false I am just shocked. Does anyone have any info on this/opinions?
  10. Andre Johnson

    I traded FOR him...I hope I will laugh last
  11. Can you believe someone in my league...

    Althought I agree the trade stinks, but you have not given me enough information to outright say it is bad. What if the guy with Harrison has no RBs (i.e. was banking on Arrington or DD) and he is desperate? I know I have made trades that did not favor me in rough times and they always benefited me in the longrun. However, due to their history maybe something is up. Look at their lineups then decide.
  12. Help drop/add

    I am scared someone else will before me
  13. Help drop/add

    I need help. We are limited on our drop adds so I need to be careful. I have Toefield as my #4 and Benson as my #3 I was thinking of dropping Toefield and picking up one of: Shipp OR Ron Dayne I also like: C Perry but I wont use a drop/add unless you guys convince me.
  14. Aaron Brooks

    Your QB situation isnt bad enough to trade for Brooks. Stay pat! Unfortunately I had Brian Grease and had to trade for Brooks
  15. Burleson

    Vikings = biggest bust of the yr