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  1. Dallas Clark

    I dropped him and picked up Jeremy Stevens. In our league we can play 4 WR or 3 WR/1 TE.
  2. Tough RB Choice This Week

    Jackson this week because of the match-up. I am benching PArker as well (for Cadillac and Alexander). Good luck
  3. I need to start 2

    Thanks guys- I am 2-0 so far (second most points) and the only girl on a serious 14 "man" betting league... I love to win almost as much as the guys love me to lose.
  4. I need to start 2

    Please help me- I rely on you guys.
  5. I need to start 2

    I've started Parker and Alexander in week 1 and 2 but Pittsburg plays NE in week 3. Who do I start: Alexander vs. Arizona Cadillac vs. Greenbay Parker vs. NE Standard performance league...I am looking to trade Parker to upgrade my WR, but I am afraid he will lose value if I bench him. All input will be appreciated. 14 teams..standard performance QB: Brees and Dilfer RB: Cadillac, Alexander, Parker and Cedric Benson WR/TE: Holt, Rod Smith, Steve Smith, Calico, Givens, Dallas Clark Defense: Pittsburg NO kicker
  6. Horn?

    I am sure I have it worse than you- I need another 60 and a TD from McAlister.
  7. Horn?

    I need a miracle- 100 and a TD from Horn.....
  8. I think it is highly probable he can get 100 and a TD My husband needs that plus Horn for 100 and a TD.
  9. Edge

    Where is Edge?????
  10. Caddy Hurt?

    False alarm-just ran for 19 yards
  11. Caddy Hurt?

    Sprained left foot- how bad is that?
  12. Caddy Hurt?

    I am watching the game-ankle is hurt-return doubtful
  13. steve smith

    Is he on the field other than punt returns?
  14. too many RB no WD

    Thanks guys- I start Alexander and Parker right (bench Cadillac again?)? I'm going to propose a trade to the Harrison owner for Cadillac. I also need a QB but that's another story for another day.
  15. too many RB no WD

    I was really lucky last week with my team: Standard performance league: Started: Q: Drew Brees RB: Willie Parker, S. ALexander WD/TE (start 4 no TE necessary): David Givens, Steve Smith, Rod Smith, and Terry Holt. My defense is Pittsburg, and NO kicker. My bench: Cadillac, Cedric Benson, Kyle Boller (waive him and get Ferotte), Calico, and Dallas Clark. I am going to try to upgrade my WD and QB, but next week do I start Alexander and Willie again? I am sure I am not alone with this instinct tells me to bench Alexander...I know not to bench "my studs" but who are my "studs" this year?