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  1. This is a solid, competitive BOTH league - still need 2 owners
  2. 8th pick in a 10 team league

    He is most certainly an injury risk. I can't even remember him making it through a full season...but he is still a workhorse back. There is no risk of committee and he catches a lot of balls. He should be considered in a PPR.
  3. Benson has gotten to must-start status even against PIT...Baltimore couldn't slow him down. I think Grant has a better matchup than SJax... Plus without PPR, I don't see SJax having a whole lot of value regardless of opponent.
  4. I'd consider Cincy... Pit has given up a defensive TD for several weeks straight and they turn the ball over a lot.
  5. need a QB

    I need to replace Schaub this week. My WW options are Josh Freeman, Trent Edwards, Matthew Stafford, and Jake Delhomme. Leaning towards Freeman but considering Edwards. Freeman is playing Dolphins and Edwards is playing Titans.
  6. WDIS Choice,Addai,or Bradshaw

    this one is tough but I'd lean towards Addai against the Seahawks. It's a good matchup and he's still getting 60% of the carries. Barber could be back this week and Bradshaw just took off his walking boot.
  7. Mendenhall and Jerome Harrison on waivers

    I think a PIT RB is worth the gamble. Turf toe always lingers and Parker hasn't looked good. If Parker misses time, it will be a RBBC though. It's obvious that PIT trusts Mewelde over Mendenhall. Moore was solid last year and can catch the ball so I'd give him the edge. I personally wouldn't touch anybody in Cleveland.
  8. P. Thomas or Portis?

    I think Portis is the better option over PT. Portis was back at practice today and this is a great matchup for him to get on track. If he sucks again then I'd bench him until he shows up. I don't see PT having a great game against the Jets. I think he'lll do okay but not great. He has to contend with Bush and Hamilton against a very tough defense. He won't produce against the Jets with limited carries. I think Bush sees a lot more action in this game. If Coffee is still on your team, then HE is the best play here. Gore is ruled out and Coffee will get over 20 carries.
  9. WDIS RB2

  10. WDIS RB2

    WDIS RB2? 1pt 10yds/6pt TD/PPR DMac vs DEN Moreno @ OAK Pierre Thomas @ BUF Moreno has the best matchup but hasn't shown much. Not sure how many carries PT will get even if Bell can't go. I feel like DMac is the safest bet but considering Moreno strongly. What do you guys think?
  11. WDIS at Flex?

    Bowe...without hesitation.
  12. WDIS at flex

    Bell could be a good start this week. Bush will not get the majority of carries unless they're playing from behind which is highly unlikely. I think the Saints will get an early lead and give all the garbage carries to Bell as long as they maintain a solid lead. But I would still go with JJones this week. He has a lot to prove in week one and is guaranteed to get the majority of carries.
  13. need keeper advice

    I could entertain keeping a wideout (Ocho/Holmes) over Witten considering that I have a better chance to draft a top ten TE. There won't be top tier receivers left in the draft. BUT I really think that Witten could be a better value considering the inconsistency of Ocho and Holmes. I can't buy into keeping LenDale though...Addai at least has a chance to get the majority of carries.
  14. need keeper advice

    Keeping fewer players does not help draft get to fill open positions after the draft is over.
  15. need keeper advice

    standard scoring/12 team/ 6 keepers/ NO ppr / start 1QB,2RB,3WR,1TE,1K,1DF We can only keep 3 players from the 6 that we kept last year and another 3 from the rest of the roster. So I'll break it down into groups A & B. I can keep up to 3 from each group. There is no "cost" for keeping players. Group A: Peyton Addai LenDale OchoCinco SHolmes Witten Group B: JStewart LColes Ginn Jr ZMiller NWashington Not very good options. Leaning towards Peyton, Addai, Stewart, Coles, Ginn Jr, Witten.