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  1. Big Trade

    a little more help guys? please?
  2. Big Trade

    hey guys, i've been offered the following trade: J. Lewis and Randy McMichael are being offered to me for Portis and E. Johnson. Is this something i should bite on??? I hate having portis, seems like he's always playing tough D's. Doesn't seem to ever get anything.............. ever since he left Denver. Would you take it? Leave LInk, will get yours. Roster Below
  3. Clark or Heiden

    Bump.......any other help guys?!?! please.
  4. Working the WW...

    Definitley Keep Evans, Losman has it figured out although he did look somewhat lost on Sunday, he also played one of the best D's in the league. Keep him!!!
  5. Clark or Heiden

    come on guys, little help? Bump.
  6. Clark or Heiden

    which should i snag with the #1 waiver spot? Heiden, getting tons of looks...... Clark, a threat to score every week...... I'd have to drop lloyd to get one, but what would you do??? Leave link, will get yours. roster below.
  7. Dallas Clark.

    hey guys.........I've got the #1 pick this week on the waiver wire. I'm in trouble this week as both my T.E.'s, Heap and E. Johnson are out this week thanks to a bye and injury. I need to snag someone and Dallas Clark is available on the he worth the #1 pickup, or is there a better pick up out there at the TE position? I also need to drop someone, i think one of my recievers............Lloyd??? Thoughts guys please! Leave link, will get yours! You must leave a link though! thanks a bunch FBG's! Roster below!
  8. Trade Burleson?

    yea, he has a bad team.
  9. Trade Burleson?

    any other thoughts guys, need a little more pursuation.
  10. Trade Burleson?

    This is his team: K Warner M Hasselbeck M Bennett J.J. Arrington R Johnson J Lewis B Jacobs S Smith A Johnson B Stokley R McMichael N Kaeding D Panthers D Cardinals D Jaguars
  11. Trade Burleson?

    i have a guy offering me Arrington and A. Johnson for Burleson. I really like Nate, and don't wanna get rid of him, but is this something i should bite on??? thanks guys! -jesse remember, leave link, will get yours, only if link is left though!
  12. Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go !

    Pittsburgh goes less than .500 this year, guranteed!!! I'd say 7-9 sounds about right. P.S. Ben Can't hit the broad side of a barn, too many constant injuries at the RB position. I guess there's always hoping the D gets 3 TD's a game, Good chance it could happen, Great chance it won't.
  13. K. rob....

    Basically the title sums it up guys, i have Lloyd on the team, i've also got burleson so i'm not sure if i really need to have K. Rob. But is it worth dropping Lloyd for Krob even if i do have Burleson? Please help, will answer yours, leave link.
  14. Brett Favre

    Did anyone say he'd play good or bad? I said he'd start. "Start him with confidence that he'll play" i guess i should have said for all you 4th graders out there. Simple i thought.
  15. Brett Favre

    CBS Sportsline reports: Brett Favre, QB GB News: The Journal-Sentinel reports Brett Favre (ankle) missed practice Monday but should be set for Week 1. "He's fine," head coach Mike Sherman said. Analysis: Barring setbacks, Favre is a solid No. 1 option against Detroit. I'm not worried. Start him with confidence.