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  1. 2015 Bye Week Filler Tool

    Groundhog Day. Missing again in 2017.
  2. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    I just had the exact same experience. It was actually very pleasant!
  3. 2015 Bye Week Filler Tool

    Looks like it's missing again for 2016! thanks.
  4. Urge another owner to use the Waiver Wire?

    B. just on the lazy end of the spectrum but still checks his team every week He might even notice and fix it himself. I don't see why that has any bearing on the situation.
  5. Urge another owner to use the Waiver Wire?

    LOL....I should just send him a text: "Sucks about Ingram".
  6. Urge another owner to use the Waiver Wire?

    It's my own fault that I got Cam Newtoned last week and its come to this. I'm just going to leave it alone. If I was on the other side of this, I'd be bitter if someone inserted themselves into the roster dealings of another team to lessen my chances for a playoff spot. But I bet it's done all the time over the course of the season.....over a beer, by text, whatever.
  7. Urge another owner to use the Waiver Wire?

    I'm not the Commissioner. Also, I don't think underhanded is the correct word. It's a bit shady and I would feel weird doing it, but I don't think it's cheating or collusion. I'm just making a suggestion that he manage his team in this critical time of the year. Maybe it would be better if I just told him that Ingram is out and I didn't bring up a specific replacement. It's really is an interesting dilemma.
  8. I need one team to win their matchup this weekend in order for me to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, that team's owner doesn't pay much attention and he currently has Ingram as starting RB. I certainly can see Ingram in his lineup this weekend. Is there anything wrong with a gentle nudge, advising him that James White is available on the waiver wire? Since I'm asking, I'm pretty sure I already know the answer. Just wanted to see what you guys think. Thanks.
  9. 2015 Bye Week Filler Tool

    Much appreciated!
  10. 2015 Bye Week Filler Tool

    I can't seem to find it in the Fantasy Draft Kit. It's a pretty helpful utility on draft day. Please bring it back or point me to it. Thanks!
  11. Mark Ingram

    The Saints have 2 reasons to treat Ingram as a bellcow. Week 1 and Week 2.
  12. N Paul

    Washington homer here...Inside info indicates that Reed is out an additional 2-4 weeks after just seeing the Paul hit.
  13. From Game Predictions Section: OAK 5 27 4 15 27 10 From Fantasy Stats --> Team Position Ranking Section: Preventing Fantasy Points OAK 5 23 6 10 27 9 Why don't these numbers agree? Team stats vs. Position (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF). Thanks.
  14. Saints Backfield

    If what rajn says is true, Ingram's going to be a steal in most drafts outside of nola.
  15. Vereen

    In PPR his upside is probably too high to sit him. I am waffling between him and CJ2K. Will most likely go with Vereen.