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  1. 2015 Bye Week Filler Tool

    The annual reminder flare....
  2. 2015 Bye Week Filler Tool

    I can't seem to find it in the Fantasy Draft Kit. It's a pretty helpful utility on draft day. Please bring it back or point me to it. Thanks!
  3. here's another wdis

    Another reason to start Collins. No way do I put all my eggs in the Warner/Boldin basket.
  4. here's another wdis

    Collins. No doubt in my mind. What makes everyone so sure Philly is going to slow OAK down? Surely not the fact that they shut down the high powered passing attacks of ATL and SF so far?
  5. C.Palmer or J. Plummer

    Palmer EVERY WEEK over Plummer. You never have to worry about where to post this question again!
  6. Trade help

    If he's a Colts fan, you've got a shot!
  7. Manning or Brees?

    It's a no brainer because after you start Brees and Manning throws 5 TDs in the 1st half against CLE, you'll quit this new hobby of yours and post no more. Good luck!
  8. serious dilemna

    If Caddy's not healthy that solves your serious dilemma.
  9. WDIS Wr Help

    hmmm. Hate Plummer. Hate Chad. Coles WR1 and Lelie WR1A. Coles home, Lelie home. It's really a coin flip IMO. I guess I'd start Lelie because there has to be more points scored in the DEN/KC game.
  10. Bye week filler time...Dayne, Perry or

    I've seen it all. Multiple votes to start Darren Freakin' Sproles. Is this a great game or what?
  11. te who is better back up?

    Stevens could have a really, really good year. Watson at best will be a mid-tier TE. Go with Steven's upside.
  12. BIG QB Quandary

    I'd start Bulger at home every time. Even over the newbigthing Palmer. Plus Bulger's matchup is better.
  13. no brainer?

    Yeah, do it. I'd want no part of the Ravens passing game. Start Shockey and bench Heap.
  14. Manning or Brees?

    Brees - No brainer. Welcome!
  15. A Johnson vs K Jones

    Yep. You've got to hold onto AJ and hope it gets better. You're stocked at RB and your WRs...uh...suck.