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  1. dumb dumb dumb

    their pass defense maybe but their run defense is one of the worst in the league
  2. NFL is smelling like BS

    Eli went to Southern Miss? *** you ESPN... and to think all this time you've been saying was at Ole Miss *** you rotten Bristol... *** yous all to heck
  3. NFL is smelling like BS

    sweet, I love coal!! Thanks, clubfoothead!
  4. NFL is smelling like BS

    don't look at it as sucking teats or any other body part for that matter... it's just a matter of sticking up for something you believe. Like if I made fun of an Eagles fan who resides the hometown of "America's Team"... that person would have every right to stand up for themselves
  5. NFL is smelling like BS

    LOL Who's Al McGwire?
  6. NFL is smelling like BS

    yes for the most part, Manning calls the plays
  7. Peyton Manning

    because all of the jack@$$e$ in this forum who continue to rip Manning claiming he's all about the stats... where are you now?!?!?!
  8. Colts to announce new stadium deal

    The Unitas statue would be nice but awkward. He was never a fan of the Colts ever being in Indy and has gone on record bashing the Irsays
  9. Dwight Freeney

    did you see what he was doing to 7 consecutive Pro Bowler Ogden last night?
  10. NFL is smelling like BS

    so you don't think it was classy to kneel down after june's interception?
  11. Colts to announce new stadium deal

    more will likely be known today as Mayor Peterson and Irsay will hold a press conference to discuss the financial ramifications of the new deal.
  12. NFL is smelling like BS

    did it happen? No... because Manning is all about class. For all you that say he is a stat padder... hows that crow tasting right now? Twice he could have tied the record but instead he chooses to just put the put the game out of reach. That's why he deserves all the accolades and respect he gets
  13. Tatum Bell Playing?

    down 28-7 doesn't play well into the hands of the run game though
  14. Colts to announce new stadium deal

    thanks, for the link, Capn... GREAT news to hear for us local fans!
  15. Tatum Bell Playing?

    yeah droughns is starting and has 1 freakin carry and catch... way to hook me up, big Rube!