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  1. who should i start as my third wide out, Mike Jenkins of Atlanta v.s Santana moss?
  2. we play three wideouts in our league, im already starting Nate Burleson, and Deion Branch. Im stuck between starting Santana Moss v.s Mike jenkins of atlanta. which do you think i should start for my third wide out?
  3. WDIS WR

    This is for our league Championship. See scoring in sig line. Patten vs NYJ Gaffney vs JAX Evans vs SF Can only play one along with Marvin Harrison. Have lineup set with Evans for now. What do you think?
  4. Hugh, Appreciate the responses in the past and hope you can help me keep sanity this week. I am actually asking for my 15 year old son who has his own team and is in the final game for our league. If he wins I'm gonna hit him up for a loan. As for myself, I was four yards short from getting into the payoffs (Chris Brown two weeks ago). Same scoring as in sig. He has Pennington, Carson Palmer and just picked up Volek as f/a. He has Volek to start. I can't argue, can you?
  5. Getting screwed by injury?

    Although picking up Arlen is an option, then I am looking at a third strong RB with a back up QB. Looks like Brown and Deuce.
  6. Chris Brown Steven Jackson Deuce McAllister Thomas Jones Tyrone Wheatley Right now I have it set at Deuce and C. Brown. If Steven Jackson goes who do I bench...Deuce or Brown? A win and I am in the playoffs and the news just does not get any better. Anyone else in the same/similar boat? I guess this is a wait and see.
  7. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 13

    Hugh, I am going with C. Brown Monday night. My remaining choices are S. Jackson, T Jones or Deuce McAllister. If there is definative word that S-Jax is starting, would you go with him or McAllister? Thank you
  8. One more win and I am in but...

    I hear ya. This is a tough week. I have to decide on C. Brown by Sunday 1 hour before kick off. If he and S-Jax pan out with injuries, am going with the two of them. Unfortunately I think Deuce is done till next season when he gets new coach and a new QB.
  9. Deuce McAllister Stephan Jackson Chris Brown Thomas Jones Chris Brown is the wild card. Ideally, if he is able to go (need to hear from TN fans on this) then I start him on Monday night along with Stephan Jackson. Otherwise I suffer again with Deuce. So basically it comes down to Deuce or Brown. Do you agree with this thinking.
  10. Does this ever happen?

    2 more wins combined with an Atlanta loss gets them home field throughout. If/when they wrap it up Andy Reid will likely not sit starters the entire game. He would likely get them some reps then sit them, but of course they will not be productive.
  11. Bears & Vikes

    The Bears D has been good all year for me. Hope the hunch is right. Thanks. Good luck this week.
  12. WDIS: S. Jackson or K. Jones

    Gotta go with Jackson in this one. Please see mine

    I agree, Stokley plays against a weaker nickel D. Go with Stokley. Please see mine.
  14. HELP, QB & RB

    Brady, Mc Allister and Jones.