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  1. te who is better back up?

    I just picked up Stevans in my league.
  2. RB Simple question

    I would start Shipp
  3. Alrighty then, heres the deal, I can start 2 of the folowing. 1 pt per 20 yds and 6 pts per TD. Dillon vs. Pitt Jackson vs. Hou Barber vs. SD Parker vs. NE Dunn vs. Bills I think Barber will have another good game this week. Dillon has not been very productive so far and I don't see that changing the week vs. Pitt. I plan on starting Barber and torn between Jackson or Parker.
  4. Reserve D?

    Wait until the bye. I hate having more than one D, I have too many decisions as it is every week...
  5. Big Bench Pts

    Both Tiki and Willie got more points on my bench than Stephan Jackson.... ARRRRGH..... I really wanted to start Willie.
  6. WDIS- QB

    I like Hasselbeck
  7. Who to start?

    Coles, for all the above reasons.
  8. I can start 2 RB's, here are my choices... C. Dillon v OAK S. Jackson v SF T. Barber v ARI W. Dunn v PHI W. Parker v TEN I planned on starting Dillon and Jackson. But I think Barber will have a good game and Parker has a good matchup and I may not get many chances to start him... Your $0.02 please, ....
  9. K.Jones or R.Johnson

    I think that Jones has more potential and I agree with you that this will be his breakout week. Go with Jones...
  10. Pick 2: Westbrook, Pittman, Dillon

    I agree with the rest... Pittman and Dillon
  11. I need to start 2 RB in a standard scoring system. I have been starting Jamal and Edge the last few weeks while Dillon has been producing very well on my bench. I really like the matchups for Jamal (dal) and Dillon (kc). I just find it difficult to bench Edge even though he has the toughest matchup (chi). Ideas, input and analysis please....