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  1. should you trade for culpepper?

    Make that 342 yds and 3 td's!
  2. should you trade for culpepper?

    Whady'a mean Favre's stock is falling? 338 yds and 2 td's against CLE? You're nuts.
  3. How bad are the Vikings?

    As a Packers fan, I think you're right. A monkey with a banana could coach better. Tice is as dumb as a bunch of rocks. I can't wait to see his post-game conference and see what excuse he'll make up this time.
  4. How bad are the Vikings?

    That's 5, count'em 5, interceptions for Culpepper now!
  5. How bad are the Vikings?

    They don't need Randy Moss at all!
  6. 3rd RB To Start?

    Julius Jones. He is a stud while KJones still has to prove that he is the man.
  7. Jimmy Smith or Reggie Wayne

    definately Jimmy Smith. Jac will have to air it out all day against the colts. As he is the #1 in JAC he should see the most looks. Reggie Wayne is good but Harrison is still the #1 there. Plus, leftwich looks good.
  8. Made a poll to allow quick respones

    Favre - at home against the worst NFL D and looking for some payback after last weeks sloppy loss to detroit.
  9. Favre or Palmer

    I'd go with Palmer. He is more explosive than Favre. You won't be disappointed with Palmer.
  10. WDIS

    I agree with Chavez. Go with Priest. He is the main man there right now.
  11. Which QB?

    I'd go with Plummer 1 more week before I sit him. I think he will bounce back this week.
  12. Lions have a good matchup with Chicago. I can see them forcing many turnovers and even holding CHI to 0 points because they are so bad (CHI, that is). However, the Buccaneers are a good D. What do you all think?
  13. 2 Quick Fantasy questions...

    brady because it's a no brainer and Harrington sucks and Shockey just because he is a greater threat than Pollard.
  14. parker, alexander, ahman green

    I admit, the Packer's O-Line is a concern. However, the original question here is whether Green should be benched for Parker, and all I say is that you shoudn't rely on the play of 1 game against a lousy defense to annoint Parker as the next coming superstar RB. Green is a proven commodity (with 1 bad year - last year and it really wasn't all that bad ) while Parker is the flavor of the week. You also have to look at the fact that Green is at home against CLE - a defense even worse than Houston's Or Tennessee's! So we have a proven commodity playing against a ousy defense against an unknown playing against a lousy defense. You and your ilk annointed Parker based upon his play against a crappy defense. Now we can make the next logical step and say this, "If we annointed previously unknown Willie Parker based upon 1 game against a crappy D, how will a stud like Green do against a worse D at Lambeau field" ? While I admit Parker looks good, I have to temper that with the fact that IT WAS JUST 1 GAME! Don't bench your studs, especially for the latest fad of the week!
  15. parker, alexander, ahman green

    You guys assume too much after just 1 week. Stay on the bandwagon but when it burns to the ground I don't want to hear any bitching!