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  1. WDIS @ Flex

    Parker also. A RB always gets more touches and thus greater potential.
  2. J. Lewis or J. Jones

    Jones for this week anyway. Sounds like Lewis will be splitting time with Chester.
  3. Crumpler or Heap - Quick Decision

    I agree on Crumpler, Vick really doesnt have much for options and Algee has been with him a while.
  4. Trouble accessing Huddle rankings and cheat sheets

    Dont get yourself all caught up in player rankings, you've got commish duties to take care of. I'll give you my personal cheat sheet for our draft, free of charge no less.
  5. Dynasty trade

    Thanks guys. I gotta agree, I'm gonna turn this one down. Oh and JJ those arent Tommyknockers those is boobs and boobs is good.
  6. Dynasty trade

    I have been offered Edge, L Coles and Jimmy Smith for Lamont Jordan and M Clayton. My current RBs are Alexander, Taylor ( Fred and Chester ) D Foster, M Benett, Pittman, Droughns and Jordan. My current WRs are D Jax, Moulds, Roy Williams, M Clayton, M Booker, A Bryant, T Houshmandzadeh, Roddy White and a couple more of lesser consequence. If this was a redraft Id do it in a heartbeat, but dynasty I need some help. I figure Smith is only a year or two from retirement, Edge very well may be in the same boat, and Coles could be a top 10 WR. Basic performance scoring, 10 team league. So tell me should I????
  7. I think I married my sister, every time I take off my pants she says " Oh brother "
  8. 10 team, inflated performance scoring league. 1 pt per reception 1 pt for every 5 carries, 1 pt for every 10 yds rushing and recieving extra pts for yds per carry and yds per reception. We keep 5 players with no time limit or draft compensation, limit no more than 3 players at any one position. Can start 0-3 RBs. OK with all that being said my other backs are Duece M and Shaun A. So which of the 2 Jones boys would you keep? Right now I'm leaning towards Kevin. Any thoughts?
  9. Andre Johnson

    Its all DD so far, first round of my local playoffs and I need Andre. *** it anyway.
  10. D. Davis

    I really wish someone on Houston would remember that they DO have a WR. I think his name is Andre something.
  11. Duece, Ahman, or Kevin?

    Seriously guys give me some input, this is not a joke.
  12. Duece, Ahman, or Kevin?

    First round of the playofs, performance scoring with 1 pt for receptions. I'm leaning toward Green, you know "never bench your studs". But any insight anyone might have to sway me, I'll take. Ahman is banged up, Duece just plain isnt gettin the opportunities and Kevin has come on strong of late. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know who is starting for CAR?

    I think Brandon Bennett is the best of the lot at this point but I'm not sure if he is ready for the lead role yet. He may not start but I think by games end he'll have the most touches.
  14. Nebraska Suffers Worst Loss in It's History

    same old Huskers, NO pass defense! Im gonna hate to see what OU does to them.
  15. Mike Zimmer next Nebraska coach?

    No thanks on the Newweasel. He is a piece of ****!! A real bonafide gonorrhea puss sucking maggot! I see Spurrier resigned. Hmmmmmm shrug