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  1. Let's talk about the Metal

    I'm with GI on the chick from Lacuna Coil. The voice gives me chills. The music is only so-so. I've been digging on Dream Theatre and catching up on all the old Fates Warning. Solid stuff. Still, nothing has forced me to take the Tool out of the 6-CD changer
  2. So who needs what?

    I need McNabb to rupture his Achilles tendon in warmups. I've got a 1 pt lead.
  3. Beef jerky

    I got so worked up after I posted the recipe, I went home and made a triple batch. And on the onion and garlic powders, use 3 teaspoons, not 3 tablespoons.
  4. Beef jerky

    My favorite, although I use deer and not beef. 1.5 cups Worcestershire 1.5 cups Soy Sauce 3 Tablespoons ground Green Chili (Hatch variety, pretty hot) 2 T Tabasco 3 T Onion Powder 3 T Garlic Powder 2 T Liquid Smoke Mix the marinade thoroughly, add the thinly sliced meat in a ziploc bag and soak overnight. Make sure you pick up the bad and shake, sluice, flip over, several times before bed and again a few times before you start dehydrating the next morning.
  5. Bad weather this weekend ...

    Despite the weather, I'm actually OK-comfortable with my backs this week. I love the fact that Davis catches so many passes as well. If the Texans move the ball, Davis will get his yards. My QB and WR's scare me to death. My team looked unstoppable 4 weeks ago.
  6. Bad weather this weekend ...

    My entire starting lineup (except for my liquored up, idiot kicker) was listed in Grits list above. Would love to start Bulger in AZ, but I won't start Chandler in a playoff game. That leaves Favre. Would love to start Stokley in the dome, but doh! game time decision. That leaves Owens and Walker (unless I'm willing to start Chambers against NE). Ain't gonna start that no-scoring former stud Fred Taylor in GB, ain't gonna start Chester Taylor because it sounds like Jamal will play. That leaves McGahee in Cincy and DDavis in Chicago. Good backs, bad situations. So much for having the best record and the best scoring average this year. Another semifinal loss. Me: Favre, McGahee, DDavis, Owens, Walker, Witten Opponent: Culpepper, Larry Johnson, Onterrio, Kennison, Moulds, LJ Smith My opponent couldn't even field a starting team a few weeks ago, now all his players are red-hot. I now hate Priest Holmes and Blaylock for getting hurt.
  7. OU vs. TEXAS?

    . How pleasant to hear from a real Texas fan that is intelligent enough to be hopeful and realistic at the same time. Most of those idiots just get about an inch from your face and start screaming about how the 'horns are going to kick your ass. On Sunday, they conveniently forget they felt that way. Davidmca98, you have partially restored my faith in your fan base. Your welcome at my national championship party any time. REDFISH
  8. Rashaun Woods scores 7 TD's in 3 Quarters

    You are correct, KSU. Rashaun plays with heart. Roy is flash, but if he takes a shot, he is done for the day. REDFISH
  9. Big 12 Powerhouses

    I'll put OU up against the Big Ten for a Franklin. That's easy. E-mail if you want to play. REDFISH