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  1. Put "All the eggs in one basket"?

    I guess you are in a 2 team league?? How in the world did you get Moss, Chad, and Horn?? And Gonzo??
  2. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    Thanks guys... Some good points
  3. Flex help

    Branch for now. Cmar if the injury report gets better
  4. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    Thats how I'm leaning...its just a tough call.
  5. WDIS WR and RB?

    I like Engram and Dayne. I dont think Benson will get as many touches this week. He was in a lot last week, but that was because they were blowing out Det.
  6. WDIS

    I like Hasslebeck against Ari.
  7. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    Come on guys?? Give me a link and I share the love!
  8. #3 WR woes....WDIS

    I was looking at Keyshawn, but Glenn has become Bledsoe's first look.
  9. No EZ Love!

    I dont see you with anything to offer. You might be able to give him K Jones and A Johnson for Harrison?? You might want to sit tight for now.
  10. LT2 vs. Projections

    LOL.... Stick with LT2!! Why?? SD is 0-2 ... LT2 has not caught a pass and is getting 17 touches a game. Not enough! SD will get him more involved this week and he will have 100+ RYDS and 40+ PYDs and 2 TDs. You heard it here first!
  11. #3 WR woes....WDIS

    T.O. and Chad are 1 and 2... I have Coles, Branch, and Keyshawn I have started Branch as my #3 for the first 2 games... Should I stick with Branch or give Coles the start??
  12. Palmer for Gonzo?

    Keep Palmer try and move Bulger. Palmer is going to have a year for the ages!
  13. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    L Johnson vs Den or R Droughns vs Ind Everything in me says start Droughns because he will get more touches, but then it seems Johnson will get 50 and a td on 10 touches.. Whats the word fellas??
  14. LJ or Dillon?

    Dillon doesnt share
  15. Do it!! Hasslebeck starts for a lot of FF teams. CPep will turn it around!!