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  1. Put "All the eggs in one basket"?

    I guess you are in a 2 team league?? How in the world did you get Moss, Chad, and Horn?? And Gonzo??
  2. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    L Johnson vs Den or R Droughns vs Ind Everything in me says start Droughns because he will get more touches, but then it seems Johnson will get 50 and a td on 10 touches.. Whats the word fellas??
  3. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    Thanks guys... Some good points
  4. Flex help

    Branch for now. Cmar if the injury report gets better
  5. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    Thats how I'm leaning...its just a tough call.
  6. WDIS WR and RB?

    I like Engram and Dayne. I dont think Benson will get as many touches this week. He was in a lot last week, but that was because they were blowing out Det.
  7. WDIS

    I like Hasslebeck against Ari.
  8. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    Come on guys?? Give me a link and I share the love!
  9. #3 WR woes....WDIS

    T.O. and Chad are 1 and 2... I have Coles, Branch, and Keyshawn I have started Branch as my #3 for the first 2 games... Should I stick with Branch or give Coles the start??
  10. #3 WR woes....WDIS

    I was looking at Keyshawn, but Glenn has become Bledsoe's first look.
  11. No EZ Love!

    I dont see you with anything to offer. You might be able to give him K Jones and A Johnson for Harrison?? You might want to sit tight for now.
  12. LT2 vs. Projections

    LOL.... Stick with LT2!! Why?? SD is 0-2 ... LT2 has not caught a pass and is getting 17 touches a game. Not enough! SD will get him more involved this week and he will have 100+ RYDS and 40+ PYDs and 2 TDs. You heard it here first!
  13. Palmer for Gonzo?

    Keep Palmer try and move Bulger. Palmer is going to have a year for the ages!
  14. LJ or Dillon?

    Dillon doesnt share
  15. Do it!! Hasslebeck starts for a lot of FF teams. CPep will turn it around!!
  16. Culpepper or Brooks

    I think NO will have the lead most of the game... To me that means CPep will have to go to the air. I can't beleive he can put up another performance like last week. He will have 2 maybe 3 TDs this week in a losing effort. Saying that Horn has been hot! CPep by a nose
  17. I wouldnt give up Palmer. It would be great to have Johnson without giving up Palmer. Can you get Johnson with Brady plus 1?? If not you will be upgrading your WR core by getting Smith. As long as Palmer stays healthy, you might not even use Brady all year.
  18. Which Qb?

    I'm upset you need help... Palmer is going to put up Manning numbers this year!
  19. Big Trade for Owens?

    I think its a great trade... although, if you are playing each other you will be just trading points...LOL
  20. K. Jones yet. HE's KILLING ME!!! So do I start Droughns vs Indy or L. Johnson vs Den Then what do I do week 4?? Harrington is horrible. Shoot me a link and I will answer yours
  21. Would you take this trade?

    Keep Westbrook. I actually like Driver... I think Favre will be looking at him often!
  22. What is C. Palmer's trade value?

    Palmer is going to have a tremendous year. I would give him up for any WR except a top 5 receiver. QB usually score more pts than WRs in my league, so if someone is weak, exploit them.
  23. 8 Team Perforance/Bonus League with a flex (QB,RB,WR) TE are not a must 1p per 10yds rushing and receiving with bonuses at 100, 150, and 200 1p per 20yds passing with bonuses at 250,300,350 Progressive points for TDS Rushing TDs go from 5p to 15p depending on the length Receiving and Passing TDs go from 2.5 to 7.5 depending on the length See week 2 line up in Signature. Thanks in advance and will answer yours with a link
  24. Quintessential RB Start/Bench Decision

    Here is the problem...Can LJ get off like he did again with limited touches? DD is the backbone to the Hou offense and will get it going this week. LJ can just as easily get 30 yards on 15 carries. I would rather put my money on a proven RB that will get 2x as many touches, than a #2 who might or might not duplicate last weeks performance