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  1. 12th team bailed on me right before draft

    we drafted a 'dummy' team with the hope/intention of selling it. it sold two days after our draft. have everyone at draft participate in drafting dummy team; commish and a few others end up picking two players, but spread out the tast of drafting, makes it fairly painless we found. good luck
  2. Hurricane Katrina

    Thanks for writing for/from many of us, canman1104.
  3. CCS

    DeShaun Foster
  4. CCS Runoff

    Marvelous Marvin = Mr. Consitancy + Mannings #’s can go down, and Marvelous's won’t,,,,,, I can’t say the same for Palmer/Johnson
  5. Mill's #51 to be retired in PS.

    He was a steady great presence for The Mighty Panthers. He is much remembered, and missed. (I’ll guess that Saints fans feel the same, truly) He was my wife’s favorite player, the only jersey/number she has worn, after her 1st game in 1996/7
  6. Seahawk Camp

    Good report. I like when camp opens. This week, last week and week one of regular season, it appears to me only Hass and Alexander should end up draft candidates on my cheat sheet (in our flex system, 2WR start). Hawks ARE deep, with upper mid tier and better performers D. Jackson, B. Engram, J. Pathon , J. Jurevicious, B.Shaw (and serviceable breather guys in Hackett and Taco), that WILL compliment and boost the teams production, but may be too deep to hold value as fantasy starters. Nice group Hawks have assembled, and they may actually applaud #81(B.Shaw) this year?
  7. CCS

  8. CCS

    Rudi (Rudi here and now...but hoping by end of preseason vets like CMar, Ahman take over this spot)
  9. Burress Injured in 1st Practice

    6:30pm "However, the injury was diagnosed as a hyperextended knee, and the Giants' major offseason acquisition was back on the field for the team's afternoon practice." http://cbs.sportsline.com/nfl/story/8690156
  10. CCS

  11. CCS

  12. CCS

    I agree with The Irish Doggy about this spot and those six guys. On draft night here I would be getting my piece of The Big 4 WR’s. Not following the advise of “Draft The Team You Really Like”,,,,,,,,I would have to go Owens.
  13. CCS

  14. CCS

    Dillion- bya’… QB , Coach and cast….errr I mean… whisker
  15. First year with .. fantasy-commissioner.com ($55-$60)…all’s been super so far. Real time scoring, hosted, set-up has been easy enough, Customer Service quick and precise. Haven’t experienced during regular season yet, we’ll see, but all signs indicate, good service/site.