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  1. DET - Abdullah

    He went 30th in a very good BoTH 14 tm lg. today. In that draft I see 3 RB's that were picked before him that could go either way, JStew, DWill, D. Henry(Henry was me:), putting him RB27-30. RB's picked immediately with him (same round/'value') were Foster, Crowell, Jennings, M Jones. Edit To say Abdulla, Foster, Crowell etc went 6th rnd, so 7th rnd 12 tm lg..
  2. The Legacy of Tom Brady

    Great QB skills, made better by a system, but a system which ongoingly pursues activities that are serious rule infractions, ongoingly appears tainted at multiple levels of its personnel, and he choose to continue to participate there...so my view of him is capped.
  3. The Huddle

    thank you, the three bars did it.
  4. The Huddle

    Ultimately this belongs in Site/Forum Support, but since this thread is here, for the last two days the Home page tool bar with "Home Draft Kit In Season Forums News Teams Articles Stats" etc has not been on top of the homepage (only the usual black bar background), they are listed as usual at the bottom of the Home page. Anyone else? DMD, i don't know how to send a screen shot but will if i can if interested.
  5. Dice Rolls for Draft Picks

    .....really enjoying reading the links TOS, fun stuff, appreciate your time ........(he says in an understated voice/way)
  6. Excell Sheet with Rankings

    Potentially it was generated by "ts", who, if you read here Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet 2013 - GR.3 (see post #17) seems to indicate he isn't doing it anymore. It was a longstanding fixture here for many years.
  7. BOTH Empire $300 entry redraft

    Thanks, yes interested, hat in the ring, fine with current or adjusted entry as mentioned in thread.
  8. BOTH Empire $300 entry redraft

    Exactly what I've been looking for this year, a $100-$300 re-draft BoTH league (though hadn't thought of no TE req'd). Clarification please - 2014 Calendar (MFL), Blind Bidding ends 9pm, FCFS begins at 11pm. Is the two hr gap (intentionally) the case? - Rules on MFL page has waivers/FCFS as $5, in Huddle thread pinned as 2013 Rules (2011 Empire Rules) changed to no cost. Thread is most recent I believe, i.e. Waivers/FCFS (edit:after BB awarded) are now/2014 no cost, correct? Thanks
  9. Welcome to the world, Colin David Ryan!

    Happy for you and family, Irish. Inthat I have a Gaelic first name also I wanted to look up name Colin : "an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name "Cailean" or "CoileƔin", meaning "whelp", "cub", or "young pup", also "victorious people", "dark", "dove" ...... the playfulness component in the name is great/fun IMHO. Best of luck and health to Mom and Colin.
  10. Wallace in revenge game?

    Man, I've been seeing it more as your option #2. I'm inclined to believe Tomlin won't turn his back on this one. Pitt Def/coverage/gameplan gets a bump here knowing him. Weather may factor, wind gust predict has actually decreased, but cold. http://nflweather.com/game/2013/week-14/dolphins-at-steelers It is a revenge game for both sides, but I think Pitt has the advantage by far. The Pitt rec's and TE get the bump in this game, not Wallace (weather permitting).
  11. I can't get logged in. Doing all correctly i'm confident, have done all that Help Ctr. suggests and am waiting on reply from tech. If i can't get logged in this evening I'll post here tonight and someone can have my spot so as to not hold up draft. Thanks for setting up again DMD.
  12. two threads with 'put me on list' requests; put me on list please if this will be a timer-on draft, non-IDP. Thanks.
  13. Please put me on list if replacements needed in 12 or 10 team league. I believe it was 12, 10 and 8 team, correct?
  14. I can't do it this year i don't believe, but would be interested next year if the need is there again. I live near the center of the state, the drive for the draft no problem. I've never done auction, really want to. FYI, been at/came to Huddle 2-3 years prior to it being a pay subscription site. I don't post much, so any one who knows (of) me it's only from BoTH league, or an occasional OT post re hope/help/thoughts for a Huddle member. Currently in BoTH Ladder-HoF, Snow White and The Huntsmen. Put me on your list for future reach out if you like. Could PM/email me rooster if you liked, Jamaal Charles on avail team might be a bit more enticing for me re this year. Have a good draft and year hapicamp