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  1. Saints/Giants game

    Chavez's sig. says it all, How to be a man: 1)Stop whining 2)Stop sniveling 3)Suck it up It doesn't matter where the game was played, only that it was played. When the Giants played a couple days after 9-11 they got a warm welcome from the fans as did the Saints. As far as Giant fans cheering for their team so did KC the game played after 9-11. I didn't think that was a big deal; after all it was in KC and their fans deserve to cheer them on.
  2. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    I am completely ashamed of myself for cheering my team on and wanting them to win. I feel so bad I'm going home right now to beat my wife and run over the dog. Then everything will be right with the world. Did you catch a big one on this expedition?
  3. Shockey

    No, because they play on Monday but, I'd be willing to bet he'll be in the game. How effective he'll be is another question. An ankle sprain can mean anything from a little additional pain to him being hindered for some time to come.
  4. Toomer

    As long as they get the match-up for Burress they'll continue to take their chances downfield. With his height advantage this will probably continue to make us Giant fans happy. It's been a long time coming, hopefully it will just grow from here.
  5. Just got back from Pittsburgh

    All of what you say is true but, can't let Steeler fans get a big head now, someone has got to have a decenting voice. Seriously though, as good as Ben seems to be in a game or games I should say; the running game in Pitt. is the cornerstone and driving force of the Off. Ben will probably turn out to be a very good q/b because of his situation and being able to get game experience while also gaining confidence and winning games all goes to his advantage. This is predominantly because he's not put into the tougher situations of other q/bs just starting out and thrown into the fire. Because of the great o-line and running game he's not in situations where he will make many mistakes. As was pointed out before, any q/b only having to throw 11 times in a game while also winning is in a very good situation to succeed. More power to Ben, and may he grow into a great q/b, he just isn't all that just yet but, someday probably will be.
  6. Toomer

    He did play, just not his day and as was stated, didn't seem to be involved that much. With the w/rs we have, and if they stay healthy, this may not be an isolated case.
  7. NYG Thunder and Lightning...

    This will be what you see all season. Get use to it, as long as it works it'll stay alive. He looked good and will continue to get some carries through the game and definitely inside the 20. This will keep Tiki fresh and running late in the season. Tiki will get his.
  8. Just got back from Pittsburgh

    The Steelers are certainly no fluke. Kudos to your team today but, Ben still isn't anything close to a great or even good qb until the team puts the game in his hands and has to ride him to win. It's still the O-Line and the running game. Any qb that only throws 11 times in a game will admit that. All Ben needs to do (to quote a scene in Friday night lights) is to exist in those 2 seconds from the snap until he hands the ball off. I just can't let ya ride that high until next week, you need some negative stuff posted here.
  9. Where can I find...

    I thought someone would have put something together but, it's no biggy. With age goes memory, just wanted something in case I have a brain fart tomorrow night at my draft. It's easy when online but, my crazy league doesn't let anyone bring a laptop to get internet connectoions. Thank anyway.
  10. Where can I find...

    Where can I find an injury report for the nfl by team? Anyone know? Something updated if possible.
  11. Demarcus Ware

    I think you have to go by what he's listed as with the NFL if you're talking about a fantasy league question of where you can put him on your roster. If it's just a football question, DE/OLB is basically the same position but, there are differences in responsibilities within the scheme.
  12. NY Giants vs NY Jets

    Forget about Shockey. You need to keep your DBs off the field if Jacobs gets a head of steam.
  13. Giants IDP

    Tuck looked pretty good. I guess you already know about his interception in the Carolina game. Seemed to handled himself pretty well for a rook. Looks right now to be pretty solid so for the future I think you've got a good D end.
  14. Where are they now?

    Ya, he definitely did get bigger but, he's still sporting some serious muscle.
  15. Where are they now?

    I couldn't believe what I was seeing. !986 superbowl year for the Giants he had 341 carries for 1,516 yds and 14 tds. The year before was even better for tds with 21. So where would you expect him to be now? Yes, still working for the Giants. His role has been scaled down a bit though... He was asked during the game about what it was he now did for the Giants. His Replay? Well, sometimes the players have problems with their uniforms; shirts need to be tucked in, socks need to be pulled up and so on. These things need to be taken care of. I thought it rather sad but, he seemed to be quite happy with himself. Guess he didn't have much of a portfolio when he got out of football. All in all though, it wasn't as sad as the play of the def. tackles and linebackers though.