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  1. T.O. Auctioning NFC Championship Ring

    Wow, up to $175,000. I think it's pretty cool.
  2. Start Bench List

    I think this means he likes it.
  3. Skins tell Sean Taylor to STAY AWAY

    Hard for him to prove himself on the field when he'll be in PRISON!
  4. People Looking For Cheatsheets

    Move Taylor down your lists ESPN.com news services June 4 MIAMI — Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, described as a "person of interest" in an assault case, turned himself in to Miami-Dade County police on Saturday, ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli reported. Taylor has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, a felony, and simple battery. full article
  5. Sean Taylor

    ESPN.com news services June 4 MIAMI — Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, described as a "person of interest" in an assault case, turned himself in to Miami-Dade County police on Saturday, ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli reported. Taylor has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, a felony, and simple battery. Full article
  6. Colts IDP

    Looks like another Colt in trouble. What's with these guys? Colts | Police and Courts: N. Harper - from www.KFFL.com Sat, 4 Jun 2005 12:40:50 -0700 The Indianapolis Star reports Indianapolis Colts CB Nick Harper was arrested on a domestic battery charge at his Carmel home Saturday, June 4. Harper's wife, Danielle, suffered an eye contusion. Harper is charged with a misdemeanor count of domestic violence, but must stay in jail until he appears before a judge. "He'll be in jail all weekend," Hamilton County Sheriff Doug Carter said. A spokesman for the Indianapolis Colts was unaware that Harper had been arrested.
  7. Warren Sapp's soul stinks

    What about his socks?
  8. I agree Rovers. The reports have been tremendous! Thanks to all who have reported! This is the kind of thing that will set The Huddle's IDP forum head's & shoulders above the rest. Again, thanks for all you IDP correspondents are doing! DMD should set up a IDP correspondent tube sock fund or something
  9. IDP Team Correspondents

    I hear there are great perks for being an IDP Team Correspondent Only 12 teams left to be claimed. Hurry & fill one of these high profiled positions!!
  10. Let me cut through all the hilarity & say....D@MN IMPRESSIVE!!! Looking forward to viewing your work Phil!!! Sweet addition DMD!!!
  11. Not sure what chatter you're referring to Furd, but, I kind of remember talk about Manning & Pepper going earlier. 1.5 on Manning I'm sure is earlier & I'm pretty sure Pepper would've gone earlier if Moss was still around.
  12. Pistons and Pacers

    Puddy, Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I can sure live with how things ended. Assuming Detroit was going to win the series, I can't think of a much better way for things to have ended. Reggie went out with a Reggie like game infront of the home crowd. Also great to see the game ending with alot of class shown on the Detroit side. Hardly a dry eye in the house when Larry Brown & his team went over to salute Reggie. I've always thought these teams respected each other & it sure showed at the end.....a whole lotta love for Reggie. Should be a great series with Miami. If I had to pick a team, I'd go with the champs. They are truly a great team.
  13. IDP Mock Rosters thru 9 Rounds

    I agree 100%, Abraham could be a monster. If you don't want to spend an early pick on a Peppers or Grant.....Abraham's a great gamble to take.
  14. IDP Mock Rosters thru 9 Rounds

    Here you go Crisp, Los Gigantes Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Vick, Michael ATL QB - 8 9.01 Bell, Tatum DEN RB - 9 4.12 Dunn, Warrick ATL RB - 8 6.12 Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB - 10 1.01 Harrison, Marvin IND WR - 8 3.01 Johnson, Chad CIN WR - 10 2.12 Shockey, Jeremy NYG TE - 5 7.01 Briggs, Lance CHI LB - 4 8.12 Urlacher, Brian CHI LB - 4 5.01 9 Total Players Gilthorp Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Hasselbeck, Matt SEA QB - 8 9.02 Alexander, Shaun SEA RB - 8 1.02 Jones, Thomas CHI RB - 4 10.11 Taylor, Fred JAC RB - 7 2.11 Holt, Torry STL WR - 9 3.02 Mason, Derrick BAL WR - 3 7.02 Clark, Dallas IND TE - 8 8.11 Barton, Eric NYJ LB - 8 6.11 Harrison, Rodney NEP S - 7 4.11 Reed, Edward BAL S - 3 5.02 10 Total Players Rovers Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Manning, Peyton IND QB - 8 1.03 Faulk, Marshall STL RB - 9 10.10 Jordan, Lamont OAK RB - 5 3.03 Martin, Curtis NYJ RB - 8 2.10 Branch, Deion NEP WR - 7 9.03 Burleson, Nate MIN WR - 5 5.03 Smith, Jimmy JAC WR - 7 7.03 Hartwell, Edgerton ATL LB - 8 8.10 Vilma, Jonathan NYJ LB - 8 4.10 Williams, Madieu CIN S - 10 6.10 10 Total Players Frazia Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted McNabb, Donovan PHI QB - 6 3.04 Barlow, Kevan SFO RB - 6 8.09 Jackson, Steven STL RB - 9 2.09 James, Edgerrin IND RB - 8 1.04 Bennett, Drew TEN WR - 10 6.09 Clayton, Michael TBB WR - 7 4.09 Williams, Kevin MIN DT - 5 7.04 Thomas, Zach MIA LB - 4 5.04 Trotter, Jeremiah PHI LB - 6 10.09 Polamalu, Troy PIT S - 4 9.04 10 Total Players Sarge Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Brown, Chris TEN RB - 10 3.05 Holmes, Priest KCC RB - 5 1.05 Johnson, Rudi CIN RB - 10 2.08 Boldin, Anquan ARI WR - 6 6.08 Jackson, Darrell SEA WR - 8 4.08 Williams, Roy DET WR - 3 5.05 Witten, Jason DAL TE - 9 7.05 Abraham, John NYJ DE - 8 9.05 Clark, Danny OAK LB - 5 10.08 Pierce, Antonio NYG LB - 5 8.08 10 Total Players Darin3 Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Dillon, Corey NEP RB - 7 1.06 Jones, Julius DAL RB - 9 2.07 Bruce, Isaac STL WR - 9 9.06 Muhammad, Muhsin CHI WR - 4 7.06 Wayne, Reggie IND WR - 8 4.07 Gates, Antonio SDC TE - 10 3.06 Peppers, Julius CAR DE - 7 5.06 Peterson, Mike JAC LB - 7 6.07 Barber, Ronde TBB CB - 7 8.07 Green, Michael CHI S - 4 10.07 10 Total Players Spain Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Green, Trent KCC QB - 5 8.06 Green, Ahman GBP RB - 6 2.06 Lewis, Jamal BAL RB - 3 1.07 Staley, Duce PIT RB - 4 9.07 Horn, Joe NOS WR - 10 4.06 Lelie, Ashley DEN WR - 9 10.06 Rogers, Charles DET WR - 3 7.07 Gonzalez, Tony KCC TE - 5 3.07 Barnett, Nick GBP LB - 6 6.06 Sharper, Jamie SEA LB - 8 5.07 10 Total Players Steel Bunz Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Bulger, Marc STL QB - 9 7.08 Brown, Ronnie MIA RB - 4 3.08 McGahee, Willis BUF RB - 9 1.08 Westbrook, Brian PHI RB - 6 2.05 Chambers, Chris MIA WR - 4 5.08 Ward, Hines PIT WR - 4 4.05 Crumpler, Alge ATL TE - 8 8.05 Schobel, Aaron BUF DE - 9 10.05 Morgan, Dan CAR LB - 7 6.05 Williams, D.J. DEN LB - 9 9.08 10 Total Players Perchoutofwater Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Culpepper, Daunte MIN QB - 5 1.09 Arrington, J.J. ARI RB - 6 4.04 Bennett, Michael MIN RB - 5 8.04 Williams, Carnell TBB RB - 7 3.09 Owens, Terrell PHI WR - 6 2.04 Heap, Todd BAL TE - 3 7.09 Freeney, Dwight IND DE - 8 9.09 Kerney, Patrick ATL DE - 8 10.04 Brooking, Keith ATL LB - 8 5.09 Farrior, James PIT LB - 4 6.04 10 Total Players Digital Dan Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Plummer, Jake DEN QB - 9 8.03 Benson, Cedric CHI RB - 4 3.10 Jones, Kevin DET RB - 3 2.03 McAllister, Deuce NOS RB - 10 1.10 Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR - 6 9.10 Moulds, Eric BUF WR - 9 10.03 Porter, Jerry OAK WR - 5 6.03 Brooks, Derrick TBB LB - 7 5.10 Lewis, Ray BAL LB - 3 4.03 Williams, Roy DAL S - 9 7.10 10 Total Players Keg Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Foster, De'shaun CAR RB - 7 6.02 Portis, Clinton WAS RB - 3 2.02 Suggs, Lee CLE RB - 4 9.11 Coles, Laveranues NYJ WR - 8 8.02 Moss, Randy OAK WR - 5 1.11 Smith, Steve CAR WR - 7 5.11 Taylor, Jason MIA DE - 4 10.02 Bulluck, Keith TEN LB - 10 3.11 Edwards, Donnie SDC LB - 10 4.02 Fletcher, London BUF LB - 9 7.11 10 Total Players Rajncajn Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted Pennington, Chad NYJ QB - 8 10.01 Barber, Tiki NYG RB - 5 1.12 Davis, Domanick HOU RB - 3 2.01 Johnson, Andre HOU WR - 3 4.01 Walker, Javon GBP WR - 6 3.12 Grant, Charles NOS DE - 10 6.01 Spikes, Takeo BUF LB - 9 5.12 Witherspoon, Will CAR LB - 7 7.12 Taylor, Sean WAS S - 3 8.01 Wilson, Adrian ARI S - 6 9.12 10 Total Players
  15. IDP Mock Rosters thru 9 Rounds

    It's all about value. You feel getting LBs like Pierce & Clark in rounds 8 & 10 were better value than picking one of the first LBs. I have no doubt you got better value than some LBs taken a couple rounds earlier. Picking Abraham cost you nothing in talent, but, consistency could be a question mark. Gotta love IDP drafts! Multiples of the strategy in normal drafts. Many ways to go & still hard to say what the best way is.....I'm pretty sure waiting 10 or so rounds before taking a defensive player is too long. Nobody did that here, but, we've seen it before. I was just saying from what we've experienced, a team has done quite well taking defensive players early....I'm sure you remember the guy who's no longer with us I was making the point that Keg might have a good strategy too. Nothing wrong with starting three 250 - 300 point LBs.
  16. Pistons and Pacers

    Being a Piston fan Puddy, you know what Carlisle did to turn your club around. I couldn't believe they let him go. But, boy was I glad they did....Isiah Thomas is alot of things, but, an NBA coach isn't one of them. I was so glad to see Carlisle come back, Indiana basketball came back with him & Larry Legend. They are playing the right way again. I agree with you, coach of the year shouldn't have even been close this year. I sure appreciate your kind words regarding the Pacers. I really admired your team & Ben Wallace in particular before the 19th. I gotta admit I still have hard feelings towards some Piston fans, Wallace & the commissioner's office. Hated to see the way the Pacers were gutted in Reggie's final year. However, the way the year has played out, maybe it was meant to be. Doesn't matter if they lose 3 straight to Detroit this team has made Indiana proud.
  17. IDP Mock Rosters thru 9 Rounds

    I know this seems unconventional to some, however, the person who selected defensive players early in the Dynasty Warz II draft ended up with the best record. He even started taking them off the board earlier. There were also a couple of defensive "gurus" from the FBG side who put off drafting defense for the longest time(I guess they figured they could make it up with their vast knowledge on the D side). However, niether one sniffed .500 I'm not sure when the perfect time is to start selecting defense. It really varies with every draft. I definitely don't think you want to miss the boat on getting some of the top defensive players. They consistently score lots of points.
  18. Congrats to DMD

  19. Pistons and Pacers

    Going to be a better series than most "experts" predicted. This Pacer team is incredible. I've never seen a team show more than this team has this year. Everytime people are ready to count them out they come up big. It's amazing they even made the playoffs & now they're going to give the Champs one heck of a battle. Should be a great series.
  20. Let 'er rip

    This is much better!
  21. IDP forum

    I'm a huddler through & through, however, I've found myself "straying" in a need to find IDP information. It makes me feel dirty, but, I have no choice. I've been disappointed that the huddle hasn't cranked up the IDP info. That is the area they could benefit many of the hardcore members more than any other(& the number of IDP leagues keeps growing). Once someone plays in an IDP league, they are hooked & don't want to join anymore "regular" leagues. Information on offensive players can be found anywhere. What is setting sites apart now is the amount of IDP information. I think a forum is a must. I would also think an IDP news section would be awesome & not only start to get the huddle back in the game, but, back toward the front where they belong. Come on DMD, replace that 8 track with a CD player & crank up the IDP info! Thanks!
  22. Manning Simply Doesn't Get It Done

    One guy in this thread seems awfully emotional. So giantsfan, how much did you lose on the Colts yesterday?
  23. Here for my medicine

    Now after reading this thread I don't feel quite as bad about the Colts loss. Classy NE fans here. When the game was pretty much over, all I could think about was that douch bag UT & how much I couldn't stand NE. Now I don't feel as bad. Congrats to you good Pats fans, they played a great game today.
  24. Dennis Northcutt

    Hook, I've had a couple late nights where blind date has found it's way on my screen too. I can't imagine how an NFL player could be so desperate :bigshock: