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  1. Wentz being looked at in tent for injury

    Possibly an ACL. Ominous that he was immediately done for the day.
  2. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Where is McCaffrey? I thought he was cleared to go, no?
  3. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Painfully slow week scoring-wise.
  4. Week 13 Milk Carton

  5. Where the heck is Adams? He's killing me.
  6. Tough choices at RB & WR

    I second all of the above.
  7. No flex in my league - must start two RBs.
  8. Thanks! I wasn't thinking Martin, so I've gotta do some additional research.
  9. Woodhead or Martin at RB in PPR.....gotta go Woody, right?
  10. Thanks everyone! Some alternate offers are out there and we'll see what happens. I did some additional research Ito depth/points in our league and no matter the scores put up by th WR position RB's are still in high demand and I should have done good leverage here.
  11. Believe me....I didn't feel good about the pick and was hoping for first half 2014 Manning against all odds.
  12. I hear you guys....unfortunately I think the other owner is trying to leverage my RB depth to make us feel like we don't need Bell....I don't feel good about the offers. Tannehill and Cooper addresses both of our concerns, but I still don't feel great about even that possibility.
  13. Two QB league/PPR - surprisingly I have 4 of the top 7 RBs in Bell, Ingram, Martin and Woodhead. Because of weakness at WR I'm being offered the following for Bell: Dez...or Cobb...or A Cooper and Tannehill My team: Peyton, D Carr, RBs above, K Allen, Moncrief, S Diggs, J Matthews, G Tate, Witten, AZ def His Team: Rivers, Dalton, L Miller, D Johnson, Hyde, Dez, Cobb, A Cooper, J Brown, A Robinson, Eifert Knowing I'm pretty much lost 4 in a row, would I be crazy to deal L Bell despite my RB depth and need for a solid receiver to compliment Keenan Allen? Help? Even some trade suggestions with this other team would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks for your lengthy response MoFo!! I ultimately need to make a trade because week after week this is one hell of a choice. I guess I never would have thought that Shanny would have made Morris relevant after week three!