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  1. Advice on League Trading Bully

    Don’t like the trade? Don’t accept it. If others don’t accept his trades is he going to steal their lunch money? If other owners willingly jump into a money league and don’t know what they’re doing then that’s their problem.
  2. Wayne Gallman worth picking up?

    He looks great sitting on my bench.
  3. Time to Dump J.J.?

    well, one will start.... I don't see jacobs getting too much time... but dayne is a good choice too.
  4. Wideout/TE pickups

    bump, anyone else?? Points for receptions too.... LJ seems to get plenty... is it possible he could be consistent though?
  5. Time to Dump J.J.?

    pick up shipp... just a suggestion.
  6. So I picked up Greg Lewis off waivers, but noticed that LJ smith is on waivers... TE's are not mandatory in my league. I get points for receptions also... Should I keep Greg lewis, or go with any of the below... I know.. .scraps LJ Smith McCareins M. Booker E. Parker M. Jenkins P. Crayton Josh Reed Jerevicius Greg Lewis Thanks everyone!
  7. WR Waiver Pickups

    parker over stallworth eh? I was leaning toward stallworth... anyone else??
  8. I'd like to drop Calico (in another league) for one of the below.. Pick 1: Stallworth McCareins M. Booker E. Parker M. Jenkins P. Crayton Josh Reed Jerevicius Greg Lewis Thanks for the help everyone... this one is killing me!
  9. Do I take this Trade?

    my thoughts exactly... shipp is already gone, so I'm gonna try and maybe trade pittman for him and get lucky.... also, picking up blaylock for the hell of it and praying!
  10. Do I take this Trade?

    He has Lelie, Chamber, Evans, and TO... And he's not looking to budge on TO. Pittman rides my bench, so it's nice to be able to get something in return, but A - Will Parker be worthwhile to have the whole season B - am I giving up too much receiver for a RB that may lose carries??
  11. Do I take this Trade?

    bump - nothing guys? Standard scoring... no favoring WR's whatsoever...
  12. Waiver wire RB help...

    larry johnson is available???? Two team league?
  13. I am hurting at RB - have to start 2 - have Edge, then Droughns or Arrington, But I'm strong at WR - I would get: Willie Parker Ashley Lelie Give up Chad Johnson Pittman (who rides my bench) Is this any good? My gut tells me that I might be giving up too much by letting go of CJ for a RB that might get carries taken away at the end of the year?