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  1. Inman to the Pats

    no comment.... decide for yourself
  2. Inman to the Pats

    i had a really sweet experience last friday night at game 3 of the bucks/celtics(it wasnt the game itself trust me)...i sat right near the mccourty twins, james white and pat chung....also met josh mcdaniels at a restaurant before the game best part was me and my buddy were drinking a few beers and whatnot on the drive...we stopped at a foxboro gas station to take a leak at a shell was single stall but you couldnt tell if someone was in there unless door was wasnt so i walk in to see a man standing at the stall urinating with his back to me...i walk out while apologizing...he comes out with a toddler aged child...whom i guess was in front of him urinating but i couldnt see...i look up and say "sorry man my bad"....he says "aw nah man its cool" was pat chung...he dropped the kid off and changed his clothes n we saw him a couple hours later lol... im telling you guys though seriously...this team, on paper, might be much better overall...although if gronk truly is done thats a big blow
  3. Inman to the Pats

    one thing i noticed for sure though...even though all of these guys arent likely to make the roster....the pats definitley have some size in camp this year at the wr position...with thomas, harry and maruice harris all around that 6-2/6-3 i think gordon might be looking at a 6 gamer if hes back around week 7 thats another guy...i dont expect all to make roster again like i said...but theyll be in good shape honestly..i think this team already is starting to look better than last years team who really came together later in the year theyre adding a talented draft class to a 2018 draft class that saw them lose 3 guys for the year early....isiah wynn and dawson saw no action at at all(1st and 2nd rounders)...and 5th rounder bentley looked like a beast in the preseason inside and was on the roster for the 1st three games before going down for the year...if hes ready to go and can contribute its scary with him, van noy and hightower ...i dunno...i just think this team is loaded again
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    day 3 is going to disappoint most...because the reality is that most people arent going to have a damn clue about any of them and likely have never seen them play lol
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    i think the eagles did pretty well too...especially with their first 3 picks
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    yeah remember the rumor last year that new orleans was set to pull the trigger on mahomes and kc leapfrogged them? you hear the same kinda stuff about daniel jones...giants fans and people saying "they could have gotten him at 17"....but what if hes there at 15 when washington picks is he still there? what if someone jumps ahead of them between picks 7-16? great a huge draft guy.....i think my pats did pretty happy
  7. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    hahaha man...i cant defend AB anymore man....i tried..i hate the steelers but even i know you cant be going at juju like this..its sad and petty...dude found an old tweet of juju tweeting to him when he was in college for advice and is showing it off like it means was obvious admiration from juju....its not like juju said or did anything to slight him
  8. Patriots DC Greg Schiano quit

    hahaha yup...and the defense performed well enough in that game too lol... bret bielema is still there too...and it wasnt long ago there was rumors he was telling everyone he would be named to the post
  9. would eagles take a 4th for agholor?

    actually come to think of it...that may be too thinking like a 5th(which i dont think pats have) or a 6th might be more reasonable....he seems kine of useless to them...maybe im wrong about that eagles fans? nfc east fans? football fans? anything to add...does agholor provide value to the eagles?
  10. would eagles take a 4th for agholor?

    i know hes a FA at the end of the upcoming season...and theres this notion that the eagles love the compensatory picks they get for free agents walking..... i know ive heard his name floated in trade rumors before...when i watched the eagles i noticed there seemed to be a big disconnect between him and wentz...wentz almost never looked his way and it seemed he flourished mostly on broken plays... it also looked like he may have had some problems getting off the line....almost looks like hes really tough to stay with but if you can kind of thwart him initially its gonna take time for him to get seperation and maybe lead to a hurry or a sack i know my patriots could use a little help...he might be a decent, relatively cheap, trade target....
  11. NFL owners vote to make PI reviewable

    i really want to go on a rant....but im gonna let this one go lol
  12. NFL owners vote to make PI reviewable the game is going to suck if this is true.....if they are going to be making PI calls on plays like that with a game on the line they are going to ruin it...i know im a pats fan and some of you will think im crazy...but if a play like that is getting called and changing a game its going to be awful part of the beauty of the game is that PI is a judgement call...much like a foul in basketball....and refs can sort of let guys get away with more at certain times/points within reason....
  13. Gronk retiring

    having gronk was like having a 3rd tackle on the field most of the time...and hockenson is obviously the best two way TE...and of course smith is a guy that has been linked to them(boy i feel old im a ND fan and i remember watching his father play there and then in the nfl when i was like 10)... theres another kid to keep an eye on too...this dawson knox kid from ole miss....basically from what i heard he was a qb in high school and had an injury his sr he walked on at ole miss...put on some bulk and got a scholarship his 3rd year there maybe? ive heard his blocking can use some work but he has the tools if they can coach him up and who better to do that?
  14. Gronk retiring

    my personal belief is hes more likely to come back midseason than he is to reverse course on this "retirement"...willie mcginest said weeks ago that he was likely to retire and then come back during the season i dont think this guy wants the grind of keeping himself in great shape all year becomes ive said before...even david ortiz was a beast his last year and looked as if he could still keep going...but spending hours in the batting cage, eating properly and traveling all the time was no longer something he felt was worth it...just tired of it....i feel like this is a similar not sure how the patriots would feel/handle a guy that said he was "half in" theres always that factor....but if they were in for it i think it would be perfect
  15. Antonio Brown to the Raiders i mean....i dunno...whatever lol all im saying is dont hear this about tom brady...but maybe thats because hes just different lol i remember hearing a story, not long ago, about when kyle van noy arrived via trade..hes walking down a hall and brady sees him and walks up to hiim "hi, nice to meet tom brady"....and van noy was like "ha, no sheet".....this was from van noy too...he couldnt believe the guy actually walks up to introduce himself.... im starting to think brady let ben win a couple of super bowls because he just felt bad for him