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  1. Demarco Murray Retiring

    yeah...very strong, tough, runner i grabbed him in the 4th a couple years ago in my high stakes league..liked the tenn o-line and the schedule they had that year...figured he had one good year left in him and he did.....always was kind of a fan of this guy and i could never really figure out why.... nice to see a guy know when its time to let it go and get out
  2. Corey Davis

    i like davis and would be willing to roll the dice with him...unfortunately im not sure hes much of a value right now from what im seeing with ADPs and insider drafts/ kind of hoping to see him less valued and more of a bargain come draft time...but that doesnt seem likely cause if he has a solid camp and stays healthy he will likely at least hold if not move up boards i want to get some of him...but every time i think of him i think of kevin white, devante parker and last year amari cooper.....hes the type of guy that could put up 80 catches with 10-12 tds at a 5th round price....or just stink or be a nagging injury frustration
  3. Ricky Seals-Jones

    most of those plays had him running free and wide open....and there was an alarming drop.....we shall see how things go with a little more attention....of course he should have better qb play and the additions of kirk along with david johnson back can help things
  4. Ricky Seals-Jones

    yep...i owned him towards the end of last year i follow recruting and remember him being a top 50 recruit coming out of high school as a WR....which is where he played in college,,, i remember him getting arrested and having some question his "desire"/"motor" were always kind of waitng for him to put up these monster mike evans type numbers and it just never came but he would always flash ....seemed like he may have been in the doghouse quite a bit there maybe the lure of money, or reality of trying to find a real job, has finally turned the light switch on for him
  5. FTSA Experts Draft

    i like the bonini team alot...although i agree with others....while i like henrys potential i think id have felt better if he had gone penny there...and ended up with penny, guice and michel......some people might be scared by that but not not afraid or rookie rbs fact last year in a high stakes ppr league i went julio, cmac, dalvin with my first 3 picks...also took kamara in the 13th and cohen in the 15th(with a different coaching staff that would have been a good pick too)...had a good team even though julio underwhelmed and i lost cook early...could have maybe been a league winning team i also like rotowires first 8 rounds!
  6. Is Evan Engram Overrated?

    I owned engram in a non mandatory TE ppr league where we could start up to 5 receivers...I picked him up off waivers after the 1st week of the season I did see some brutal drops(but we saw the same from mike evans a few years ago and then he came out and dropped(no pun intended) a big year on everyone the following year)...and evans wasn't actually a rooke the year he led the league in drops the giants offensive line was brutal....and there was no run game....watching them( I only watched because of engram) was brutal at times as I'm sure most know now the upgrades on the offensive line, the back and the healthy receivers...this offense should open up....I haven't really looked at many rankings this early so I'm not sure if hes being overrated in rankings....but remember...he has decent size...he can run real well and he can get up there high point......I could see similar numbers....maybe less opportunities....but I could also see him running free a lot more if everything else is healthy and working around him......he was also getting a lot of attention later in the year and some forced targets
  7. joe mixon(insight needed from those who watched/followed him last year)

    good stuff....and ya....depending on your draft he could be anywhere from mid 2nd to early 3rd.....that's a pretty decent floor if it holds true I'm really looking at guys like him and cook in the 2nd....both have top 10 schedules against the run according to my fact 3 of the 2nd year backs have top 10 schedules against the run imo....fournette, cook and mixon....fournette scares me because of the reoccurring injury stuff....cooks was more of a freak thing
  8. I didn't own mixon.....and I can say I probably watched all of 5 minutes of bengals games last year(they might have been on defense)...I know, I know I'm a terrible football fan but I need to know a couple of things 1 just how awful was their offensive line? and are the additions of glenn and price enough to help fix it? 2. is there a glimmer of hope? how did he run? did he show decent vision when given the opportunity to display it? did he flash enough to think that, if the offensive line improves, he can be something? I'm looking at this guy and thinking "the talent is supposed to be there....and theres a potential 3rd round price tag on him...and he has a good schedule against the run this year according to the SOS tool I use" basically I'm looking for someone to tell me hes not trent richardson anyone?
  9. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    some stuff from tom curran about the trade...last paragraph most telling imo Cooks was good and, at 24, he’s bound to get better. But he wasn’t a seamless fit with the Patriots. He’s a vertical, downfield, outside-the-numbers receiver and the Patriots are not a vertical offense, they are a horizontal offense. Cooks was meant to be a complement for this team, a field-stretcher who would help take middle-of-the-field heat off of Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. When Edelman got hurt, the Patriots’ 2017 offensive approach changed a bit. Nobody could replicate Edelman’s ability to uncover in short spaces so Brady was suddenly tasked with holding the ball a beat or two longer and throwing outside. And Brady took a ton of punishment in the early part of the season as a result. When more was asked of Cooks in terms of working the middle of the field, he and Brady had a hard time getting on the same wavelength. The Patriots’ offense is a nuanced one that relies on option routes and the ability to be almost telepathic. Cooks didn’t pick it up to Brady’s satisfaction and the frustration was sometimes apparent. It was a misfire to Cooks by Brady that led to the sideline dustup between Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.
  10. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    decent move here by the pats IMO 1 year left on his deal now they get to grab someone who they can control for years at less money(whether receiver or another position) I thought cooks started to come on late and looked like more of a fit....BUT...I remember after one of the last few regular season games troy brown said in a post game show he thought cooks just looked like he didn't fit and that he didn't think he would be back with the team.....looks like he was right I like Christian kirk a lot...and I know the pats are taking a hard look...he can also return kicks...although they did get Patterson for that....kirk reminds me a lot of golden tate...the pats aren't really in dire need of a slot guy, which kirk is, but I just really like him and think they can find a way to make it work
  11. Trey Burton

    burton was on everyones radar(at least those who really follow football) even last year and before that....hes always been an intriguing prospect...he sort of followed the jordan reed path going to florida as a qb and then moving around.....i think burton actually played as a qb where reed never actually did at florida...but they both moved at the same time where reed went right to TE and burton kind of did the TE/H-back sort of thing....but i think there are alot of similarities
  12. Jets Trade up

    that is alot but you also have to consider going from 3 to 15 is a big difference than only dropping to 6.......the colts might be looking at a couple of guys and feel comfortable at 6 that they can get 1 of 15 its a different ball game
  13. Jets Trade up

    they aren't necessarily much smarter than us but you have to want that life...first you must be willing to work for free for awhile...then peanuts......and work ridiculous hours.....that's how a lot of those guys got there
  14. Jets Trade up

    if scouts/front offices were always right than the guys in kc and jax would have had lane Johnson instead of joeckel and fischer......or the rams would have had deandre instead of tavon austin bottom line is that these guys don't always know what theyre doing/do the smart thing what the jets certainly accomplished is driving up the price for any team that wants that #2.....the perception that this draft it strong and has 3-4 franchise qbs could easily be dismissed 4-5 years from now the jets are starved and desperate...that's what this looks like to me.....watching sanchez fizzle out and wasted picks on petty, geno and hackenberg have driven them to this it very well might turn out to be a great deal for them in time also.....if they miss on this one though it will hurt
  15. Jets Trade up

    "strong draft/weak draft" is just perception until you've had 5 years to look back and evaluate......which we can now do with that class....but the dolphins thought Jordan was going to be elite or else they wouldn't have made the move drafting and evaluating is an inexact science...or else guys like bell and Kelce wouldn't have gone in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of that draft we could argue about this all day.....but IMO the jets gave up too much and the colts got a score for a team that needs a bunch of talent infused into it