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  1. How is week 1 treating you?

    Yeah I I said...i went saquon but really wasnt too smart in factoring that theyll prob be behind alot and they probably dont want to run him into the ground so early in his career when the team isnt ready to compete....but it is what it is.....hopefully engram continues to beast
  2. How is week 1 treating you?

    I didnt watch the entire giants/cowboys game....but I suspect, even if they make a move to jones at qb at some point, if the giants are getting their ass kicked they arent going to ride saquon too hard...i think they are looking to preserve him especially after all the touches last year.....i dont think they believe they are going to compete this year and there is no need to run him into the ground.....actually looking back at what they did in week 1 if i could go back I might have taken mccaffrey or kamara #1 fyi i own engram too
  3. How is week 1 treating you?

    2nd most points and a double win in week 1...with john ross and hockenson on the bench.....not bad ill take it...long way to go though
  4. Hunter Henry suffers an injury to his tibia plateau

    ouch..this poor guy
  5. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    i love every second of it
  6. AB to New England

    I used to really hate the Yankees....I like being the Yankees of football
  7. AB to New England

    tom brady was really hurt going into that game...they didnt let it out...go back and watch....he was in a walking boot leading up to it
  8. Dare vs Malcolm brown

    Ya...ours is non Mando te ...they count as receivers ...we must start 4 but can also flex one....he went undrafted and I realized I was an idiot for not taking a flyer late on him but I got progressively more drunk lol The stigma with rookie tes makes him unattractive to most....I say "everything is unprecedented until it happens for the first time". I love the talent and I expect alot of double te with Detroit this year I could add another rb we don't have position limits...but I rarely carry more than 5...and I'm holding Williams/mccoy
  9. Dare vs Malcolm brown

    I could...but adds are $20 each and ive made 2 before the games have even started (although I'm not alone...there have been 8 already)... Plus that gives me 5 rbs...I dropped Burton ....also added hockenson bur haven't updated my team in sig
  10. Dare vs Malcolm brown

    I'm actually shocked brown wasn't drafted....this is a 12 team ppr with 10k in prize money that will be distributed ... In makes no sense he isn't taken with the way guys hoard and we have 17 roster spots.....brown did look good last year and they matched the offer sheet...I think he's the lead guy if gurley goes down and will prob still be the first one off bench
  11. Dare vs Malcolm brown

    I went dare...had some dead wr weight(at least Imo) and wanted to try to add some depth at rb
  12. Dare vs Malcolm brown

    I dig it....but also feel brown is an injur away from being relevant too...also heard Henderson might not be a great fit for their run scheme
  13. Dare vs Malcolm brown

    12 team ppr Who is the better speculative add?
  14. If this were your roster....who would u pick up?

    thats what im leaning towards....white boy bromance
  15. If this were your roster....who would u pick up?

    he def has that julius thomas appeal! I could totally see that and i could see waller thriving in garbage time if that defense doesnt show thinking waller or hockenson...tough call there....i see detroit running double TEs alot this year IMO.....