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  1. Antonio Brown missed practice again

    yeah terrible timing for brown owners....if it was a normal sunday at 1 game it wouldnt be so bad
  2. Can Vernon Davis be trusted vs Cowboys?

    its all good boys...i brought some penicillin
  3. ekeler vs bryant vs seals jones for flex

    have juju in...and wont know if brown is out till tomorrow night...... who to start for flex spot?
  4. Can Vernon Davis be trusted vs Cowboys?

    guy was out there all night....running routes...and no looks.....just out there running clearouts for everyone else.......went against all my gut instincts and started him FML
  5. Can Vernon Davis be trusted vs Cowboys?

    anyone rolling with VD tonight and if so how desperate are you? i have to consider it... my team is 11-1 the last 6 weeks and on fire...and even in spite of engram and VDs performance i still killed it last week i have kamara and most likely Cmac in at rb(unless we get some bad news later on CMac and i have to put ekeler in his place) so id either have to start 4 receivers and ekeler in my flex....or pick 5 receivers out of my receiver not sure which way to go or how much i can trust VD tonight.....the stakes are getting higher...cant afford many h2h or points losses now.....FYI we dont do playoffs...double W/L league with record as the points tiebreaker...last two weeks are position weeks
  6. Eli Manning benched was a pretty good run with engram save for the last couple games.....too bad i dont have alot of blind bid money left..not enough to get RSJ
  7. my fave part about kamara LOL
  8. my fave part about kamara

    yeah...I know some sites that were pumping him and super high on his talent....but how could anyone have legitimately been super high on him given the situation at the start of the year and advocate you drafting him in the 8th 9th or 10th? even when it was obvious that Peterson wasn't a good fit and that kamara needed more touches/snaps...can u always trust a coach to do the smart/right thing? like I said though....what impressed me sunday was the way he handled that last td.....walks over the goal...stops, drops the ball and heads back to his "me" moment or gloating....
  9. my fave part about kamara

    aside from the guy making guys miss ridiculously and just being an all around beast....sometimes it almost seems like the game is easy to him...he looks so non chalant at times but they are trailing 26-13....he catches a ball with about 1:55 left....his running full speed towards the goal....he crosses the line and basically stops as soon as he crosses the line.....does not make any hand gestures or anything of the waiting for his teammates to come join and celebrate......he turns right around and heads for the sideline....he knew it was meaningless unless they got the ball back
  10. Week 10 Milk Carton

    best of luck chief
  11. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    thank you julio...thank you alvin...u more than made up for the lack of engram and davis points
  12. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    good lord...
  13. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    i picked up davis thinking he might be a one or two week thing then a drop....lets hope we can get one big game from him here before reed thinks about coming back
  14. Hopes and Prayers Weekly

    well that too lolol just when i thought mcdermott was going to win dumb coach of the week right after john fox...pete carroll went and locked down the award for the whole year
  15. Hopes and Prayers Weekly

    ouch...that next to last drive for seattle must have driven u nuts.....that drive won me my head to head...I needed 6 more pts for a double win but I figured I was cooked h2h going in anyway......when Wilson connected on that 2pt conversion pass it put me over the top....9-1 the last 5 weeks russ is not to be messed with......too bad that team is full of stiffs