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  1. go out and get this guy

    yeah i didnt hear hes a starter....but that may ring true when they go 3 might see him, ginn and thomas out there....the first week i know carr "started"....smith might be on the field in all 3 wr sets now.....we shall at least interested...thats usually their standard set is the "11 personnel" what i did read is payton plans on showing more of least him being on the field alot more....
  2. Anyone here a FantasyGuru subscriber?

    ive always been a fan of the site...they are kind of my true #1 go to.....i use 3 sites...this one, that one and a free one....of the 3 though i think i liked the gurus board the least....not the setup....just in general the posters and info
  3. Anyone here a FantasyGuru subscriber?

    i am a subscriber there as well...and theyve been down for i think at least a month or so...they were supposed to relaunch them but i didnt really hear the full story or when they were going to....their board was alright but nothing special
  4. Trouble brewing in the 'burgh

    yup as if the offense was the problem....and hes not a target hound that ben routinely forces the ball too im prob way off cause i dont pay enough attention to the guy....but he seems like one of those guys that wants his and sees the HOF in his sights.... the guy had 17 targets...thats alot...he had 16 in the first game.....i do believe hes pissed that they havent won sure theres some "team in him"...but i dont think he likes looking over and seeing a teammate with a bigger stat line...and certainly not a bigger target share
  5. Philip Lindsay DEN RB

    Was supposed to say "take my l"... My loss....I was likely wrong although its still early
  6. Philip Lindsay DEN RB

    Lindsay looks real good still early but I might have to my L on freeman soon
  7. Patrick Mahomes

    played against the kid and whooped his arse!!! also have him in my other lil fun league and beat the manure outta the other
  8. Start Hogan/Enunwa, Cam/Mahomes?

    id prob go enunwa over hogan...but im starting them both anyways cause my receivers suck but one thing about hogan is ive read they expect him in the slot against hayden most of the day....and that hayden is the beatable guy in that we shall see
  9. yeldon vs royce

    i feel yeldon is the safer hate to see royce go off though...which i feel could happen do i play it safer(yeldon has some upside here too)?
  10. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    fair enough...but its not like i made a thread about it...just asking something in a fournette health thread about fournettes backup...i think its pretty relevant and fair also
  11. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    yeahhhh....i think its really a two headed though...i think booker is going to see his snap count dwindle.....even in the snaps he had how many touches? the other two guys actually saw the football when they were in there
  12. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    with fournette out im thinking going yeldon over freeman....anyone have any thoughts? i think yeldon is a good bet to do at least something in the passing game......i still like freeman and hate to put him on the bench...i think he could break out at any moment...but i could see yeldon catching 4-5 passes and getting in the endzone
  13. Philip Lindsay DEN RB

    yeah def a good story being a local boy i dont see these "lightning"/satellite backs going fact overall in the league they are trending up unless you have a premier gurley, zeke, saquon type(fournette being borderline...still need to see more ability in passing game) most teams are gonna wanna pair a back with one......having a gordon/ekeler howard/cohen freeman/lindsay thing could be real nice.....these guys are just too quick for linebackers to stay with all game....especially as defenses wear down and if they are getting pounded by the bigger back a bit....... i think theres room for both of these guys(freeman/lindsay) to be viable to play...i think one of these games soon youre gonna see freeman go off...and if he gets going early it will be a good day.....lindsay could be a good start most weeks if you need a flex or are in trouble at rb for byes or injuries
  14. Joe Mixon may need surgery

    thats actually not too bad if it holds true
  15. Joe Mixon may need surgery