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  1. my team is so trash that...(insert here)

    i will be starting brian hoyer today and may start george kittle as well...depending on injury news i hear my team is trash how trash is yours?
  2. PHI/CAR thread

    im not asking for 220 carries for mccaffrey....and yes his reception totals are good and hes on a great would just be nice to see them using him as a weapon to get ahead instead of when hes playing from behind or in a 2 minute drill at the end of a half
  3. PHI/CAR thread

    should be touching the ball more....early......setting the tone/pace..... like I said...he had 3 touches until the last 3 minutes of the first half when they went 2 minute....... as I mentioned....he does help draw attention....but they don't seem creative with him as a receiver...
  4. PHI/CAR thread

    agree...I think he can only gain steam....and stewart looked awful...not sure about whittakers injury just seems like they are hesitant to get him involved early in games....which is odd....for a guy they invested in and went through full camp without injury....just figured they would have him out there a lot and try to set a tone and open things up for the other guys a bit more you could clearly see teams are paying attention to him too.....the patriots basically let whitaker waltz in untouched on a miscommunication because guys were so concerned with making sure mccaffrey was accounted for....even on cams td run was opened up in part to him I dunno...maybe this coaching staff is real hesitant about a big role for a rookie, especially a smaller sized one, early in the year.....but I agree I could def see him gaining steam as the season goes on....its not like hes been a huge disappointment fantasy wise either.....just seems like Carolina isn't even coming close to maximizing the potential of this offense with him...although maybe that's their intention right now
  5. PHI/CAR thread

    I'm a mccaffrey owner and even though he hasn't been terrible and had a nice point total last night I'm still perplexed I didn't expect him to be l fournette or anything....but his usage still puzzles me....the guy had 3 touches until the last 2-3 minutes of the 1st half....he ended the 1st half with 5 catches but 3 of them came in the 2 minute drill at the end of the half now..i didn't watch the 2nd half...but id venture to say his other 5 catches were prob similar? it seems like Carolina makes no effort to get him involved unless they are chasing me he is a pace setter that will only help them open things up and score points early if they get him involved...and they don't seem interested in it......theres almost 0 creativity there on offense.....if mccaffrey were in several other cities I think hed be busting out.... they need to actually put the ball in his hands early and I'm sure it will open things up for everyone....stewart at this point is trash....if they are going to have him on the field theres no reason mccaffrey cant be out there too....all this talk about how linebackers cant cover Christian...well get him lined up on em and let him go to work to me its like Carolina took this kid 8th overall and they would prefer to bang stewart and let cam put up some points and just let mccaffrey return punts lol
  6. kendall wright or elijah mcguire in the flex

    keep in mind im already starting cohen damn im terrible
  7. kendall wright or elijah mcguire in the flex

    ya....i desperate go........
  8. RB Lottery

    having a piece of him in a dynasty league is a nice position...especially for nothing
  9. Ridley signs with Vikings

    my thoughts are two fold... RIP dalvin cook RIP my season andddd....ridley just a body
  10. RB Lottery

    just quick thoughts here obviously jones has the best overall situation on offense....but as others mentioned...montgomery will be back...but jones has real nice short term potential at worst jd mcnugent or whatever his name is also has a decent shot here and maybe could actually take over a job with strong showings....i still believe prosise is the most dynamic back on that roster and if he can get healthy for once in his life he could still be a major factor mcguire is my personal fave here...picked him up this week while others spent tons of FA dollars on others i got him for nothing....i think at some point the smart thing to do for the jets would be to go with a youth movement(i say this knowing how dumb nfl coaches and front offices actually can be)....this kid has some juice and skills
  11. And they say Gurley wouldn't do anything

    kdko...let it go...he doesn't "suck"
  12. Biggest waiver wire bid for Week 1

    ya blowing 3/4 of your budget on buck allen is nuts to me...but so is blowing half on kerwynn...but maybe were wrong...we shall see
  13. Biggest waiver wire bid for Week 1

    240 out of 500 on kerwynn even though I took a double loss as I had many I had laid big eggs.....3 guys that would have been hot ww pickups were late draftees of mine.....kamara in the 13th...cohen in the 16th and golladay in the 17th......they weren't there for bidding and I feel good about it and my team going forward
  14. Ware goes down...

    hunt possibly moving into that 3rd round area now
  15. Christian McCaffrey

    im actually kind of shocked at the huddles refusal to endorse mccaffrey right now....have him at 51 in the top 200 ppr....if i was playing in a league with guys following the huddles rankings i would laugh all the way to the bank youve got cook at 21...and mccaffrey at 51....what am i missing?