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  1. What do you need tonight?

    i was down by like 4 with barkley and engram vs his daniel jones(mahomes owner) won by like 1.5 or something....unreal...12-6 but getting it done with smoke and mirros...every week im losing a player....preston williams was starting to turn it on and boom...hes gone...have hilton out bye weeks coming up for my rbs....not sure how much longer i can hold this together with tape, glue and bandaids
  2. TY Hilton out

    i have hilton out...put preston williams in my lineup...boom nice day! oh wait hes done for the year now!!! great lol
  3. TY Hilton out

    one thing after another this year.....amazingly im 10-6(should be 11-5 if it werent for a lineup mistake i made that i shouldnt have) with all the banged up guys ive had.....but i feel like my good fortune may be coming to an end
  4. houston texans

    i did...i have the pats game(sold my tix to clev game before season started...glad with the weather) on one tv and redzone on the other lolol....hes a "magician" as they said
  5. houston texans

    4 PLAYS, 18 YARDS, 2:18 OAK14 HOU10 4th & 1 at HOU 34 (12:42 - 3rd) (Shotgun) D.Watson left end ran ob at HST 43 for 9 yards (E.Harris) 3rd & 8 at HOU 27 (13:28 - 3rd) (Shotgun) D.Watson scrambles left end to HST 34 for 7 yards (A.Key) 2nd & 12 at HOU 23 (14:05 - 3rd) (Shotgun) D.Watson right end ran ob at HST 27 for 4 yards (N.Lawson) 2nd & 7 at HOU 28 (14:28 - 3rd) (Shotgun) PENALTY on HST-Z.Fulton, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at HST 28 - No Play 1st & 10 at HOU 25 (15:00 - 3rd) (Shotgun) D.Watson right end to HST 28 for 3 yards (M.Crosby)
  6. houston texans

    3 and 1 and a 10 yard run by duke johnson to keep it going? nope holding on nick martin...these guys are just awful....awful...tunsil leads league in false starts......0 creativity by o'brien too...
  7. houston texans

    i love deshaun watson....but i just cant anymore...i dont care what he does the rest of the day...ive got brees and its just night and day...and its not watson team is a league leader in false start penalties...5 yard passes all day....just overall lack of imagination on offense...just brutal to watch sometimes...o'brien stinks
  8. RB Handcuff Tactic

    in a competitive 12 team ppr, with what im assuming is at least a 17 man roster with no position limits, id think even thompson and MVS would be rostered....thompson at the very least....and i would assume mattison and smith are as well in mine, which is high stakes, only edmonds and herndon are available
  9. SB: SF vs NE

    no a pats fan and i know how light our schedule has been so far....but the san fran teams schedule has been fairly light as well....i mean...they did win a couple of road games which is never easy....but theres a bunch of good teams in the NFC....the AFC overall is pretty, pretty, how good SF is remains to be seen....but they have looked good.....
  10. Diggs to Patriots??

    it would be so like the patriots to flip something for diggs...use him for the year and then flip him in the offseason for a better pick
  11. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    I agree. I actually feel a little bad for him. He may be bipolar and suffer from cluster B personality disorders. I actually pity him a bit. Seems like he feels like the whole world is ganging up on him and everyone is conspiring against him with no real understanding of what he did to cause such a reaction.
  12. How is week 1 treating you?

    Yeah I I said...i went saquon but really wasnt too smart in factoring that theyll prob be behind alot and they probably dont want to run him into the ground so early in his career when the team isnt ready to compete....but it is what it is.....hopefully engram continues to beast
  13. How is week 1 treating you?

    I didnt watch the entire giants/cowboys game....but I suspect, even if they make a move to jones at qb at some point, if the giants are getting their ass kicked they arent going to ride saquon too hard...i think they are looking to preserve him especially after all the touches last year.....i dont think they believe they are going to compete this year and there is no need to run him into the ground.....actually looking back at what they did in week 1 if i could go back I might have taken mccaffrey or kamara #1 fyi i own engram too
  14. How is week 1 treating you?

    2nd most points and a double win in week 1...with john ross and hockenson on the bench.....not bad ill take it...long way to go though
  15. Hunter Henry suffers an injury to his tibia plateau

    ouch..this poor guy