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  1. im actually kind of shocked at the huddles refusal to endorse mccaffrey right now....have him at 51 in the top 200 ppr....if i was playing in a league with guys following the huddles rankings i would laugh all the way to the bank youve got cook at 21...and mccaffrey at 51....what am i missing?
  2. I won a high stakes league two years ago with Gurley as my rb1 and he didnt even play the first all depends on how you hit the rest of your draft i like crowell as a talent...most forget this kid was a 5 star out of high school and actually more highly rated than gurley coming out of high school....i know they improved the offensive line and team as a whole so many are expecting a spike in solid numbers...i happen to think hes being slightly overvalued right now though I made a thread about gurley a little while back...i think hes rated about where he should just less hesitant to pull the trigger there than most are i kind of agree on zeke..i have a high stakes draft next tuesday and i pick looking at zeke as a possibility in the 2nd or 3rd(i doubt he makes it out of 2nd)...i think he gets reduced...even to 4 games would be make that worth it i think
  3. Sooooo....Goff goes 16-20 with a TD...gurley averages 4.8 a carry and scores a TD and catches a why arent guys lining up to praise gurley now since it seems 1 preseason game tells the whole story ???? The Rams offense is going to be relatively productive this season im telling you....
  4. sure but in rounds 7-8 of a 12 team high stakes league...what WR isnt really just an educated guess at that point?
  5. i have pick 21 in a 12 teamer in the 2nd weighing mccaffrey heavily now there....if he even makes it that far...draft its next tuesday..... regardless of who else is there..i find it hard to believe you spend that high of a pick on an offensive player like that if you dont plan to feature him from the get go all i keep hearing is how basically no linebacker can cover him...then u saw that catch he had where he was basically going to break left or right on a linebacker...and that backer basically had to guess and he guessed wrong and mccaffrey was wideeeeee open.....there is no way to keep this guy off the field.....
  6. I honestly think of that list, not including the qb(because I wont take a qb there ever), the only guys id be happy to take or feel ok about are mccaffrey and pryor....and of course mccaffrey is still a major question mark at this point
  7. in 7 of those 12 games he averaged 4+ yards a 3 of those 5 in which he didn't he didn't even see double digit one of those 3 games he only had 6 of those games was also on the road in baltimore you simply want to point out how certain games skewed his numbers in the positive direction...but don't want to take into account anything that might have had a negative effect on his YPC don't average 4.8 a carry on 230 carries...coming off a major knee injury...without having ability and talent..... as I mentioned previously....everyone was down on McCoy and murray going into last year......but OLs that ended up playing better than they were predicted to helped....the rams have worked on that and now have one of the better/creative player callers with them....and a qb that will now get all of the reps in his 2nd camp with a way more talented group of skills players around him....
  8. so what was the excuse for him averaging 4.8 per carry on 230 carries the year before? just dumb luck?
  9. You are ready to jump ship after two pretty short series huh? I'm not....he also caught a pass...something I think you might see a bit of this year This McVay kid is one of the brightest offensive minds in the game....the offensive creativity will improve by leaps and bounds from the last regime(which was abysmal). They've added Woods, Watkins, Everett and Kupp. If McVay and Goff get this passing game going its going to help Gurley. Having little success early against a fresh defense is one thing. But what about later in a game when defenses are a bit worn down? Gurley is a threat to break big gains. The offensive line also has two additions and needs time to gel and improve. I guess we see things differently. You seem to think Gurley is Trent Richardson...I think hes talented.
  10. here are my thoughs on these guys last year in august I dunno how I feel completely about this situation yet....but I could see them riding Murray hard till the wheels fall off.....I think hes more complete and I still dont know about Henrys feet.
  11. Must be nice. I want a spot in that league. Johnson never made it passed 4 in any league I was in.
  12. KDKO, I should also mention that I probably draft differently than most people. Im constantly mining for situations that are going to potentially improve. Im looking for a guy in every round that I think can drastically outperform his ADP or round. Where some guys are looking safe early and hoping to hit later on some gems, Im looking to hit in every round on a 12 TD WR or RB. My main high stakes league doesnt do playoffs. Strictly wins/losses of the double variety. It seems every year the winner has a team where literally everything clicks. And thats kind of the way I draft. Im rarely looking for something safe at any juncture. Im looking for a guy I think can peform like a 1st rounder in every round.
  13. Its cool. I enjoy the debate. Every year you have situations that drastically improve or drastically go south in the NFL. For instance I showed you a link from last year where I was talking about Evans(I know its a different situation/position) and some people didnt wanna buy into the possibility of Evans improving. I still believe in Gurleys talent. I have a hard time believing if you put him in Dallas he struggles last year.
  14. I wasnt making the draft position comparison to devalue Crowell. I know the pedigree Crowell carried coming out of high school. Hes on par with Gurley in that respect. What Im saying is Crowell is essentially playing from behind. Gurleys rookie year and draft position are what fuels his ADP. If all things were equal and Crowell was a top 10 pick and had a rookie year like Gurleys his ADP now would likely be higher is my point. I know all about guys like Arian Foster and Priest Holmes.
  15. Yup. But if Crowell had been a first round NFL Draft pick and had a 1100 yard 10 TD year in 12 games season in the last two years he probably wouldnt have that ADP. It would be higher. Crowells ADP has nothing to do with his stats in comparison to Gurleys. It has to do with anticipation in improvement with the Browns as I previously mentioned