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  1. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    i always seem to forget the cowboys were pretty good in the early 80s and late 70s.....a little before my time...but ya ur right
  2. Bill Belichick to retire

    gronk has been struggling with back problems since well before his NFL career...its basically the reason he slid into the 2nd...and hes been all types of banged up since he got here..... of course the word around is he basically hasn't spent a dime of his actual nfl salary money...that he lives of endorsements and appearance fees....but no one really really would be nothing for this guy to walk out and still earn a healthy sure the wrestling company would be glad to have him around for awhile....guy will always be in demand for club appearances and tv appearances but I agree...I think he sticks around....but its got to be increasingly tough to get through the grind and always being hurt doing it.....but he did link up with guerrero recently and was available save for that suspension....
  3. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    49ers/cowboys was the steve young era though was it not? it wasn't montana and the cowboys slugging it out was it? speaking of steve young...didn't that guy win a SB and make the HOF? how come that isn't some proof of a "system" and held against montana? but somehow jimmy g winning a couple of game is ...and cassel winning some games, with a team brady was within a play of going 19-0 with, is? did montana ever have to worry about his starting TE or receiver going out in the 1st half of an NFC title game or superbowl after taking a hit to the helmet? I'm not knocking joe at all...just showing if you want to make arguments about eras, or whatever, you can really go tit for tat
  4. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    nah...i think everyone is entitled to their opinion but if you are going to go tit for tat on advantages...i think it can be done both those things really cancel each other out imo
  5. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    every time you can point out some advantage brady has that montana didn't have I can easily play tit for tat and do the makes no difference.....they cancel each out IMO
  6. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    so lemme get this straight....montana hasn't played a down of football since like 94 or 95? was surpassed....yet somehow has now leapfrogged back in front of a guy that just threw for 505 yards 3 tds and no picks? seems logical.....either that or the guy is trying to stir a pot
  7. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?
  8. Patricia to the Lions, McDaniels to the Colts

    last night there was a picture circulating locally of kraft and belichick dining together at a restaurant(which I frequent) adjacent to the I cant be certain it wasn't an older pic....but looked legit to me......what that means nobody knows why wouldn't belichick let mcdaniels walk? hes 41 now and hes had more experience...hes prob as ready as he will ever be for a HC job.....I don't think bill would ever honestly stand in someones way if he felt they were ready....that was his problem before...he didn't think he was ready.......... so I don't see the mcdaniels situation as kraft getting in the way of a belichick fact...I think you are making that something you want it to be....its an assistant getting a blessing for a HC gig and the owner sweetning the pot for that guy to stay......if mcdaniels had said "i don't want a HC job Id rather stay here" all along that belichick would force him out the door and demand he take a HC gig? I don't think so......this is NOT a kraft intervening situation......for the time being mcdaniels remains in his role we still don't know that jimmy g was a kraft at best you have one possible scenario of kraft getting in the way....but still nothing tangible.......and if belichick had to be told to move jimmy g than id say his time is just about up here anyway......did you not see what tom did on sunday? I'm not really concerned....most of this is icing on very wonderful cake.....the only people who want to be concerned are those who want it all to come crashing down.......eventually it will die out.....everything ends badly otherwise it wouldn't end right? sure id like to see sustained excellence but I'm not counting on it...... until further notice the pats are still amongst SB favorites for next year....that SHOULD concern everyone else
  9. Patricia to the Lions, McDaniels to the Colts

    also to add....its appears kraft got directly involved.......and u just know he would love to get any chance to stick it to the colts again
  10. Patricia to the Lions, McDaniels to the Colts

    no one knows exactly how long this will play out....will bill leave at the end of his contract next year? or is he around for another 3-4? but mcdaniels is 41....another 3-4 years of top coordinator pay, with no pressure of getting canned, with the HC job at the end of it in a place hes pretty familiar with....makes sense.....ride out the brady train and then go from there.....the colts, even with a healthy luck(which is no guarantee, is a roster dumpster fire
  11. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    sure you were
  12. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    From @robot_davey on twitter... Clarification/Update: Malcom Butler missed initial flight from Boston to Minneapolis. Arrived to team hotel intoxicated after curfew twice. During room evaluation (Thurs) he was caught smoking Josh Gordon. Missed Saturday morning team meeting. we will never get any clear, real, answer
  13. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    lol...look at the chicken littles coming out to gloat
  14. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports? Emmitt Smith: “The best quarterback ever to play the game is Tom Brady, in my opinion. Without a doubt.” Deion Sanders: “It’s the Brady era. You can’t get no better than that.” Michael Irvin: “All of us living should understand how blessed we are to be in this moment while he’s doing what he’s doing. I say yes to comparing him to [Michael] Jordan, and I think what he’s doing is more difficult.” Jerry Rice: “I always felt Jim Brown was the best ever. But Tom Brady, you have to put him up there.” Jim Kelly: “The best. No doubt.” Troy Aikman: “It was always an easy answer, it was Joe Montana. Now . . . I’ve changed my tune. I think [Brady is] the greatest to play our sport.” Shannon Sharpe: “Tom Brady is the greatest football player in the 97-year history of the NFL.” add that to those saying the same last year or similar last year even before they won last years game but i guess a bunch of guys who play fantasy football, and hate the patriots, know better
  15. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    although im sure statement/radio show you are talking about probably isnt a local new england show....its what the media does...especially with two weeks and all the hoopla surrounding them recently.....they delve into every possible angle and look for every possible tell sign....our local media does that all the time and are great at it for this week tom brady released a 5 segment show called "tom vs time" on facebook watch...five seperate 15 minute episodes...with the last one being released on superbowl sunday.....some here speculated "is there some meaning.....why release the last one on superbowl he trying to tell us something? is he possibly going to make some sort of announcement in this? at the end of it?".......oooohhhhh!!!! LOL theyve even speculated that tom says "i wanna play 5 more years" all the time because when he walks away hes going to do it out of nowhere because he doesnt want a year long "farewell tour like derek jeter and david ortiz" im not saying that maybe there isnt truth to bill wanting to leave or be done.....we just really wont know........but ill say this....before i dont think belichick felt like mcdaniels was ready....and thats why he wasnt endorsing his move.....mcdaniels has more seasoning and experience now....and patricia is probably as ready as anyone....he also has guys like brian flores who could prob come in and he feels comfortable having taking over for patricia...not to mentions bills kids......bill recently came out and said that his son steven is one of his "most trusted assistants"....and he may feel hes ready for more responsibility and the basketball game? well several local media guys have complained how sick they are of being in the mall...and thats after a just a few days......not to mention the t'wovles coach is a local new england guy and lifelong pats fan whom belichick has hosted at pats practices like i said..with the media these days its rarely the simplest answers