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  1. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    ab is an amazing talent...but hes always been a hothead...which is fine i guess...i like the fact that hes would be boring if everyone were boring and the same...i sort of loathe bland people really.... but the guy got kicked out of FIU before playing a down....hes been reported to have thrown furniture from the 14th floor of his apt building.....he had the incident where he filmed tomlin and posted it...along with several other incidents....i sure theres alot more thats gone on with this guy that has gone unreported behind the scenes...and he probably believes that it will always be tolerated as long as hes productive....but you have to believe alot of people are getting tired of it...especially when they have a fun loving alternative on the scene who toes the line
  2. What do you need on MNF?

    I won my championship in a down to the wire scenario last night....I had hamilton....he got me my h2h win but I also needed a points win to win the league I was in contention with another team that had Sutton for the last available points win....I had about a 3 pt lead on him going into game with Hamilton vs Sutton.... Was down exactly 1 point on Denver's last possession...Hamilton caught a pass for like 3 yards.......that 3rd down run my doug Martin was legendary....saved Denver from getting ball back.....didn't win as much as this electric relish....but taking home over 5k..
  3. Juju...

    ya....that would really ruin my day, week, month and year
  4. Juju...

    agree 100 percent...
  5. Juju...

    im a diehard pats i kinda dislike the seelers...but i love this guy....picked him up for the 2nd half last year and drafted him this year....guy is incredible was facing the possibilty of having both my horses, gurley and juju, big question marks going into 4 oclock games tomorrow for the biggest game of the year i picked up washington.....already own reynolds...... im going to start foster, ebron, juju, and d hamilton and wait and see on gurley..if hes out ill put reynolds in his place.... gonna be a tough call on gurley...i could see him giving it a go...but if he does will he be on a limit? or what if he starts and the 2nd series into the game he feels discomfort and decides to shut it down? much as id hate to say it id almost prefer they hold him so i cant play reynolds and not potentially have gurley screw me.....but i dunno....
  6. Joe Mixon

    no no no!!!
  7. Joe Mixon

    pretty sure he was limited last week or maybe it was two weeks ago.....then friday they said he was good to go......tomorrow is really the important day i believe
  8. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    i need 1 point from curtis samuel in ppr...letsssss goooooooooooo
  9. Odell Beckham OUT

    would be nice if he was out next week too and the giants started lauletta......i have tenn defense...would be a 4 game stretch against the jets, jax with kessler, giants with lauletta and then washington with mccoy....even though they didnt do too well against the jets and the giants came is on the road
  10. Nick Chubb

    they were talking about KC in the playoffs on local radio today here in new england....kind of noting their track record...till someone sort of laid it out "yeah but youre not talking about KC with pat mahomes".....this is a different qb than were talking about with past KC failures......sure hes very young and not immune to having a stinker when things get forreal....but hes different for sure
  11. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    13-189-1...sounds like thats exactly the kind of juju youd want corey davis to have lol
  12. Marvin Jones is done for the season

    guys are dropping like flies again eh?
  13. Joe Mixon added to injury report

    trocking sucks might have to role with yeldon and cross fingers that the huddles predicition of 6-60-1 receiving holds true
  14. How have you kept your team afloat?

    thats a job well done in that thread where the guy said he was quitting ff in which he complained about RB talent(which was stupid since theres a whole round of viable rb1's this year) i said theres more than one way to skin a cat...even near the end of the 1st you could have had thomas/adams....and them maybe thielen or hill or something else like ertiz/kelce.....and then filled in around that......looks like you did a good job of that kind of strategy....
  15. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    hes not going to add that 12 into the equation...that season is over with and done....he got paid and played...hes looking at his future earning potential....and he, at least, believes hes worth more than the 30 going forward it was a might be a losing proposition for him....conner looking great didnt help...and taking a year off football cant really be good for anyone.....hes got some things working against him....but there are some rb hungry teams out there(den, indy, hou) that might think they are a piece away from being real contenders........i just totally understand where hes coming me im a pats fan and i dont like the steelers....but i will almost always side with a player in a situation like this......i totally understand the teams perspective and how economics play a huge roll in roster/cap as a pats fan ive seen many guys want their money or be traded.....just saw a guy, dion lewis, call my favorite team ever "cheap"...even though they were the ones that helped him get paid and really he was almost out of football without them