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  1. AFC Championship Game

    one cannot argue...every patriots superbowl in the brady/belichick area has been close....and 6 of the 7 have been pretty damn entertaining also...if anyone is looking for a future sean mcvay....or mcvay part might not be too much longer
  2. AFC Championship Game

    theres a difference between cutting down a perennial disappointment/failure and cutting down consistent excellence I think what a lot of you might not you live in maine correct? maybe you do realize this....but when I was growing up it wasn't cool to be a pats I grew up around, and to this day, am still surrounded by fans of the steelers, dolphins, 9ers, giants, jets, cowoboys name it....and a lot of these guys don't like the fact that the old joke of a team is now the perfect model....and they cut them down constantly around here.........its almost like they were so trained to be able to laugh at the patriots that they cannot stand it see patriots fans, especially the lifetime loyal ones, enjoy the some of us are defensive....maybe ultra of my coworkers is colts fan....he grew up in CT.....he literally wont watch patriots games....refuses to....because "i just cant stand them"....hes a good guy and doesn't attack them.....but a lot of these guys around here attack .....half of them think brady is nothing without bill...the other half think its the other way around....and basically all of them call them cheaters or constantly have to take digs at the pats or the fanbase....... I compare the situation a lot to one of my favorite boxers....Floyd....who I was a fan of as way back as 96 when he was in the Olympics.....a lot of the times he came of snotty and arrogant in his interviews in the latter half of his career....but it was usually because the interviewer would go out of his way to demean his accomplishments....or discredit his competition...or insist he was avoiding certain fighters....but generally when Floyd was given respect by someone he would give a real good interview......when people talk about, and treat the pats, with some respect you usually get it get some me I remember the old days well when we were a laughing stock....but a lot of guys don't want the patriots fans to be respectful or humble...its almost like they want someone to point the finger at and hate.....sometimes the hate is obvious and blatant..other times its more passive aggressive.......
  3. AFC Championship Game

    furthermore goudreau.....I def can take a joke...the fournette meme is funny....the notion(and memes) that belichick ordered to the false missle alarm in Hawaii to mess with mariota is also funny but you have to understand...some of us are actually very proud of the patriots....but some people constantly just love to make jokes and refuse to give any credit....and that's been going on for some time.....I understand most of the country loathes the pats....everyone hates consistent winners...I get it....its a time honored tradition in sport......but its still annoying to listen to people constantly whine about cheating and and ref calls and all of that stuff....when all of the great coaches and players from the past and present realize just how incredible and impressive what they have done/are doing is like ive always said....if you talk about the patriots with respect and give their due credit you will usually get the same in ive always said...a lot of other fans are like the kids at recess....they take their shots(like when the teacher isn't looking) and cry and tattle when retaliated on.......not saying you.....but you can see it around here all the time....some of its blatant and obvious.....some is more passive aggressive..... its all good just looking forward to sunday...the fournette/belichick meme is cute though for sure
  4. AFC Championship Game

    not to get a pissing contest....but you do realize we have writers in boston that have lived here their entire lives, or spent their most of their careers in boston, that actually hate the patriots or love to talk negatively about them all of the time right? it actually exists
  5. AFC Championship Game

  6. AFC Championship Game

    that's pretty sad IMO
  7. AFC Championship Game

    it a I said those situations brady isn't even taking a play call and is getting his guys up there as fast as possible and getting it snapped.....its just situational football and the qb should be able to make that you mentioned its ben....its not landry jones out there....ben has earned the right to make the call on his own.......its really everyones fault but ben was the last one that could have put a stop to it
  8. AFC Championship Game

    definitley I think a lot of teams around the league( I don't know this to be true) spend too much time on formations, assignments and tendencies....and forget to practice situational football......I mean real situational football on a consistent much of what comes up during the course of a game is that.......there comes a point where you probably overprepare on a lot of the other stuff and it doesn't even help that much I know brady has said in recent years that while he still prepares very well that its a lot less than it used to be....because he realized a lot of it was too much and pointless and theres a point where you are as prepared as you can guess is a lot of teams don't really spend enough time on basic situational stuff......ben should have had them up at the line ASAP ready to snap that thing and get his arms out I also think as a head coach there should be a point where you have a good level of trust and confidence in your coordinators that they can call their game and you should be focused on all other little things
  9. AFC Championship Game

    which makes the plays that actually happened all the more puzzling.....and I would blame everyone...from the play the coach who didn't overrule the qb who didn't ditch it
  10. AFC Championship Game

    I get your point....but there are certain times where a simple fielding of a snap and quick arm extension is all that is needed.....and you are exactly right.....running a toss sweep gives the defense more time to penetrate and hit gaps I'm not sure what bens track record is with qb sneaks is....but id imagine it should be decent...hes a big guy that's always been a bit slippery for his size.....brady wouldn't have hesitated to run a sneak on either of those fact id envision ie would have ignored any other play call and ran up there as fast as he could and snapped that thing
  11. AFC Championship Game

    hard to envision a worse gameplan than one that had them running toss sweeps and 20 yard pass plays on 4th and a foot...then again maybe if ben wasn't the size of vince wilfork they would have run a couple of sneaks....
  12. AFC Championship Game

    im allowed to have this mindset as im just a fan.....i doubt the players and coaches in new england are taking the steelers approach though
  13. AFC Championship Game

    i seriously wouldnt doubt that brady could beat the jags with those 6 guys and that 1 woman
  14. Aaron Rogers VROOM VROOM!!

    mark chmura?
  15. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    yeah the colts were rumored to be all in....but overall the titans situation is a better one and it looks like tenn might have just come right in and stole mcdaniels from a division rival
  16. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    have to agree...and they must have someone in mind
  17. final 8

    i know the misconception, that patriots fans are "dripping with arrogance, exists but come this time of year nothing is a given....a lot of people like to talk about the patriots and how they should roll...its all I hear locally from fans of other teams(and believe me there are many here in NE) its going to be a walk in the park the pats are playing a team with a big, physical, o line....and a truck of a RB who is rolling right now and very fresh.....and an athletic qb who can beat you with his legs.......that's dangerous.....and im nervous as I always am before every playoff game.......I always have kept in the back of my mind "heck weve lost to mark sanchez at home"....I suspect if the pats don't dominate or cover people will wonder 'omg whats wrong".....but this is playoff football were down to the final 8...all of these matchups are very intriguing and nothing would really shock anyone at this of luck to your team this weekend if they are still in it
  18. final 8

    no wonder pitt acts as if they spanked jax earlier in the year and have no worries loves them some pitt/ne rematch right? no question there were some odd/real sketch happens.....but it really wouldnt have mattered...i know some people are going to pretend like the game could have gone a different way if a couple of those calls didnt go down....but it wouldnt was basically the varsity vs the JV squad out there
  19. Kudos to the Eagles

    agreed...congrats to the eagles....they tried like hell to hand that game to ATL but they still pulled it out.... it was getting annoying watching the rams and eagles do everything in their power to basically drive ATL to the NFC title game....i dont know why...i sort of hate ATL and matt ryan now...and i used to like him....i think it might be something about julios TD output this year but i dunno lol
  20. Here we go Steelers..... again , ughh

    I have no problem with his stance....I rarely have any gripe with NFL guys wanting every dollar they can get while they can.....we know the sport...its brutal and contracts aren't fully guaranteed...they are basically being paid from the same pool of money that MLB and NBA teams are with double, and more than double, the roster size........playing on a year to year deal is a big risk for someone that plays that position and touches the ball, while being exposed, that many times its just a really poor time to make a statement like just refuse to answer any question relating to next your or your contract status...plain and simple
  21. Here we go Steelers..... again , ughh

    I saw that last night and thought the same thing........its one of those things, no matter what kind of question is asked, you just don't talk about at this time of year.......oh well
  22. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    I concur!
  23. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    guys like you can keep watching nonsense like that ill watch stuff like this toodles!
  24. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    thats what the media, especially locally, does....throw out every possibility and play every angle......its kind of gross dan shaugnessy was on tennesse radio today and he was basically saying "i dont think the pats are that good...ive been saying it for awhile...i keep waiting for someone to step up but they keep throwing parades by my house".........this guy is worse than some of the guys here....they are killing him on EEI.......talking about how he hated the krafts family for years cause they didnt invite him to a breakfast lol maybe brady is motivated for his "brand"...or maybe hes just super motivated to defy the odds because thats what hes known for and wants to cement a legacy that cant be touched......sometimes its just the simplest answer....brady has always been motivated before there was the hundreds of millions and the brand and all of it
  25. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    ok man....whatever you say... you guys are right...pats are dumb...dumb trade....they got nothing...they are probably pissed....brady gonna throw 6 ints this weekend or next...the run is over....jimmy g going to the hall...prob gonna down as the greatest of all time....frisco faves to win superbowl next year none of you harbor any hate or animosity towards the patriots...its me...i really hate the dolphins and jets and browns and everyone else.... you literally have a guy in here telling us "if you prorate garoppolos stats theyre better than bradys and thats with SF"...cept theyre have guys in here saying "have fun when brady throws 6 ints in a playoff game like marino"....brady barely throws 6 ints in a year....and has 5 rings and a host of other credentials marino doesnt have a whiff of......but im supposed to sit here and act like every person in here bashing the pats for this move is doing this without a shred of bias and looking at it through the lense of belichick/kraft/patriots fans? LOL......whatever done with this......