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  1. Odell Beckham OUT

    would be nice if he was out next week too and the giants started lauletta......i have tenn defense...would be a 4 game stretch against the jets, jax with kessler, giants with lauletta and then washington with mccoy....even though they didnt do too well against the jets and the giants came is on the road
  2. Nick Chubb

    they were talking about KC in the playoffs on local radio today here in new england....kind of noting their track record...till someone sort of laid it out "yeah but youre not talking about KC with pat mahomes".....this is a different qb than were talking about with past KC failures......sure hes very young and not immune to having a stinker when things get forreal....but hes different for sure
  3. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    13-189-1...sounds like thats exactly the kind of juju youd want corey davis to have lol
  4. Marvin Jones is done for the season

    guys are dropping like flies again eh?
  5. go out and get this guy

    if you havent drafted yet...take a flier...last round....if you have drafted you likely have some dead weight garbage at the end of your roster that doesnt excite you or have much upside i drafted last was a lonnnggg weekend ....hungover all day from drinking at the beach all day saturday and into the night....and a 730 start had the last few rounds going into the 11 oclock hour so i feel asleep at the wheel during the last couple of today i tried to atone for my mistake and spent the 20 bucks to do the first drop/add of the year less than 12 hours from the draft tre'quan smith.......this guy has kamara redux written on him....handpicked by payton...3rd round.... i know meredith and ginn are still there....meredith has 10 career starts....coming off an ACL....he got alot of love for having some decent games on a desperate team that was forced to pass a ton.....meredith has been pretty quiet and was actually seen playing into the 4th last game(although its possible it was done to get him more work/game action since he hasnt seen alot over the last year)..... im worried little about what the depth chart says...last year kamara was "buried" on the depth chart behind ingram and a future hall of famer.... until his talent forced them to scrap that.....i can see smith doing the same..6-1/6-2 210.....has caught 11 of his 13 targets so far.... im not saying youve got certain gold here.....i think he could get off to a pretty slow start and may not even many/any snaps early on....but i think a month or more into the year he will have a role.....and he could make a great addition to your receving corps as a bye week/injury filler and just maybe more
  6. Joe Mixon added to injury report

    trocking sucks might have to role with yeldon and cross fingers that the huddles predicition of 6-60-1 receiving holds true
  7. How have you kept your team afloat?

    thats a job well done in that thread where the guy said he was quitting ff in which he complained about RB talent(which was stupid since theres a whole round of viable rb1's this year) i said theres more than one way to skin a cat...even near the end of the 1st you could have had thomas/adams....and them maybe thielen or hill or something else like ertiz/kelce.....and then filled in around that......looks like you did a good job of that kind of strategy....
  8. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    hes not going to add that 12 into the equation...that season is over with and done....he got paid and played...hes looking at his future earning potential....and he, at least, believes hes worth more than the 30 going forward it was a might be a losing proposition for him....conner looking great didnt help...and taking a year off football cant really be good for anyone.....hes got some things working against him....but there are some rb hungry teams out there(den, indy, hou) that might think they are a piece away from being real contenders........i just totally understand where hes coming me im a pats fan and i dont like the steelers....but i will almost always side with a player in a situation like this......i totally understand the teams perspective and how economics play a huge roll in roster/cap as a pats fan ive seen many guys want their money or be traded.....just saw a guy, dion lewis, call my favorite team ever "cheap"...even though they were the ones that helped him get paid and really he was almost out of football without them
  9. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    smith didnt come up with that..its already been mentioned by several writers/reporters....smith sucks....hes just regurgitating trust me
  10. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    yup....i doesnt concern most only concerns guys when they get put in that situation..and like you said ..its a verrrrry small percentage
  11. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    if todd gurley gets hurt on his first carry next week(god i cant believe i said that....please lord im praying to notttttttttt) he still gets his 45 mil guaranteed.....thats bells point...hes already played under that tag twice....which guarantees him nothing the next year if he gets hurt.......and hes had enough....the tag is outdated and gives the owners the potential to use it on someone the way its been used on bell...its basically a 1 year show me deal...and the show me is "show me you can perform and NOT GET HURT".........bell has given his body to the steelers....they should pay him or let him be a free agent.......instead they are holding him hostage on 1 years deals....yeah its real good money....but someone like bell has proven, on the field at least, he deserves some long term security......if the steelers believe in him and believe he can stay clean..otherwise they should let him test
  12. How have you kept your team afloat?

    im 13-7 and in 3rd place we dont do trades as there is too much money on the line that they cause least thats what we deemed a couple years ago....and even then very few were made as it seems our owners were too timid to deal with each other....seemed like some people didnt wanna be wrong and others wanted something for nothing i was lucky get #1 overall....and get gurley....also drafted chubb later and held(so pumped the day i found out hyde got traded)...drafted yeldon who helped me get buy while mixon was out....although i grabbed yeldon over conner thinking bell would be back(the thought of having conner now makes me team would be soooooo good) my receivers stink...real bad...cept for juju...i drafted hogan, jordy, and agholor after that...luckily i drafted ebron in the 16th round....hit with oj howard on waivers and have been barely getting by with a weak wr corps...burton has been ok too and had at least 1 big game..... i lost a game by 4 points on that monday nighter when gb/san fran played as i was up big and my opponent had rodgers and goodwin going against me(i think thats like the only good game goodwin has had)....but i also squeaked one out this last week i prob shouldnt have when breida laid a dud in the 2nd half monday...ive also missed out on two wins with poor lineup choices where i left point on the bench that could have gotten me points wins.....i could be in a bit better shape record wise but i wont complain....but i dont have good matchups this week and my opponent does and has a real good lineup...and next week is gurleys bye(and ill be playing mixon and chubb against each other) i dont feel too great about the next two weeks
  13. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    stills seems like a bunch of average nobodies upset over a guy getting paid to play game for a millions and never being able to look at it from the athlete perspective football players get the rawest deal of any of the 3 major US sports...he played under the franchise tender what? 2 years in a row? expected to take 300+ shots while touching the ball 400 times? i know, i know.....its not a financial death sentence what hes already made....but thats not the point....the cba is terrible....and the fact is you have to wonder who is really behind who when they negotiate it......bell is in a rare spot because overall the tag only touches a few players.....but hes still being held hostage and hes always done well by the team.....i realize hes a risk for suspension and whatever....but on the field hes put himself on the line......i do believe hes convinced, partly, that hes taking a stand...sometimes you can take a stand for yourself but convince yourself that you are potentially helping others down the road...i dont doubt he believes that in part....
  14. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    this is the first leveon thread i think ive jumped in this year.....and there are prob many floating around FF im going to assume there are plenty of people calling him names or an "idiot" or whatever......and thats fair to a degree....he took a gamble and it would appear he could have lost but this article sums up my thoughts on it... this excerpt in particular is pretty simple...but powerful "One of the best players in the world just kissed off his age-26 season because he thought it was the smart long-term financial move. An employee used the maximum extent of his own leverage to try to gain ground in a system designed almost entirely for the benefit of the employer. If that doesn't make us question what we thought we knew about how all of this works, that's a missed opportunity on our part." i rarely would side with the league and owners on a financial matter regarding a actually shocked at how some of his teammates reacted to him awhile back.....
  15. MNF - what do you need? Crappy Week 10 edition

    i needed breida to not score 28 pts in ppr...he had 22 and change at halftime....friggin miracle....i decided to check the score of the game sometime after 11 and noticed san fran only had a fg in the 2nd i turned on the game to watch the giants drive...was hoping giants would turn the ball over....when they scored the td i was still so nervous...probably 1 catch for breida would have ended it
  16. go out and get this guy

    yeah...i hear ya... but youre talking about the saints...theres a decent history of production...and he had a pretty good path the to #2 spot.....just figures when i grab and stash it doesnt pan out...also my league is a mando 4 wr every week with a were starting 5 guys alot of weeks...little different of a game when youre playing that way
  17. go out and get this guy

    im baffled really....and while i think i will still get a h2h win if breida doesnt go nuts tonight(good chance he does)...he cost me another w and a chance to slide into first....i had agholor, ebron and burton on my bench( i do this every year at this poiint.....make piss poor lineup decisions...i literally could have won 3 years in a row if it werent for poor lineup decisions).....100 points in 2 weeks and only 3 baffled...i dont get it...he must be awful....if i didnt own him he would be going nuts
  18. I'm done with FF Fellas

  19. I'm done with FF Fellas

    worst part for me is looking back at the draft and looking at what i possibly could maybe 2 picks, that were sitting right there in front of me, from being undefeated in a double W/L a team that would be basically a juggernaut......i didnt think bell would really sit out so i nabbed yeldon instead of conner....and if i had grabbed theilen in the 3rd like i really should have(ive always loved the guy) id be next to unstoppable.....
  20. go out and get this guy i dont think anyone had any designs on tre'quan smith becoming a 8-120-1 guy every week there buddy.....that was never the point......and good luck finding a consistent wr4......some people play in different types of leagues and a 14 teamer you could do worse with smith holding a roster spot.....for instance my main league has over 10k in payouts.....we start 4 receivers with the potential of 5 if we wanna flex one(TE's not mando as they are receivers).....ill gladly hold the #2 guy in new orleans as a 4th-5th guy or bench guy...especially one that has flashed......smith has seen his snap count increase steadily........and already hes shown the potential to explode(which you wont find out of many wr4s).....the offense does run through kamara and thomas...but even thomas hasnt popped every week and teams will be looking to not be beaten by him.....the saints are going to need smith and counting on him to come through when they are going to need can do alot worse....the guy has good hands and good speed and is just picking up steam....granted i was a bit disappointed in his target share in a game like last week.....but i was never expecting this guy to save me or be a wr1-2....i was looking for a bench/deep guy in an explosive offense that can make big plays....and thats kinda what he is
  21. Cordarrelle Patterson

    yeah i think its def worth a play if its cheap and you have a spot filled with what you feel is garbage
  22. Dez officially signs with the Saints

    lol...hes the same size as smith only heavier...and older...with less speed maybe im very wrong....but i think this is an indictment against carr and meredith...both have done squat and dont look like they can be counted on for much....if dez had anything left in the tank he wouldnt have been a free agent 10 weeks into the season
  23. Dez officially signs with the Saints

    i dont think this is an indictment on smith at whats been mentioned the saints love to use 3-4 receiver sets...austin carr and meredith have been non exisistent.....i believe meredith missed practice today too if dez had much left in the tank he would have already been in new orleans or somewhere...i think they are really down on carr and meredith
  24. Cordarrelle Patterson

    I agree with your assessment.... It's not like they do anything real exotic with Michel that's making coaches stay up at night ....Michel has been doing well....he's the worker when they wanna run it ....but I doubt this is some scheme to make coaches quake in fear
  25. Cordarrelle Patterson

    Everything u said made a little sense till the last two sentences....they don't do anything out of the ordinary with Michel...he's back there and they hand him the ball...he's got like 100 carries n 4 catches.. They've had inuries to Cannon and Shaq Mason on the offensive line....I don't think they are looking to waste a roster space