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  1. Jets Trade up

    that is alot but you also have to consider going from 3 to 15 is a big difference than only dropping to 6.......the colts might be looking at a couple of guys and feel comfortable at 6 that they can get 1 of 15 its a different ball game
  2. Jets Trade up

    they aren't necessarily much smarter than us but you have to want that life...first you must be willing to work for free for awhile...then peanuts......and work ridiculous hours.....that's how a lot of those guys got there
  3. Jets Trade up

    if scouts/front offices were always right than the guys in kc and jax would have had lane Johnson instead of joeckel and fischer......or the rams would have had deandre instead of tavon austin bottom line is that these guys don't always know what theyre doing/do the smart thing what the jets certainly accomplished is driving up the price for any team that wants that #2.....the perception that this draft it strong and has 3-4 franchise qbs could easily be dismissed 4-5 years from now the jets are starved and desperate...that's what this looks like to me.....watching sanchez fizzle out and wasted picks on petty, geno and hackenberg have driven them to this it very well might turn out to be a great deal for them in time also.....if they miss on this one though it will hurt
  4. Jets Trade up

    "strong draft/weak draft" is just perception until you've had 5 years to look back and evaluate......which we can now do with that class....but the dolphins thought Jordan was going to be elite or else they wouldn't have made the move drafting and evaluating is an inexact science...or else guys like bell and Kelce wouldn't have gone in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of that draft we could argue about this all day.....but IMO the jets gave up too much and the colts got a score for a team that needs a bunch of talent infused into it
  5. Jets Trade up

    seems fair for mike redd see the PFT article about the fins trading from 12 to 3 in 2013 for dion Jordan? all they gave up was the 42nd pick
  6. Jets Trade up

    havent analyzed the griffin deal....would need the particulars and of course you dont know ahead of time what the picks are going to turn out just telling you what they did turn out didnt turn out to be anything GREAT for cleveland.....especially anything compared to what indy does know they are going to get..... i think there are a bunch of guys at qb and no one is really seperating themselves....thus no one is really willing to go crazy....but i dunno.....i do think rosen is the most ready and has the best floor.....
  7. Jets Trade up

    under the 2018 trade value chart the colts came out ahead +810 if we go with the assumption that next years jets 2nd rounder is a top 10 in the round now lets use the updated chart(even though the wentz trade took place 2 years ago) to see how that deal went....pick 2 overall is worth 2600....pick 8 is worth 1400......thats a 1200 point difference....the 12th pick cleveland got in the 2017 first round is valued at 1200 today...making up the difference and basically putting us at 0 now.....a top 10 pick in the 3rd round is about 240 points and a top 10 pick in the 4th is worth about 80-82 points.......that pick cleveland is getting from philly in this years 2nd is the last pick in the round valued at 270....putting clevelands value at around +592 or so...give or take a few....... now if somehow the jets turn it around quick and that next years 2nd round pick lowers the value we figured in they will still come out ahead better than cleveland did in the wentz trade
  8. Jets Trade up

    its not cheap....its a good deal for the colts pick 3 is worth 2200 on the trade value chart.....pick 6 is worth 1600...37 is worth 510 and 49 is worth 410...for the sake of argument im going to assume the jets 2nd rounder next year is in the top 10 of the round making that worth at least 500 points other teams may have been more desperate and paid more in years prior...but its a good deal for the colts and a no brainer for a team that needs to add alot of talent to its roster
  9. Jets Trade up

    just a great deal for could take one of those 2nd rounders out of it and its still a great deal.....nice work by ballard
  10. Allen Robinson to sign with da' Bears

    im kind of high on trubisky as an upside backup qb next year....was before this signing.....this sort of helps me feel a bit more comfortable in i think this points to them drafting nelson if hes available...which will also help that offense
  11. Tyrod Taylor traded to Cleveland

    have to agree with this
  12. Cleveland trades Danny Shelton to Patriots

    me likey sheltons ankles are probably bigger than my thighs.....guy is like yokozuna
  13. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    i always seem to forget the cowboys were pretty good in the early 80s and late 70s.....a little before my time...but ya ur right
  14. Bill Belichick to retire

    gronk has been struggling with back problems since well before his NFL career...its basically the reason he slid into the 2nd...and hes been all types of banged up since he got here..... of course the word around is he basically hasn't spent a dime of his actual nfl salary money...that he lives of endorsements and appearance fees....but no one really really would be nothing for this guy to walk out and still earn a healthy sure the wrestling company would be glad to have him around for awhile....guy will always be in demand for club appearances and tv appearances but I agree...I think he sticks around....but its got to be increasingly tough to get through the grind and always being hurt doing it.....but he did link up with guerrero recently and was available save for that suspension....
  15. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    49ers/cowboys was the steve young era though was it not? it wasn't montana and the cowboys slugging it out was it? speaking of steve young...didn't that guy win a SB and make the HOF? how come that isn't some proof of a "system" and held against montana? but somehow jimmy g winning a couple of game is ...and cassel winning some games, with a team brady was within a play of going 19-0 with, is? did montana ever have to worry about his starting TE or receiver going out in the 1st half of an NFC title game or superbowl after taking a hit to the helmet? I'm not knocking joe at all...just showing if you want to make arguments about eras, or whatever, you can really go tit for tat
  16. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    nah...i think everyone is entitled to their opinion but if you are going to go tit for tat on advantages...i think it can be done both those things really cancel each other out imo
  17. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    every time you can point out some advantage brady has that montana didn't have I can easily play tit for tat and do the makes no difference.....they cancel each out IMO
  18. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    so lemme get this straight....montana hasn't played a down of football since like 94 or 95? was surpassed....yet somehow has now leapfrogged back in front of a guy that just threw for 505 yards 3 tds and no picks? seems logical.....either that or the guy is trying to stir a pot
  19. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?
  20. Patricia to the Lions, McDaniels to the Colts

    last night there was a picture circulating locally of kraft and belichick dining together at a restaurant(which I frequent) adjacent to the I cant be certain it wasn't an older pic....but looked legit to me......what that means nobody knows why wouldn't belichick let mcdaniels walk? hes 41 now and hes had more experience...hes prob as ready as he will ever be for a HC job.....I don't think bill would ever honestly stand in someones way if he felt they were ready....that was his problem before...he didn't think he was ready.......... so I don't see the mcdaniels situation as kraft getting in the way of a belichick fact...I think you are making that something you want it to be....its an assistant getting a blessing for a HC gig and the owner sweetning the pot for that guy to stay......if mcdaniels had said "i don't want a HC job Id rather stay here" all along that belichick would force him out the door and demand he take a HC gig? I don't think so......this is NOT a kraft intervening situation......for the time being mcdaniels remains in his role we still don't know that jimmy g was a kraft at best you have one possible scenario of kraft getting in the way....but still nothing tangible.......and if belichick had to be told to move jimmy g than id say his time is just about up here anyway......did you not see what tom did on sunday? I'm not really concerned....most of this is icing on very wonderful cake.....the only people who want to be concerned are those who want it all to come crashing down.......eventually it will die out.....everything ends badly otherwise it wouldn't end right? sure id like to see sustained excellence but I'm not counting on it...... until further notice the pats are still amongst SB favorites for next year....that SHOULD concern everyone else
  21. Patricia to the Lions, McDaniels to the Colts

    also to add....its appears kraft got directly involved.......and u just know he would love to get any chance to stick it to the colts again
  22. Patricia to the Lions, McDaniels to the Colts

    no one knows exactly how long this will play out....will bill leave at the end of his contract next year? or is he around for another 3-4? but mcdaniels is 41....another 3-4 years of top coordinator pay, with no pressure of getting canned, with the HC job at the end of it in a place hes pretty familiar with....makes sense.....ride out the brady train and then go from there.....the colts, even with a healthy luck(which is no guarantee, is a roster dumpster fire
  23. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    sure you were
  24. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    From @robot_davey on twitter... Clarification/Update: Malcom Butler missed initial flight from Boston to Minneapolis. Arrived to team hotel intoxicated after curfew twice. During room evaluation (Thurs) he was caught smoking Josh Gordon. Missed Saturday morning team meeting. we will never get any clear, real, answer
  25. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    lol...look at the chicken littles coming out to gloat