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  1. Pick up Housh?

    What are you waiting for??? Grab Housh!!! I have him, got him and heard snickers when I did picked him.
  2. I just loved Palomula getting 3 sacks. Was watching the game with some buddies and, a few are in my league. He gave me more points than 2 WRs combined normally get in our league.
  3. I'll be changing the channel

    I'll switch on the DVR and watch the Skins/Boys after the NY/NO game. since my competitor has 3 going in the NY game.
  4. what do you need on MNF?

    Feel confident I'll win the H-2-H. He needs Tiki, Plax, and JJones to total 110 points. But I would love to see JHorn with less than a combined 70 yds. along w/ a TD less than 30 yds. I'll win the total points for the weekly prize of $50.
  5. the first to get the axe

  6. 27,604 posts...

    So who gets to be gatekeeper and Josh Gordon out the undesirables take some of the holier than thou souls in here. place them in another forum and they'd be the tool they so despise here.
  7. who to start in IDPeague?

    dude- you have five good to owesome LBs. bulluck maybe limited . if he can't play look at another starter.
  8. Big Bench Pts

    Only place I lost points was on DEF. Benched Indy over Denver. 28 point swing.
  9. Javon Walker Injury

    MFL reports Walker to have a MRI Monday. Sherman said looks like an ACL injury.
  10. Dallas Clark info....

    Taken from another FF site.
  11. Looking for a DB

    Hmmm, try some rookie DBs like Fabian Washington, "Pacman" Jones, Antrel Rolle. As teams will "test" them.
  12. Not knowing your point system, picking an IDP should be a LB. A site I use to compare for IDPs has this ranking. Top 10: 7 LBs, 2 DLs, then 1 DB. Look at the tackles, the most consistent factor for IDPs. Obviously, Bulluck,Edward,Lewis are top 3 LBs.
  13. IDP question about return yardage

    From a Stat Rag I buy every year: Kick Return Yards: 1. Dante Hall 1718 2. Wesley Walker 1415 3. T. McGee 1370 4. J.J. Moses 1303 5. B.J. Sams 1251 6. A. Rossum 1250 7. T. Dwight 1222 8. Michael Lewis 1215 9.D. Rhodes 1188 10.D. Gabriel 1140 11. E. Drummond 1092 12. B.johnson 1016 13. R. Alston 1016 14. M.Morris 994 15. Willie Ponder 967 Punt Return Yards 1. B.J.Sams 575 2.wesley Walker 464 3.A. Rossum 457 4. R. McQuarters 435 5.D. Northcutt 432 6. Michael Lewis 382 7. A. Randel El 347 8. Nate Clements 327 9. E. Drummond 316 10. J.J. Moses 309 11. Karl Williams 286 12. Arnaz Battle 266 13. A. Chatman 245 14. Eric Parker 237 15. Dante Hall 232 Bold are starting DBs off top of my head.
  14. IDP advice needed

    Your IDPs of Bulluck,Grant,Reed are great all top 5 players. Not too keen on the Minn. pick though. overall, you did great for a first IDP draft.