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  1. What's the matter theohiostate?

    On Jan 3 05......the college FB season was over, now its that time again. Let me be the first to say if OU would have won hell yeah i'm gonna talk crap. There was nothing to talk about after that game. OU got beat, very very bad. There was nothing to say, other to than maybe Coffeman who is an SC fan. I read all the post Orange bowl messages and was very disappointed that OU lost but hey thats FB. That was last year and this is this year. Yeah OU might stink it up this year, but the os who and yourself better count on me being here to defend the rest of the Big XII and the Sooners, good or bad!!!!! Last week was tooooooo good three top 10's from the lil 10 went down, with 2 of them going down to Big XII schools. HOW COOL WAS THAT???? OU wins out, which I would conclude at this time is slim to none, but it could happen. OU should finish ahead of OSwho!!!!! I maen hell SC won the AP poll the year LSU won it, and they lost to a five loss Cal team. HOW WRONG WAS THAT????
  2. Texas National Champs 2005 ?

    I would have to agree. Tech is online to be a South contender any year. Year before last they had a down right pitful defense; ranked 105th (guessing) or worse. Last year they finsihed ranked around 45th. If they improve this year say a 25th ranked D. The Big XII and the rest of the NCAA better take notice!!!! Leach has recruited some serious playmakers on Both sides of the ball. Praticually the whole team this year are juniors with several seniors as well. Just think Graham could possibly be a three year starter at Tech after Hodges is gone. And with his HS numbers that is downright scary........ If Tech can continue to average appx. 45pts per game and sport the 25th ranked D in Div 1-A, I say game on, Tech beats all comers.......JMO OU's AD is a bafoon for lettling this guy(Leach) go!!!!!!!!!
  3. BIG XII 2-0 this week vs little 10!!!!! UT vs OSU lived up to the hype.....but in the end UT prevailed. The doormat to the Big XII north ISU didn't just beat Iowa they handed them their ASS!!!!!! What a GREAT week to be a little ten hater. The #3,#4, and #8 ranked teams all get beat and they were all little tenors!!!! On a different note, anyone think that UT might decide not to show up in dallas this year..... for OU's sake I surely hope so.
  4. Preseason college rankings again..........

    VERY well said...... And BTW why in hell didnt they review that TD at the end??? And why in the hell didnt the 250+ pounder just run over the itty bitty DB???
  5. This is just sad

    I grew up in the metroplex (just a note). Dallas has to do something. SBC might go away too. So now the "Cotton Bowl" will be the Cowboy bowl????? Once upon a time the Cotton Bowl was one of the four major bowls, before the Fiesta Bowl came about in the early 70's. The vast majority of the NC games prior to the Fiesta bowl getting in the mix in the early to mid 80's were played in the Rose, Sugar, Orange, and Cotton Bowls........ It would be a real shame to see the Cottonbowl waste away into dust. The Cottonbowl is not just for OU/UT weekend, it has been a staple in College football since TCU won its only NC(1937)..... and it wasnt at the Cotton Bowl it was at the Sugar bowl, lol. To lose almost 70 years of College FB history would be a shame.... JMO!!!
  6. Let the INSANITY Begin!

    He knows from experience...... By the way nice to see ya again TOS Who...... Cant wait for FB to start. Sooners will lose 1 game again, this year.....gulp to UT, yuck I cant believe I said that!!(Hope I'm wrong) I cant believe that Mack Brown has the balls to go play your guys in their backyard. This move removes all doubt that he is on something, whether it's crack, meth, coke, etc..... hes smokin something!!!!
  7. Let the INSANITY Begin!

    I'M BACK!! Hey "Get Real"........get real
  8. Rae Carruth

    To bad hes not in TX, he might find himself on the "Ron White" EXPRESS LANE
  9. Charging for Autographs

    If I were a "pro" player (pick your sport) I would absolutly give kids an autograph for free. But I would take the time to include their name, best wishes (something of that sort), and then sign it.....thus giving it a name (the kids) and making it viruatly worthless to anyone else....JMO

    I have the following Manning LT2 Droughns Holt Wayne Becht, could have had Franks, Pollard, or Wiggins, kept releasing hoping for Gates Vanderjagt pretty happy with this only better team i could see is have Shawn and Gates instead of Droughns and Becht, Marvin would be nice but the indy WR's are a coin flip weekly!!!!! and moss of course.........
  11. College Bowl Pick 'em contest

    Damit picked wrong in pickem, but the guy I place parlee's with just called and informed me of my situtation with my bet that I had no idea I was so close to winning....My pikcem's followed very close to my parlee I had several different parlee's but only this one matters!!!! GA Tech -5 vs Syr I took Tech; score 51-14 tech Haw -3 vs UAB I took Haw; Score 59-40 Haw Org St -4 vs ND, I took OSU; Score 38-21 OSU Navy +2 vs New Mex; I took Navy; Score 34-19 Navy ASU +7 vs Purdue; I took ASU; score 27-23 ASU BoiseSt +14 vs Lous, I tooke BSU, score 44-40 Lous Miami -2 vs Fla, I took Mia, score 27-10 Mia FSU-8 vs WV, I took FSU, score 30-18 FSU Utah-16 vs Pitt, I took Utah, score 35-7 Utah VT+7 vs AUB, I took VT, Score 16-13 Aub OU +2 vs USC, I took OU, Score ??????? already one some $$ for 10 out of 11, but the big $$$ is if OU pulls it out!!!!!!! Come on Sooners I need a new digital projector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had SC on 1 card, but had Cal with em and AUB so it was ugly!!!!!
  12. Less than 24 hours until Nirvana.

    I'm just waiting for your little boy mind to realize that u made a proposition that you would give 12 1\2 pts to sarge and his bandwagoners to put up or shut up!!!! and I have on several occasions tried to get you to confirm this "put up or shut up bet" with me and you continue to do the crawfish!!!!!! OU will win but if they don't theres no way its by more than a once again I will take your 12 1\2 pts and take OU if your nuts have finally dropped. But if not I will understand it's just your being yourself......a CRAWFISH!!! His new nick theohiocrawfish
  13. theeohiostate

    Not in your prized Rose Bowl this year!!!!!!
  14. Why Culpepper is not the 2nd best QB in the league

    Elite QBs are: Elway, Marino, Kelly, Montana, Unitas, Young, Sims, Fouts, Baugh, Staubach, Starr, etc and Manning!!!!!! the others are not quite to an elite staus yet, JMO, but C-pep and McNabb are well on their way.....
  15. Breaking News

    I hope the LSU fans are ready to be disappointed!!!!!!
  16. The GRAND DADDY of 'em all

    Being in line with him is far better than being aligned with theohiofish!!!!!!! BTW I have never really had any beef with you!!!!! You don't do the John Kerry Fish Dance like OSfish does!!!!!! and if you are a Pac 10 fan I have nothing agaisnt them I lived in CA for over 7 years, its just that I wish they had a championship game thats all!!!!!!
  17. The GRAND DADDY of 'em all

    I will answer and eat crow like a you are unable to do!!!!!!! OU and the Big 12 feel flat on their face last year......but that was last year you monkey Oprah. And where is the big 12 and OU at right now?????They are 4-2 in bowls this year and OU is playing for the NC!!!!! Wheres the LiL 10 champ??? headed back to michigan without the trophy!!!! just like most of the LiL 10's west and north did this year!!!!!! Just so you know the LiL 10 north is the Big 10 and the LiL 10 west is the Pac 10, and they will remain LiL till they have a LiL 10 championship game!!!!!!!! Lil 10 west 2-2 Lil 10 north 3-3 Kudos to ASU and OSU (beavers) they played well!!! as did OSU (buckeyes) 3-3 is average at best!!!!!!! Iowa wins on a last second fluke OSU the fifth best big 10 team, which finished behind NW who was 6-6 and bowless beat the 5th best in the Big 12 south kudos...... Big 10 chump Michigan gets beat by Big 12 south #2 Minn beats a 6 win Alabama team that hasnt been the tide since probation Wisc #3 in the Big 10 gets thmuped by the #2 team in the SEC East and last but not least the Boilermakers get thumped by anASU team that is without their star QB and BTW I picked that game..... Just face it!!! The Big 12 showed up this year!!!! A Rose bowl win and TT spanking of Cal is hugh even if OU were to lose!!!!!!! BTW crow taste pretty good if you soak it in milk before you cook it!!!!!!
  18. The GRAND DADDY of 'em all

    When did i become sarge????? Maybe you need to pay attention to whom you quote!!!! K? I did steal/borrow his avatar!!!!!
  19. theeohiostate

    Quick question????????? What in the world makes you think if you win or Monster for that matter that he will actually leave??????
  20. theeohiostate

    Hmmm... a 12 1\2 pt put up or shut bet comes to mind???????? But you are to big of a puss to even accept your own bet!!!!!
  21. theeohiostate

    BS Miscreant for president!! theohiofish might get rid of monster and ryan but it looks like he might have a new adversary in BS....and oh yeah dont forget me!!!! since the fish wouldn't even take his own bet with me I'll still be here!! BTW... I feel Ryan and Monster will still be here as OU will win!!
  22. The GRAND DADDY of 'em all

    Remember...puff puff pass>>>> you hogging it all to yourself and its starting to make you hallucinate
  23. The GRAND DADDY of 'em all

    IMO USC didn't deserve a piece of LSU's championship to defend!!.... The AP tucked their tail between their legs and ran this year because the BCS slighted Cal, just like they felt last year...that USC got slighted, so what do they do give USC the AP champ tag WAFJ!!!!!! So now the AP isn't part of the BCS, big deal the AP can go jump off a cliff.....The "writers" are so west coast bias thats it's not even funny!!!!!!!!! Well TT proved Cal DID NOT deserve to be in the Rose Bowl, and UT proved they belonged!!!! Numbers don't lie, TT and UT both winners deserved to be where they were!!!!!! As for this year the jury is still out, I believe that Aub and OU should be playing for the trophy, but as an OU fan I like the matchup with USC much much better!!!!! OU 42 USC 24 OU 21 Aub 20
  24. The GRAND DADDY of 'em all

    The team they beat by 1 was the LiL 10 champ, or did you already forget that??? And as for backing into the Rose bowl, I think Texas Tech put that rumor to sleep!!!! UT deserved to be there and they won. I think the LiL 10's (west and north) are just because the Big 12 has come into "their" house (the rose bowl) and won the two meetings they have been in!!!!! Put that shiat in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Monsters / theOSU wager

    Not so dam fast 1) Oklahoma vs USC 2) Oklahoma State vs. Ohio State Ohio State 3) Big 12 wins 4 of 7 3-1 4) Big 10 wins 4 of 6 1-0 5) Pick 'Em Monsters: 6-10, theOSU 4-12 Monster has already won line 3 and 4, you have only won line 2, if he wins line 5, and you win line 1 you are still gone!!!!!!! unless of course you welch again Big 12 4-2 (1 remaing) Big 10 3-3 (Done) SEC 2-3 (1 reaming) even if OU loses, which they wont, the Big 12 still finishes above .500 so if OU loses you better win the pickem