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  1. drop bennet for Ron Dayne

    Too even, if it cost to do the trade, then hold off to see which one emerges. Right now, neither are good options.
  2. Randle El, Engram, or Moss

    Moss has been looking good this year and hopefully will hang in there for the long haul, but if you just need someone for this week then Engram should be good at home
  3. Pickup Stallworth off Waivers?

    No real opinion here... Troy is bound to see more action with Nate out, whatever action the Vikes can muster that is... Keep in mind he is a rookie and rookie wideouts are usually not very productive. Stallworth had a good Monday night but so did Horn. First good night hes had in the last 4 reg. season games. We are all still waiting on Stallworth to step up.
  4. Favre or Leftwich?

    Tough call, Farve wants a win i'm sure but shear will against TB may not get'er done. It depends, but if Leftwich practices go OK this week, I'd go with Leftwich vs NYJ
  5. wdis @ #3 wr

    SEA has been clicking, I'd go with Engram. Hold off on any starts from a Viking.
  6. Bye week WR Pickup

    Engram vs. ARI for sure this week... Not Ferguson vs. TB Quote from the Huddle "There have been no passing scores against the Buccaneers this season and an average of only 170 yards per game."
  7. Need to start 1

    Ditto on Jones...
  8. Trade offer

    It would be a fairly even trade, but stick with the Caddie, the team is hot
  9. plenty of response to this message... problem solved...
  10. WDIS @ RB

    Aquired Willie Parker this week and am not happy with the Houston O. right now, how ever, Willie is facing a fairly weak D in Hou. What do you think? Thanks
  11. Offered Priest for Willie Parker

    All this advise sounds good, but when it comes right down to it, Priest is and will be very productive at KC atleast for most of the games (Fantasy Stud). L Johnson is a ticking time bomb that just went off again for the upteenth time and Parker has one good game. Not a lot of risk with Priest as long as you don't mind him only playing 13 games. The question should be, do you want to take a chance on Parker continuing his numbers from last week like your trading colleague is willing to do based on one game. Well do ya? just kidding Take Priest is my advice...
  12. Start L. Johnson or James at RB?

    Always go with the Edge... Same for McAlister. Johnson hung over and in jail.
  13. I go with Delhomme and Driver... To many eggs in the same basket if you do Farve and Driver...
  14. Javon Walker Replacement?

    I'm in the same boat this week and plan to take McCardell if I can get him before the losers at noon today. Booker is the only other one available in my league and I would consider him, but he's 2nd string to Chambers. McCardell has had more time to work with Brees and that offense now and should be ready to do some heavy lifting. With Antonio being gone preseason, he will be plenty rusty and it has also given McCardell and Brees plenty of time to jell. Good luck...
  15. Moss for Alexander

    In that case don't make the trade, that's 2pts everytime Moss touches the ball. If he comes anywhere near his stats of 2 years ago of 100+ completions averaging 14+ per then you're settin pretty w/ Moss.