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  1. Jacobs inactive today

    Who gets the carries with him out ?
  2. Henry or Waller 1pt PPR

    He’s thrown that way his whole career.
  3. Darnold vs Cin OR Wentz vs Mia ?

    I think Phi fans are rough on this guy. Does he not have receivers that are either injured or plagued with stone hands? I don’t watch enough of his games, but know his match ups down the stretch are good
  4. Josh jacobs

    And their best chance is to ride Jacobs. Too much passing with Carr adds more time for Mahommes to light up the Oakland secondary
  5. Sit Lamar?

    Heard the center was just lost for the season and a rookie is coming in ? Bosa as a rookie gets lots of attention because he’s good, but Deforest Buckner our guy in the middle is a pro bowler and force in the middle. I think Lamar will still get yards running though and the Niners have not contained mobile QBs.
  6. I saw that Wentz has Jeffrey back, Ettz is iffy. Darnold has been on a hot streak. Both defenses are ripe.
  7. Cheaters?

    For a sec I thought it was a video of Kraft. They have managed to squash that story in the news.
  8. Week 11 Milk Carton

    What’s going on with Cook? Is he ok ?
  9. ESPN+ Questions

    I think my brother has the Roku PSVue and has cloud dvr.
  10. Brown released by Patriots

    New Season on Fox !
  11. Where does AB end up?

    Yes thought the same. I drafted Gordon late, but AB is potentially week to week.
  12. Where does AB end up?

    Has it crossed anyone’s mind yet that maybe this could have been the plan starting a week ago ? BB is just slow playing his hand with a $15M ($9M guar, more to come by the end of the season.
  13. HBO Hard Knocks /Oakland Raiders / John Gruden

    Isn’t there one mote episode of hard knocks ? (J/K) but I think the producers really wish they are still rolling.
  14. HBO Hard Knocks /Oakland Raiders / John Gruden

    Rosenhaus? He’s no saint. He was TOs agent wasn’t he?