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  1. Weekly Blitz

    ATL CHI DAL PHI PIT Sorry Blitz, re-alphabetized for your convienence...
  2. Today...It's on!

    Thanks! there is a dealer 4 miles from me. I need to get out more..
  3. Today...It's on!

    The Egg sounds cool, i have a hard time regulating the temp for long slow cooking in all my grills. Is this a commercial product, if so, where can i get more info... You guys are killing me, im spending my day in the office catching up on paperwork. At least i have a tv in here... Have a rib for me will ya? Edited to add: How does it do on smoking fish? I do alot of salmon, steelhead and lake trout in my smoker, but again, its tough to regulate the heat. thanks Una
  4. Weekly Blitz

  5. Weekly Blitz

    Nice to see im starting out just like last year... below the curve. Like i said before, it keeps me away from the bookies
  6. What does it take to get a response from you guys?

    Those are classic whomp, fine use of photoshop!
  7. What does it take to get a response from you guys?

    The irony of that post made my day! A newb slamming a newb, you gotta love that! Seriously, if you think that you can come in here, hang around, cry then make a stupid comment because you can't manage your 5th WR or whatever, you have some serious issues to deal with. I suggest a PM to Hugh or H8, they'll be gentle. The guru site will accept you with open arms, SEEYA! moran...
  8. Weekly Blitz

    My hugh 48% record last year keeps me away from bookies. :doah: Thanks Blitz! ARI CIN BAL JAC PHI
  9. Twenty Questions - message board contest

    -------------------------------------------- 1. Ladanian Tomlinson 2. Carnell Williams 3. Peyton Manning 4. Ladanian Tomlinson 5. Terrell Owens 6. Donovan McNabb 7. Shawn Alexander 8. Chad Johnson 9. David Akers 10. Atlanta 11. New England 12. Buffalo 13. JJ Arington 14. Carnell Williams 15. Troy Williamson 16. 54 yds 17. Jim Hasslett 18. New England 19. Philadelphia 20. Philadelphia tiebreaker: 39 yds -------------------------------------------------
  10. 10 reason why I detest fantasy football

    Thanks, we resemble that remark. I forgot what an upstanding citizen Mr Moss is.
  11. 10 reason why I detest fantasy football

    Sometimes i hate myself for wishing some player on a team i hate scores but the Bears still win (which is hard as it is). I do find myself avoiding all things Green Bay in all my drafts though... i ended up with Ahman Green last year and felt dirty all season.
  12. cheat sheet

    Ditto on all my Macs, works perfectly. Check you page setup settings before printing. Someday you PC guys may realize the power of a superior operating system.
  13. Explain Your Login Name!

    Mine is taken from one of my favorite hobbies friendlied up for the admins, and also a line from a Deep Purple song. The avy is from the "Citizen Kane of alchoholic clown movies" Shakes the Clown.
  14. Clinton Portis

    I have him in one of my keepers and im looking to shop him. You guys think hes peaking already? He looked a bit tentative going to the holes last year, maybe the big payday made him soft.