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  1. So, do you think....

    As a Viking Homer, I was watching the game with my friends. I was all about Culpepper in the past and even the first game I thought alright bad game/good defense. Yesterday, I was call for Brad Johnson to start the second half. After the fourth interception I was screaming for Brad Johnson. My buddies and I were talking about it, and what do you suppose it will take for Tice to replace Culpepper. Obviously turnovers isn't the reason. If Culpepper plays like that next week and is not I the bench by the second quarter, I will officially stop watching the Vikings this year.
  2. Rudi Johnson for the future

    I feel that he will finish the year barring an injury or they are out of the playoffs and want to get Perry started. I agree with Duchess, why would they pay him big bills if they weren't committed to starting him.
  3. A friend of mine just mentioned that Rudi Johson may not start all year. Who knows anything about this. I have him in two leagues and he just traded him in a keeper.
  4. Mike Tice has officially lost me...

    One other thing that I noticed about the team and the coaching staff was the lack of disipline (sp). The illegal formation, false starts and illegal block in the back are basic football fundamentals that the Viks are notorious for. These in my mind point toward a lack of disipline (sp). There is no reason for a coach to not have control of his team. For this reason and many others I don't see mike Tice in the playoffs if the team is there or not. He will be fired so. Matt Birk's absence is an issue, but why didn't they get a quality back-up for such and important position. Birk has had injury issues in the past what was going to make this year any different.
  5. Mewelde Moore?

    They did not say sprained, but he limped off the field and was not seen again. They were supposed to leave him out on the count of him spraining it earlier in the year, so they have him returning kicks. Mike Tice you are a dumb asse. Anyway as was said here no one was going to run the ball on the Bucs today.
  6. Who else got bloodied today?

    Weapons of DMD: Farve minus 2 Matt Stover has missed two field goals I left a ton of points on the bench. Two locals Culpepper sucks Jamal Lewis can't get past the line of schrimage.
  7. Culpepper fumbles

    That didn't take long to chalk up the first loss the Moss. The Viks played terrible today. Regardless of Moss with the only TD comes from the Defense they is other troubles.
  8. Remind me to never ...

    I couldn't even get on this morning. It gave me an error too many connections.
  9. Start Bench List

  10. MNF?

    I am assuming no one here found it funny. Seems to be the wrong crowd. I really don't understand why they try to attract non-football people to MNF. Unless your team is playing, you are a fantasy nut, or like me you just watch sports because it is better than the rest of the shuckse on tv, people are not going to watch MNF. I highly doubt people will be tuning in just to see the halftime Tim McGraw bit. Just give us the stats and recap the first half. Fill the rest will commercials while I piss and get something to eat and lets watch the second half.
  11. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Edge Owens Williams
  12. I'm SOOOOO annoyed right now !

    At least you took a nap and won't be tired watching the late game
  13. too late?

    Amazing, I can't believe that!
  14. Weapons of DMD

  15. mewelde moore

    In an auction draft last week I picked him up for a $1 toward the end. Looks like a pretty good buy right now.