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  1. One year later....

    I have TJ Housh and Perry. I like Rudi, but I am totally enamored with Perry’s potential I just had to draft him because if he gets in he will blow absolutely up. If the Bengals can get any type of defense (so far, so good) they could be a real problem for people in the AFC. As a Bear fan, I am not looking forward to playing this bunch Sunday.
  2. Trading off your vikes,

    Nope. As a Culpepper owner I have to ride it out with him. Chances are if you have DC, you don’t have a very good backup (although I am optimistic about Titans situation at QB). To trade C-Pep means you are trading him on name alone. Other owners will see two of the worst performances in his life without Moss. There is no evidence he will ever get it together. Their receivers (Taylor, Robinson, Burleson) are big and slow and the O Line can’t protect him. That being said, I am not interested in trading Culpepper, because I think once Williamson gets out there and even Robinson…that gives the Vikings the speed the are now lacking. That will open things up for C-Pep to start working the middle routes again. His numbers will rebound. I don’t pretend they’ll be as good as the last few years, but he’ll still be ok…this defense is also still sucky so expect plenty of mopup duty. I am actually 1-1 in both my leagues with C-Pep rolling out his crap so I figure once he does get it going a little bit my team will start really doing well.
  3. Arrington

    Shipp deserves the spot. Arrington has been putrid, doing too much dancing and prancing. Shipp was the better back in pre-season and he’s the better back right now. At best, Arrington should come in for 3rd down duty, but no way does he deserve to start…at least not at this point.
  4. Burleson's knee

    Now is the time to get Williamson in there. Taylor, Robinson and Bureleson all are pedestrian and one thing Williamson can give them that they lost with Moss is blazing speed. The Vikings needs to get Williamson on the field and protect DC…
  5. Marcel Shipp

    JJ Arrington has been compared to Michael Bennett. That doesn’t give me much confidence although I like JJ better. Fortunately I have them both…or is that unfortunately?
  6. Leftwich

    Leftwich has always been a tough=as=nails player. He's a true throwback player....dude could have played in any of the toughest QBs Ive ever seen.
  7. what do you need on MNF?

    considering i have Culpepper, Dallas Clark, A.Bryant, C.Martin and other assorted duds it is beyond amazing i need very modest numbers for Julius Jones tonight. In the other league I need monster games from the Tiki and Cowboy defense (have Culpepper there too) and I may have a shot.
  8. Can Tice be fired in the middle of a game?

    C-Pep will be going to my bench next week barring a miraciously transformation in the 2nd half. I will move in McNair next week. He has nice numbers against Baltimore today so I expect he'll help out next week and down the line. I'm done w/ C-Pep until he shows he can produce. Hey, at least Da Bears are rolling.
  9. I swear the apocalype is coming!

    Arizona didn't really try to run if I remember correctly. Arizona...another sexy pick that will fade. San Francisco is winning the NFC West...LMAO.
  10. Who else got bloodied today?

    Disaster. Culpepper sank me on both leagues. Dude hasn't gone scoreless in 2 years and I get him and the first start he ever gives me he breaks a great streak. If he just did normal today ... Id have won both my games in both leagues, but it looks like im 0-1 in both leagues although I have a slim shot to win the game in my league if Atlanta can keep Brian Westbrook from going to crazy.
  11. Culpepper fumbles

    I didn't see any of this game, because I stayed with the Bears/Redskins (much to my shagrin)...but was C-Pep that awful? I am beside myself, because I have that guy in BOTH MY LEAGUES. I almost never do stuff like that, but I was so jacked for him I wanted to get him. I'm patient, but this was a very disturbing loss....good thing is he plays in a creampuff division with sorry defenses (sorry folks, Chicago isn't anything special and Im a Bear fan.)
  12. J.Jones

    JJ is 10 for 40 rushing and has 3 catches at half time. Expect Tuna to give the Bolts a heavy dose of Jones....he's sandbagging him. I predict Jones ends this game with 25+ carries and goes for over 100 yards.
  13. Are the 49ers this years chargers?

    Nice first half, but they aren't that good. Kevan Barlow doesn't even have 5 yards rushing. The Rams have almost 100 more yards of offense. This Arnaz Battle guy looks interesting...they have him running it, catching it, and he's even thrown a couple passes.
  14. Cards D is tough!

    Oh yea...with Seattle looking like chumps and Rams getting wood-shedding by the Ninners right now, Arizona may be a front runner to win that absolutely sorry division. I think the NFC North is garbage too.
  15. Cards D is tough!

    Ive flipped to that game now and then, Cards playing good defense, but I am not impressed with Eli...totally overrated...he may get it going, but i dont see anything special. And at Amani Toomer with ZERO catches. That stiff screwed me last year and I was soooooooooo happy when someone took him thus allowing me to focus on drafting someone else.