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  1. Pick my WRs - Week 6 Edition

    Ridley, Sanders, Gordon
  2. WR3 Help Please :)

    Thanks Montana! Moving forward do you like Allison over Cobb?
  3. WR3 Help Please :)

    My thought right now is to drop Baldwin for Cooper and sit tight with Allison and Coutee......chime in on mine and I'll do the same
  4. 1 WR, 1 FLEX, and Bears or Jags

    Sanders Carson
  5. Standard league..........would you trade Ingram for JuJu or Golladay?
  6. WR3 Help Please :)

    Standard scoring I've got Baldwin, G Allison, Coutee on my roster. Someone just dropped Cooper and Cobb. I'm thinking I need to grab Cooper (he'll be wr4 when Hilton returns). Do I do it? Who would you drop? Do I grab Cobb? Is Cobb > Allison?
  7. Minn D/ST

    I don't like Minn @ Philly............Are the Titans available?
  8. RB2 Ingram or Ajayi or Carson or Jones

    thanks guys....I have Ingram starting and will roll that way.
  9. Standard scoring RB2 Ingram or Ajayi or Carson or Jones
  10. Who do you guys like better for the rest of the year Luck vs Dalton? I've got both rostered but don't want to carry two qbs (plus both have wk 9 bye). Obviously pleased with Luck's monster performance but he's got a much tougher schedule than Dalton. I'm leaning towards keeping Dalton......may sit tight this weekend to see how Indy/Luck do @NE. Thoughts?
  11. Who to drop?

    If you want to hold on Mack I second the drop Luck suggestion. For the week 6 bye you can probably stream a comparable or better option than Luck @Jets.
  12. Who to Pick Up with Garoppolo Out

    Thanks for advice El Jefe...…...I like it
  13. 6pt passing td, yardage bonus Don't feel comfortable going with Luck...……..Dalton, Tannehill, Smith, Flacco, Mayfield available on waivers...….thinking of dumping both Luck and obviously Garoppolo and picking up Mayfield (for upside) and one of the other guys listed. Should I roll with Luck/Mayfield? Should I drop Luck and pick up one of the players listed?
  14. Standard scoring - I think I'm down to Howard cr Gore. Gore vs Buff great matchup (a little worried about Mack). If I got 8+ out of this spot I'd be happy.