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  1. I've got both and unlike most, I think this is going to be a shootout (both teams have padded defensive stats against week offenses). When close to a tie I usually go home player so I'll give TY a slight edge.
  2. David Johnson or Nick chubb??

    Chubb all the way
  3. Thanks 27! That's how I rolled in first round. Knew Det would be tough for DJ but the volume was there.
  4. standard scoring - Need 2 from, D Johnson, Carson, Jones, Ingram, and Ware? I have Chicago's defense....nervous about Jones @Chicago.........Johnson great matchup but given my other choices think I'm done with my first round pick. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to chime in with my .02! Good luck!
  5. Cohen or Ware, PPR

    Ware, he'll see more volume and KC > Chi
  6. Making a statement by benching

    I wouldn't bench my players but that is total bs. Gotta have a trade deadline and in a redraft league an eliminated team has no business making transactions let alone trades.
  7. Carson or Jones?

    standard scoring - nervous about how limited (if at all) Carson will be. If they are both going to get 12 touches I prefer Jones.
  8. I'm in the same spot you are in with Luck on a bye. I have the same choices as you with the addition of Trubisky. Right now I have Mayfield but not confident.
  9. Pick my WRs - Week 6 Edition

    Ridley, Sanders, Gordon
  10. WR3 Help Please :)

    Thanks Montana! Moving forward do you like Allison over Cobb?
  11. WR3 Help Please :)

    My thought right now is to drop Baldwin for Cooper and sit tight with Allison and Coutee......chime in on mine and I'll do the same
  12. 1 WR, 1 FLEX, and Bears or Jags

    Sanders Carson