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  1. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    The entire Rams offense Mixon Mayfield (ranked 3-5th in most preseason rankings) OJ Howard but should have saw that coming with the new offense Juju but I will give a little of that to crappy QBs throwing there The referees
  2. Is Melvin Gordon going to be a stud again?

    I think he will pick it up a bit. The O-line is terrible but he is in a contract year. He needs to post good numbers or lose a crapload of money. At least I hope so, I have him in all but one league.
  3. Officiating

    I have been a NFL fan since I had eyesight and I am close to calling it quits. There have been a lot of games where refs messed up and that is actually a cool part of both college and pro football. It gives us things to talk about for years. Watching the Monday night game (I am biased a bit) seemed like a purposeful action from the officiating crew. This went way beyond human error. If the NFL cannot fix this, I am taking my time and $$ elsewhere. I have already stopped the NFL Ticket and bought a rugby subscription. Better game to watch right now.
  4. Week 5 Milk Carton!!!!!

    Evans and Waller combined 1.9 points. Let’s work some carton magic
  5. Week 4 milk carton

    Evans and Lockett are having mediocre games.
  6. Montgomery

    I'm starting him this week just because everyone says he will suck. And because I have no other option until Melvin starts. He is clearly talented and they need to find a way to involve him in the passing game. I hope it is just a matter of time before the coaching staff figures that out.
  7. Mike Evans?

    Winston was awful combined with Evans being a little slow. Too early to panic but you are right to be concerned.
  8. WR Help

    That has been my thought. I should play Lelie and Mush, but I really have a feeling that CPep is going to get his act together and he likes Taylor.
  9. RB issues

    At this point, you gotta roll the dice and start Martin. He should play, it's just how long that could be an issue. Your other options are not real good.
  10. here's another wdis

    It pains me to say it, but Warner may be your better option this week. I see Philly shutting down Oakland.
  11. WR Help

    I am starting Djax and need 2 more with Burleson out. Lelie vs KC - could be a big night for him at home Muhammed vs Cin. - last week a fluke or sign to come? TTaylor vs NO - weak NO D, desparate Vicking O and no Nate could be good #s Any thoughts?
  12. Burress or Lelie

    Lelie should do well at home on Monday. Burress is too inconsistant at this point.
  13. WDIS

  14. Flex Help

    A lot depends on you scoring system. I would say Lelie.
  15. WDIS Wr Help

    I would lean Lelie this week. Jack D is tough and Jake is due for one of his breakout performance before going back to suckville.