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  1. Kamara owners

    Kamera has taken a lot of abuse during the suspension and appeared to be a little banged up. I think this was more of a rest game for him since the offense was having no issues moving the ball. I expect his touches to go back up and he should produce decent RB1 numbers the rest of the season.
  2. Week 5 milk carton thread

    Cooper and Cook are killing me.
  3. Let’s talk about John Brown.

    I have had him on my bench for several weeks and think I am ready to insert him as a starter. I don't like the volume but he has a nose for the end zone.
  4. Do you trust Dalvin Cook tonight?

    I’m struggling with this. I have sat players for the exact reasons in the past only to watch them go off.
  5. MNF - What do you need?

    Down by 3 and have Cooper and Stafford. He has Marvin Jones and Prater. If Cooper can have an average game (4-60), I should be ok.
  6. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Been around since the early 2000's. Finally active on the boards around 2005. Loved the content then as was a smaller group of people and the insight made it easy to dominate. Harder today with all the info out there.
  7. first year in 23 years not playing FF

    I went from 8 leagues to 1 last year. Regretted the decision by week 2. I filled the gap with DFS and had moderate success. I am back to 4 leagues and will still dabble in DFS. Just makes watching the games a bit more fun. I find if I do not look at my leagues on Sunday until after the 4 PM games, I enjoy it more.
  8. Which players are on all your teams?

    I have drafted Kenyan Drake and Keenan Allen in all mine so far. I like Drake but not sure how Allen keeps falling to me but seems to always be there well below his ADP
  9. What do you need for the W?

    Down by 100 (and I am not having a bad week). Need 5 Tds from both TY and Matthews with over 100 yds. So you are telling me there is a chance.
  10. The All Bust Team 2016

    Surprised, no one has mentioned Hopkins. Went from super stud to flex player at best
  11. Already out in 3 of my 5 leagues. My 2 weakest teams are the ones still alive. Been a strange season.
  12. Week 14 - what do you need on MNF thread

    Not to kill the mojo, but I need 28 from Mitchell (thanks Dak/Eli/Freeman/Marshall)
  13. Cowboys Giants

    Was hoping for a shootout. Have Dak and Eli down by 35 with Mitchell left. This is not working.
  14. Week 14 Milk Carton

    Freeman is killing me. 4 touches for nothing. Hoping for some garbage yards from Marshall
  15. Gronk to have back surgery

    Yep. I see him having a big impact.