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  1. Who do you need today

    Started the day 54 points down from Henry’s Thursday performance. Cooper may have saved my week. Just need Gurley to not have a monster game.
  2. TNF - Jags vs Titans

    Only league I made the playoffs and he has Henry. Not my year
  3. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    Not just WAS. Many teams are willing to overlook character as long as the player is good enough. Kap's problem was he was not a very good QB and was asking for too much. Add the PR nightmare and it was not good business. Owners want to win and most will do it with any players they can despite who they are or what they do.
  4. Emmanuel Sanders tore his Achilles during practice

    This gives Lindsay a bit of a boost. I can see Sutton having more targets by default but he will need to show he can beat the better corners. If you made the playoffs, you likely have better options.
  5. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Ware and T Hill are killing me
  6. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Amari and Demaryius with nothing. OJ and Odell with almost no looks. Let’s hope the second half is better
  7. MNF - what do you need? Crappy Week 10 edition

    Needed a big one from Odell. Got just enough to squeak out a win by .04. The fantasy gods were listening.
  8. Aaron Jones Value?

    I think he is a solid play but a little dependent on TDs. I don't think the fumble is going to cost him carries unless he keeps coughing up the ball. Miami sucks against the run and there is a big upside to him this week.
  9. Daily Fantasy question

    I joined a league with 6-7 guys that throw in $10 a week and play against each other with the winner taking all. It's fun and we don't have to worry about the sharks stealing the winnings. At least I know who I lose to. I have also made some $$ doing this. I will only play 50/50 games if I play the general public and have had a lot of success. The same rule of gambling applies to DFS, "the house always wins."
  10. Cooper to Cowboys

    If he can't get consistent production in Dallas, then we will know it is him. I have him in a few leagues so I am a bit hopeful.
  11. Devonta Freeman to IR

    He may be a grab and stash for now. He has been TD dependent while Freeman has been out but YPC is not good and not catching a lot of passes out of the backfield. The kid has talent and will be interesting to see how he works out.
  12. Kamara owners

    Kamera has taken a lot of abuse during the suspension and appeared to be a little banged up. I think this was more of a rest game for him since the offense was having no issues moving the ball. I expect his touches to go back up and he should produce decent RB1 numbers the rest of the season.
  13. Week 5 milk carton thread

    Cooper and Cook are killing me.
  14. Let’s talk about John Brown.

    I have had him on my bench for several weeks and think I am ready to insert him as a starter. I don't like the volume but he has a nose for the end zone.
  15. Do you trust Dalvin Cook tonight?

    I’m struggling with this. I have sat players for the exact reasons in the past only to watch them go off.