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  1. Which QB to start in week 17?

    Carr for sure as Brees will not play more than 1st half if that.Good luck
  2. Defense Question-Need help!

    Panthers.Good Luck
  3. WR- Help: Porter or Driver

    I would say Porter is your best bet.Good Luck.
  4. Moulds,Clayton,Johnson in that order.Good Luck.
  5. WDIS - WR

    Porter and Evans are both good plays,but would give slight edge to Porter and you want to start J.jones over other two choices as jones will get 20-30 touches in this game.Good Luck.
  6. Green or Collins

    I woulg go Green for sure and reports say Droughns has been named starter but I see Bell also getting alot of carries.Bennett may be your best play this week as he also has been named starter in what should be a high scoring game.Good Luck.
  7. Kennison or Holt in SB?

    Kennison and Holt are both good plays this week but would have to go with Kennison.I have Favre as my QB for both teams and think he will carry us this week and Buff Def is going to be huge again, unfortunatley both my teams this week are going against Buff.D I would go with Thomas Jones as your #2RB.Good Luck
  8. SB Def?

    Miami for sure! Good Luck
  9. Julius Jones or Westbrook?

    I have got the same choice to make this week and am sticking with J.Jones Though my league does not reward for receptions and Westbrook usually gets 6-8 receptions a week,but I dont think he plays the whole game.I say go with Jones.Good Luck
  10. PLEASE! brooks, leftwich or bledsoe?

    Leftwich,Brooks ,Bledsoe Good luck.
  11. TO Out WDIS?

    If Plaxico is still out I would sat Randle El. of the other two I would say take a chance on Pinkston,I think he may step up in the spotlight in light of what has happened with him the past to weeks.good Luck.
  12. Super Bowl on the line--Need RB advise

    Thats a tough call,I think both will do well but with give slight advantage to K.jones at home and Lions should be ahead all game and be running alot.Jax is a tough defense especially at home.good luck.
  13. HELP!

    Brees and Leslie
  14. WDIS: Volek or McNabb?

    I think Volek is the better option this week,he is on fire and Mcnabb is going to have a hard time without T.O and probably wont play the whole game.good luck
  15. WDIS @ RB?

    I have not seen any reports on Duckett but you would think ATl will give him another week or two to fully recover as they have nothing to really play for.Is there any other FA Rb you could grab? good luck