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  1. Don't lose patience... I figured this guy would start slow due to a difficult early schedule and a bad QB. I'm not sure how your playoffs work, but during weeks 14 - 16 the Lions have a favorable schedule (@GB, Cin, @NO), plus theres a chance Garcia will be leading by then. Could make a difference.
  2. Moss owner contacted me.....

    you don't want to insult the guy...he's offering you a stud WR...Stephen Davis isn't going to make it happen. If it does, I want to be in your league. give him his choice of RB and WR
  3. Performance league... Should I trade Cadillac Williams for Domanick Davis?
  4. Favre or Vick this week?

    I like Favre at home against Cleveland.
  5. L. Jordan or W. Parker?

    I'd go with Parker
  6. Panthers or Bears?

    I think you're leaning the right way. Go with the Panthers
  7. Tough super bowl game decision

    Baltimore and Washington both have solid defensive units. Given that I would lean toward the Bus. I don't see the Steeler's airing it out a lot in this game. The Bus will get 30 + carries and should score.
  8. Which QB?

    McNabb without any hesitation. Even without TO he's a playmaker
  9. Not sold on Kitna..Should I be?

    Kitna can be explosive. I remember getting crushed by him last year. Regardless, I'd probably go with Brooks. Kitna is still an unknown this year and sure didn't show much last week.
  10. RB Situaution

  11. Championship Game (MoneyGame!)

    Go with the WR's. McGahee still may get some time
  12. Which player to start ? Will Reply...

    I think Bell will steal most of the ground game for Denver. Go with Chambers
  13. WDIS @ WR

    I like Stokely and Kennison I expect Manning to toss about 4 this week. Stokely should get at least 1. Kennison is all KC has right now at WR.
  14. Loser Bowl Title on the Line

    I'd go Davis and Volek
  15. Which Defense to start

    Ravens (@ Steelers) Bills (@ 49ers) Dolphins (vs. Browns) Three solid starts...leaning towards Buffalo Any advice?